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End of Time - Pentatonix (Beyonce Cover)

by PTXofficial • 4,887,664 views


Ptx is amazing. Their newer stuff is good, but honestly I like this better. Not a big elaborate music video, no auto tune, just five friends having fun and jammin'
What I meant was their older stuff sounds more natural
I get it, just thought I'd clear it up. I do agree to a level, but I love their new stuff too.
did anyone else notice Kevin's lip bite at the beginning? lol my heart..
+Warren Avila Kevin is the beatboxer (The guy on the buttom left)
I subscribed because I thought they were pretty. :p just kidding! (But they are VERY pretty.)
Did anyone else notice the look of appreciation Kirstie gave Avi at 1:58?
Not gonna lie, if I were magically brought together with random people to sing with and Avi was one of them, I would never be able to keep my eyes off him. xD
Really? Its like green to me lol
Yeah actually it does look like grey Like a bit
goooodness gracious Avi in this!! Love how he holds that note forever at the beginning and his range...just dayum. 
mitch looks veryyy good in here ^^
Who the fuck would dislike this!?
omg the upward scale that Avi sings at 1:41 on "say you'll never let me go" is a pentatonic scale. They are GENIUSES. 
They NEED to do Countdown.
Check out their Evolution of Beyonce video
I just wanna hug Avi and pinch his cheeks. And maybe marry him. yeah
You can't He's mine. >:D
You guys never fail to disappoint!
This is first video i've seen from them. I instantly fell in love!
why I hadn't seen this video yet? Is penta-awesome!
You guys need to do settle down by kimbra
So awesome and entetaining each and everytim i go through your videos AGAIN nA GAIN
I love the whole thing, but the end might be my favorite part....long live Queeen Mitch <3
1:46 Avi sound amazing haha, when he sings
i love how happy they are when they are performing. The small smiles that creep across their faces are the best. You can tell they thoroughly enjoy singing. 
Jeez Mitch really had changed... XD
I do not speak and write in English, but it's just amazing! I absolutely love it! it's very cool, extremely talented guys!))) good luck to them)))
So you don't speak English ???
+MrW4L3D Google translator is helping me))) I'm from Russia)))
Mitch is such a queen, I can't xD This cover is amazing
Tem 3 horas que eu falo para o meu pai que vou sair do computador e, prometo para mim mesma que vou ouvir só essa, mas, acabo passando para a outra música!!!
Hahaha vida de pentaholic :D
THAT BREAK DOWN @avi and mitch holy shitt
+PTXofficial Kevin, do you use an extra mic on your throat? I've heard of other beatboxers doing that, and your lows are really present! Thx
i just want to say that im watchiing this in 2015
"If you like what you see..." OMFG what did you think? These are the most perfect looking human beings on the whole world!
소름돋는다 진짜ㅠㅠㄷㄷ
who else sings Avi's parts
This is my favorite song of ours that is not on iTunes. I love it so much and would love to see you release it. Also I definitely agree with Jessie Beaver
You guys are amazingly talented!!!
Kevin. I just Cant... Youre so amazing! And cute!
This song reminds me of my girlfriend and I haha
Aww! This video was to commemorate them reaching 100,000 likes on Facebook and now they have 1.6 million! It's so cool to see how far they've come in such a short amount of time.
Watching this now, when they've grown so much and seen so much success, I'm just really proud. Keep being amazing PTX, we love you!
kirstie looks asian in this video
I can't wait for your show ;D in Portugal
They all look so young in this video. And am I the only one who can see Mitch's nipples through that shirt
нигер заипал))))
~When the  clock strikes 13, its time for a new clock : #Tingz~ 20th Jan 2001 3:36 pm landed at sydney airport :)
the note Scott is singing is driving me crazy right now 1:54
I'm totally in love with Avi! 😍 and his voice. Have mercy. 😅
grate job you guys i rilly like your music
i love this one better than beyonce (no ofense beyonce)
Your profile pic....Miku.....leeks.......
They always do a spectacular job with each cover they do! Haven't heard this one til now and thought it was good!!!
Scott's rap part, killed me, Oh Gosh!!!!!
Siete fantastici !!!!!!
Avi Kaplan.... you beautiful man
Kevin's face at 1:13 :D hahahh
i love how into it Kevin gets and Avi is zoning out~
Boy... 100k likes on Facebook has come a long way since then... 
I'm pretty sure every member of Pentatonix looks cuter when they're wearing glasses.
+Ryequanda Seyar The Girls Name Is Kristin
+Thunderfang99 K I R S T I N is her actual name but she goes by K I R S T I E now.  If you watch the Starships video she says "My name is Kirstin but you can call me Kirstie".
Do Not The Only One by Sam Smith!!!!! (:
love u guys , especially your Christmas album
Jan Witteveen Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Bekijk deze afspeellijst op YouTube:
Goddamnit, Avi will be the end of me <3 
omg that bye from mitch lol
Kevin killed it in this video!
Я бы с ними затусил ! Привет с Украины :)
i really miss kirstie with black hair..
Kirstie looks so goth here
I loooooove so much your videos, great voices !  XOXO from France :D
that note Mitch sang at 0:41 does thing to me
Jeannie Ferrara Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Avi at 1:50 ~1:58 oh god I'm dying here
Do y'all take requests? Please do a full cover of Damaged by Danity Kane!
the bass and beat box is so great.
1:50 -1:58 omg avi is singing higher then mitch WHAAAAAT
Than mitch?. Mitch hits G#4 and Avi hits a F4. Scott sings lower than avi.
lol we already settled this your late
that bass voice lol so deep 
Absolutely magic !! Love the way that you song <3
Love pentatonix. I don't care who's who. Their voices ROCK! Plus, A capella is pretty much one voice, one name, yada yada yada. Love you guys! :3
Her name is Kirstie Maldonado :P
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