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How To Get Job In Video Game Industry: Interview with Ruben Morales (from God Of War 3)

by cartoonblock • 48,568 views

Ruben Morales (Cinematic Artist) shows you how he got hired on God Of War 3. He describes the programs he uses on a daily basis while working at Sony Entertainment. He also gives you helpful TIPS...

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Hi I am Abhijit, first of all your video was awesome..thank you for this great motivational video. And second, i am freakishly  interested in playing computer games..and i also want be a best game modeler sooooo much..mainly in organic, i am taking my course from a very good teacher...he is also in game designing company...MY QUESTION IS, WHAT ARE THE SOFTWARES  DO YOU SUGGEST ME TO LEARN..AND WHAT KIND OF FUTURE GOAL I SHOULD HAVE. MEANS WHAT KIND OF TRACK I HAVE TO WALK ON???????? I only know maya now a days. IT WOULD HELP IF YOU HELP ME..THANK YOU
Hi Ruben if you read this it would help me alot, i want to start drawing and creating environments also on paper and on the pc, where should i start??
Went to The Art Institute... Graduated wit ha BS in Game Art and Design, put together a pretty good portfolio... This is where my story differs. After applying at about 78969 developers I got a job.. at a local pizza place. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story for those of us who weren't so lucky XD
Well did you put you porfolio on a website.. I highly doubt you did, if you have skills like that why don't you learn coding and work someone in silicon valley.. I think it's ridiculous to have a BS in game art and design and say that you can't find a job.. all you need is a little coding and you create an app and make money while you sleep 
lol just learn some coding... clearly you know what you are talking about. Actually have a programmer friend who works in silicon valley, where he sifts through code and debugs. I don't lie btw.
The vidoe helpful man and i would lik t owork wid call of duty awsum game :)
Did you make the sex scene in God of War 3?
I did the motion tracking animations 
+James Binnie Did you clean up motion capture animation or? Do you mind checking out my animation reel and tell me what you think? Here's the link:
I want to be a game designer how can I do it???
Learn Calculus and 3D Math.. Learn how to draw "a little bit" learn to code / CSS / Python, C+ incase you can't find a job as an artist so you can work for an app developer or create your own app.. make money while you sleep.. 
Definitely Kingdom Hearts. It's been my most cherished franchise of which I've held consistency with since I was about 11 or 12.
Thanks a lot. I got a lil inspired by this vid. lol. I would've chose to work on God of War :D
Best channel ever ❤️
I would totally like to work on Call of Duty , but not any COD, just on the Black Ops series (made by Treyarch), because i am a huge fan of the Zombies mode and i have been gaming my entire life, i know what the gamer wants and what they don't want. What to add and what not to add,i have been a game designer for a year now,but before that, i am always a gamer. 
coincidence im now working for treyarch
Hey pal I saw that you were commenting upon a similar video. We do those at the CV Guy - if you get a chance do stop by :)
None of those. I would choose Elder Scrolls!!
assassination creed :D
Also, pay attention folks!  It isn't the work you do (ok, it sort of is) it's the people you know!
what if you want to be a concept artist??
You better be extraordinary good, but i am exaggerating. You have to understands anatomy of insects and human. Understands environments, buildings and placements.
I've seen a lot of people say this, but you won't get a job as an 'idea' guy. The idea guys are the entire team. Everyone working on the project contributes ideas, if you just want to contribute ideas, this isn't the right industry for you.
If i got i would be definitely working on call of duty, assassin's creed, and halo.
E totally god of war is the best
How too use programming language in make video game.
I'll work on Super Mario Bros.
if i could work on any video game i would choose assassin's creed or god of war.
I would like to work on the Kingdom Hearts franchise, using my ideas to delve deeper into the past behind the keyblade and that kind of stuff.
God Of War all the way!!!!
Oh yes, this totally helps those of us who have no artistic abillity what so ever... Seriously.  I once drew a top down view of a bridge and got told it looked like genitalia  -_- But, hey, I'm alright with my lot in life.  
b) also thx for the inspiration
I would L.O.V.E to work on ac
All of the above, where is that option
i would like to work in god of war asscension and assasin creed
I would work on b.) Call Of Duty Black Ops, and that's only because I know the story line and play it more than the other games! :D
GOD Of War... definitely! Thanks, awesome video
I feel really happy for Ruben for some odd reason. For example, the Vigilante 8 job and the offer for God of War III, I was like "Yeah, man! Go for it! ;D"
I would love to work for Ubisoft.. I've really been working hard to get myself out there...I really have my heart set on a career in the gaming industry(:
Metroid or Half Life
Нубье американское
thank you for the motivation !!!
how can I learn to make cinematic environment things on 3ds or anykind of stuffs
I use 3d studio max! It's actually a really good program. By the way, don't try to get into game development without knowing how to use that extensively.
+Da Cawtz how about just programming? 
+Gureen Turee There's jobs for the programming side of it too, they go hand in hand. There are plenty of jobs in the gaming industry, 3d artist, 3d character design, stuff for making the enviornments, stuff for programming, concept art, and so much more. The 3d art side of it is making the characters and such, where as the programming is tying that all into the game engine.
This sounds like its only about Artwork and Artists, but this is acually a Universal Language. You have to show that your (hobby?) work can live up to, or match the pro material YAH!! Didlidiuuuu
stacey vereen Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Great tips for those who are trying to work in the video game industry.
This guy is a good storyteller. Great story.
I'm about to be a junior in high school and I want to go to the art institute and I want to be a concept artist
thats a awsome story i like it. and i was thinking to be a Arist to
he went to the collage im going to
I want to be an environmental artist for pong! No but I do want to be an artist in this kinda field
I'd choose call of duty. So I can fix that broken piece of trash. I hope bo 2 is better than the rest.
All of them. I don't care about the game. I just want the opportunity.
I didn't have media arts & animations as an electives at my high school.
Man thanks for your motivation! it inspired me! wish u luck for ur up coming projects!
all depends on ur skill level and ur experience. my 1st job i got 10 a hour. then sony payed me 18 hour then after there i went to another studio i got more and now that im back at sony im making alot more then last.
I don't know how to draw and I want to work in the game industry ! D:
Mom, I wanna be a videogame pornographer when I grow up ;D.
basicly signing my life to pay back the student loans for next 1- years lol. but if u get a good paying job its not as bad. but many students dont and suffer like my roommate is now.
youtube main source for inspiration
!:30 You are DEAD Restart from last checkpoint Quit Game
This isn't the most reliable way. I used to generate income online like this, but its effort and hard work. I now work 4 hours a week and make $6,000 each week. How? Look up the words SITENAME. It will teach you the best way.
Devil may cry, if it still had the heterosexual Dante in it!
i wuold chose call of duty:)
The Elder Scrolls or Fallout......BETHESDA
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