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by Marina and The Diamonds • 11,121,324 views

"FROOT" is available to pre-order The official video for Marina's single 'Oh No!', taken from her debut...

The reason Marina hasn't made it big (as in Beyonce level big) yet is because her lyrics are just too damn clever.
and you totally understand the deep complex poetry of marina and the diamonds, which makes you far far better than all the stupid normal people who listen to stupid pop music. congratulations.
My family hates this song, so I play it all the time in front of them to piss them off, and I'm just like, "bitch please, it's queen Marina."
omg why would they hate this prayer umm
How can people prefer Lady GaGa, One Direction, and all them singers more than her?/??!?!?!?!?!>
+Drew Elyse but I feel like if Marina had a big hit song like 'that's what makes you beautiful', Everyone would love her
I find it so good that she chooses to (barely) show cleavage. She's beautiful even without exploiting herself.
+Lorenzo Dalla Costa Cervelin And I linked you in my comment with the use of the magical reply button that is next to everyone's comment, giving me the freedom to reply to anyone I want to. 
Why is one direction even being mentioned in the comment section? Marina is a goddess and One Direction is just absolute bacterial trash, do not compare the two nor put their names in the same sentence.
And I'm lucky to have the same name as Marina and the Diamonds. <3
i thought Marina and the diamonds was a 80-90s rockstar band, i love itt
she kind of looks like a pretty version of Kourtney Kardashian
But she didn't say Catherine zita or shakira..she said kourtney kardashian
+Addy Liz All filled up with things benign...
my song. its true about me. you have no idea
I'm here, why? Because Just dance.
I discovered her from that game...
Wow.. No words. This is perfection.
Saw you comment in a lana del rey video and now a marina video OMG WE MUST HAVE THE SAME TASTE IN MUSIC! 😊
shes says im gonna die so happily ...  2:00 shes like im gonna die :D
I wish she'd do more music :/ And if she is, please tell me.
It is a shame that her album got leaked :( I haven't heard it yet and am not planning to.
I like the song but she is kinda... Weird
+ElliesBeauty101 no shes not no one is perfect but god and jesus so yeah.. Marina does not have perfect life..not trying to be rude and jealous beacause blah blah whateva so yeah u.can't exactly call her perfect
"I feel like I'm the worst so I act like I'm the best" kind of fall in love with that line
Probably one of my favorite Marina videos! I love how it's goofy and has typical pop choreography. I love the ridiculous graphics and editing. It's embracing yet making fun of pop and Marina looks so gorgeous especially at :21-:24
+xelectriclovatox  omg i had to take a moment to realize there is no 3:10 xD
She is sooo ugly at 4:10 ugh. (Just a joke, it might take you a while to figure it out.)
Omg I love the video I think she's pretty and good in music. U go girl
It is what it looks like Charli XCX 
interviewer: Who's your favorite artist you've worked with? Charli: Iggy. Marina: I am god I created u
actually her names marina
First if all,1D ,Lady Gaga ,Marina and the Diamonds etc are all great artist.on different levels.OK you like one better , I love them all, they have different skill sets but they are all talented and successful, they all worked hard and earned'their spot ,which are different, one direction is a boy ban for gods sake, different levels but think of all the different talents'in that band, Mariana such talent, lady gaga too,etc they are not the same, their is a difference between opinions and just being bias
J'adoreeee cette chanson ! Je l'ai découverte grâce à Just Dance, et elle est vrmt cool ! ;) Par-contre, +vic lele , regarde dans la description le nom de l'album.
Shiro Honeko Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Oh~ oh no~ oh no~ oh~~ ♪
Ya'll are so fucking pretentious people like lady gaga and 1D because they fucking do. get over it(But Marina will always be the bae)
I just want Jamaica change i jizz while I change i jizz while I change i jizz while I change i jizz while I change i jizz while I... CHANGE
I love how the lyrics are so profound and so important and meaningful, then the colours are so bold, but the whole feel of the music video is almost like its mocking itself, which I've chosen to take as the way Marina feels society is viewing her. Or I'm reading way to much into it. Either way, I love it.
Don't need money Don't need fame I just want to make a  change
OMG! lets do a music chain don't do love don't do friends...
"Do" friends......oh. Ik that isn't what she meant btw
This is one of my favorite music videos! Such a cool use of cartoons and colors!
Official and no HD?! wtf?!
+Alex Kalomiris there was 720p in 2010...
Hm. That is odd then.
I love how marina made this video. Super colorful,dances moves,clever lyrics just everything
Love her and lana del rey ♡
I feel like im the worst so i always act like im the best. Haha its so true
Marina is stunning.x
I LOOOVE that she doesn't have to shake her ass for people to like her I <3 u marina!!!!!
Am I the only who remembers how she sings all of her songs and then sings with her?
This relates to BBC Sherlock so much omg
"I know exactly what I want and who I want to be" is my senior yearbook quote. God, I love Marina so much.
I think that she needs help cuz she is helpless without Jesus! She needs God. She said she is going to die yeah well that because Satan's talling her that but if she does die than thats because she has sold her soul!
