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Manny Santiago Skateboard Setup

by AlliSports • 267,330 views

Dialing in your skateboard is as important as nailing your tricks. The pros have some secrets of their own when it comes to gear tweaks and personal preferences. In Setup, they reveal it all. For...

Manny seems like a really great guy
He is, at least he acts like it online and at signings
Wes! Liverpool skaters FTW!
This is by far the best skateboard setup I've seen. The guy actually freaking talks about stuff.
those berrings suckkkkkkk
No shit, its Diamond.
we both have the same taste in color :D
indys for life babys*  -LIZARD KING jajaja (y)
Help me out, what size trucks should be on a 8.0 board ? 139 independants ? Or 5.2 ventures ? Help me out!! Lol i skate street btw
149 Independent guys x) love it :v solid like hell
Indes 139 are the best. Their nice and High (Unlike my silver M-class which sucked for me cus I had trouble landing big set of stairs from wheelbites (my truck were too low for my 54mm wheels) but I started noticing a huge different when I got the indies 139 stage 11. 
He skates for bliss wheels co and andale bearings now.
I skate goofy and that teddybear does mess me up too haha
This guy does like.. the opposite of every single other pro.
@RoostarHD it doesnt say anything about how fast you get if you worry about only about how smooth they are rolling knecht
Hahaha everyone always picks up my board and says its super heavy :D
What makes him Manny Santiago is his lost front tooth! LOL!
"top graphic, most companies don't have that" yes they do.... Lol I know for sure my bakers and my toy machines did. I'm pretty sure my organika did too. Even cruisers have em
Probably the only pro who rides Abec 3
7.75 idunno =S tricks will be harder to land and fall easily. 8 sounds better.
I have a chipped tooth and it costs £90 to fix, which is cheaper than that board, I think I should get his tooth fixed first..
i think hes the only pro skater with tensor
@R3CIK613 wat skatepark and that is sick did u just ask
diamond hardware silver trucks fkd bearings grizzly grip
Its jus relative to shoe size..bigger feet need bigger board for stability. Smaller boards are easier to flip tho
he's always wearing that shirt
idk why but he reminds me of the skateboarder version of fez from that 70s show
And I thought it was bones reds lol :p
you get tools? is that why its expensive as shit?
Im not sure if you understand, but SPONSOR, generally means he gets his shit free. And who the fuck cares what he looks like? He fucking rips. I dont watch skating to see who's the hottest. I dont swing that way, but hey, maybe you do.
i had to go through so much shit to watch this video
@mrscooters1234 7.5 wheels? You mean board?
it has nothing to do with your shoe size its what your comfy with
no i just want to know the song.... are you an idiot?
i got those trucks they're so dope
"I put it upside down so when I ride the bear's doing a handstand which is kinda funny to me" Or you just put the griptape on upside down.
because we're beasts and we dont need a 8.25+ board to skate
What kind of trucks like specific name I want to get me some
this guy is one of my favorite skaters. i wish i could meet him
My brothers skating the exact same board with indys lo's and heavy wheels
Has anybody else seen him Mypod in The Skateboard Mag? He's listens to some funny shit.
he should be in battle of the berrics
i ride 8.25 im thinking of moving to a 8.0 next board.
I love this video cause it so detailed
he is so good at supporting his sponsors
Manny rides the tightest trucks ever like no joke haha hes the shot I hope I get to skate with him again he is amazing on a board
someones getting payed by talking about his sponsers can someone say incentivesssss
Yeah ammo boards are pretty good.
He's one of the friendliest, not egoist skaters who I have ever seen.
manny should be in street league
I wana just saw off that tooth.
haha he totally does, i fuckin love that's 70's show
pleeeeeease i need to kno the song
I don't get how they ride such a small board
i skated tensors before its just the hanger that i had problems grinds down SUPER fast but overall tensors are good idk why people hate on them
you guys should do a mike mo capaldi setup
I put the bear in the same place on mine so i don't get bad flick it goes upside down too cause i'm goofy, works well.
Dave Bachinsky has the same wheels
Chris Cole rides a 8.5 and he is beast as fuck. Evryone is different tho so whatever.
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