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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Walkthrough - Part 21

by MahaloVideoGames • 17,944 views

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@444blackfire all the castles are huge ...all have dungeons and lots of rooms but the problem in this one is the zombies,the shadows and the other creepy things.....GOD I LOVE THIS GAME (but i only complete the game in 4 days and always with my cousin playing with me because i NEVER will play this alone)
@sitrilko "Shallow"? dude a puddle could maul you
At 1:27 I't looked like "YOU" were peeing in the pitcher. Am i right? You: Ohh... OHH! I need to pee! Let me see... what do i got in my pocket... hmm... "HEY A PITCHER"! Yeah... that will work.
@UltimateZ5 for most walkthroughs maybe. but they dont always ruin it. reviews and gameplays for example are great on youtube
@jaytrooper12 so true so i would be down in florida chilling with some hot boys =w= i wouldn`t mind that death or just playing video games at home ;D now THAT is a way to go <3
dam i sometime i feel lik i shud stop watchin these vids, i had a bad dream last nite about me openin doors n findin zombies coming after me....
no shame in using a parasol in the desert daniel!
@UltimateZ5 siren bloodcurse had a walkthrough commentary i think it was from mahalo games maybe
at 2:10 when the music stop, i was ready to see some s*** happend, but no.
he can't gose out of the castle that shadow thing is roaming in the forest outside chance of survive outside the castle is 0%
@sitrilko soooo.... you would go swimming in a flooded sewer with possibly no air holes...well i hope you have fun
@victorhng Some people feel the commentary ruins the atmosphere set by the game.
@jaytrooper12 not only that but the fact that he has an oil lamp and tinderboxes to his whole travel and underwater... these things... well, you know the rest
Cheese I hate monster chasing after me!
@sitrilko It was a downhill tunnel, there would be no air.
this part is hard. and all u guys are praisin this video so u wont get scared
my hand are shaking i watching this ang playing I dont know why ? but it's shaking seriously?
@jaytrooper12 hey anything to survive ;/ but to tell ya the truth i would have thrown a chair at the window and jumped out of it and screamed " FUCK YOU " to all the zombies in the Castle ya sure i might have a broken leg when i jump out of the window but i would rather have a broken leg then to have to go though all of this bull shit xD
@victorhng Yeah, but for games that rely on scary atmosphere and isolation like this one, commentary can sometimes ruin the experience.
this part is hard. and all u guys are praisin this video so u wont get scared
im playin this game right now and i have to say its not scary im just not feelin confortable playin' it and yeah it scared me 1-2 times when zombies come but then nothing NO LIE
@TheDWM90 Why would say NO LIE? That just makes me think it is a lie..
@kikiyoinuyasha but there's something that's following you and will eventually kill you.... :|
@uwillnevernoewhoiam me to,i woke up screaming last night and it was not exactly funny cuz everyone woke up and man were they pissed
All this water makes me have to pee. :I
@gatoman46 like the first one in this video?.... if it did not break the first time try it again...harder....
i love how this game makes the player think of an viable solution for the puzzles
"The water is too deep to trafel safely." In this game, even shallow water is lethal!
suck ups to mahalo there are better videos with commentary. if it were a true walkthrough they wouldn't show the entire journal script to the audience we can jus do that on our own.
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