TBT when this first came out
Why is she not out there and being more exposed for her talent?  She makes a group like one direction seem like a one way street.  They really do not have talent.  This is the first time I heard of Marina and the Diamonds.  Nice job
They do and so does marina.
Its already been 5 years wow
Am I gay for watching this
+luiz zembrani I knew it. That means your hay too. (SHOTS FIRED)
This is a wonderful song. I find it very attractive. Thank you for bringing this terrific song to the world
How can a human being be this perfect ?!
This song is so good someone made a flipnote out of this. It also helped me tell everyone why I act why I do and who I really am. This song is not just for the popularity, but it's a song to tell the world that we are who we are, and nobody can change that.
i love this song,. this song actually represents me lol well one of them
Whenever I encounter a new song by Mariana I relate so much I feel like it's the song of my life.. until I hear the next one :P
this is the actual best thing ok
i remembered a few hours ago u made me listen to one of their songs in gym and now i am so hooked
yes see my music taste is impeccable
She's so hot without even trying
She looks like she could be a Kardashian - but I love her as she is <3
Did anyone else notice the newspaper fall on the floor in the begginning? XD
2010? I remember first watching the video like it was yesterday & it's still one of my favorites 💖
It looks like she's 19 but she's like 21
I looove this song! Especially the dances like in 0:33 or in the chorus when she says "I know exacylu why I walk and talk like a machine"
Aww I love her first album!!! <3
She looks more Lebanese than Welsh and Greek.
I feel like this is the official song of Capricorns...
Director: Okay in the second half of this video, just switch scenes a lot, pan different angles, and don't stay on a scene for more than 2 seconds, we can't let people know we only choreographed the first 1/3 of the video
+Stella Müller But not when it's overused, it can be really irritating.  
It makes me so happy that she demostrates that you can be beauty without shaking your butt :)
well beauty is a physical thing so of course people are beautiful without shaking their butt. i think you mean sexy
Hello nose hablar ingles soy de america
she looked like ariana grande when she ripped out of the bubble wrap. and demi lovato when she was in that blue outfit
What's an Ariana Grande?
remeber this was 2010
Thanks to +Clive Dove for sharing a nightcore version, but I usually prefer the originals~ Also, this music video. =3
Both versions are delish. Listen to Dollhouse, both Nightcore and the original version. It's so good.
She looks like Danielle Campbell in this
I luv danielle campbell!
I don't like electric or dubstep or anything, and I especially despise of hip hop, but I am so digging this and Marina's other songs. 
+Aniya Santiago there's nothing wrong with liking rock music.
How is it possible to despise some of the most meaningful, relatable, and amazing music? If you're talking about artists like Young Thug then I can see. But why hip hop in general it has such an influence on today's music and has amazing storytelling.
Shes like the cutest💕
I love this song soooooo much!
this song made me question my life O^O
+taylor momsen Cuz the "I know exactly what i want and who i want to be" Part and the song actually makes me think about how i should act and be nicer and that being successful is the only way to get through life and the Failing and dying part scares me too
love this pop art video!
the beginning, the birth of electra. She tells of the image her mindset and how she'll make it through. Marina you've changed so much you've matured you have done so much and been so much through your music and it's apparent. Thank you for these years. I hope for many more as long as you enjoy making music.
The things i would do to her
Oh my god it's too much
I'm only after success
Who came here from just dance?
Why must we compare people with other people? We're all talented, and this amazing woman has an extremely brilliant talent of a beautiful voice.
What is this song about?
+Addy Liz thank you so much for that. Wonderfully explained
I became a fan today, i wanna know why they arent more popular, they are so good!
oh well guess its because im new
And she is very famous, but just not mainstream, witch is good so let's try to keep it that way! Lol
I found this song because of just dance
Just dance has this song?!? WICHIDH WICH VERSION
I honestly think that the music is better then the lyrics but that's just my opinion.
+Black Bird They are not. Numb is talking about after the persona reached success and she had her friends alienated by her. The same with Oh No! which said that she doesn't need friends and any kinds of relationship.
+Aaron Moh Okay ill say this instead, they are ignorance and depression, Oh No is ignorance and it talks a bout a fake reality created in our minds that allows her to think such things are to be taken for granted, Numb is depression and it talks about the truth of reality they don't talk about the same thing they are contrasting each other, one whom lives in a fake world and another whom lives in the real world.
I hate how some people only watched this video because of just dance. It's depressing. 
I know Wht u mean but u at least people are discovering marina through a game and not something stupid
i love your song i can sing so what do you do at home
from aminata i am sory
Mi favorita de Marina
Stop in minute 1:17 (Marina's ass) Your welcome..
That face at 0:39 , though. It's just so great! XD
Look up acoustic and live versions of Marina and tell me otherwise.
and what about you can you sing? do you have fame ? do you make your own music ? NO, GOT PROOF ? NO !!!!!!
anyone else here because of homestuck....
oh my god oh my god im here bc i love marina but is there homestuck videos with marina's songs? oh my god im screAMING
Just dance brought me here Good song 😍😉
Does anybody see Maia Mitchell in her?
marina is kinda weird looking
By weird, you mean super hot, I agree. She is hot as hell.
This song has no appeal.
Elizabeth Wiles has no appeal.
Real life has no appeal.
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