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Jeff Daniels -- 'Dumb and Dumber To' Is Officially Dead

by TMZ • 11,079 views

So much for all that one in a million talk ... Jeff Daniels tells TMZ the highly anticipated sequel to "Dumb and Dumber" is officially kaput.

Jim you need to come back! Drink some alcohol, relieve the stress and be patient for the movie. WE ALL NEED YOU IN IT! V/r
"Not doing the movie?" Jeff Daniels - "You'll have to excuse my friend, he's a little slow"
People reallllly dont understand sarcasm do they?
I desperately want to make love to a school boy.
i never knew jim will act like this to us why jim why
Maybe Jim just had a sudden change of heart. That pisses me off. That pisses me right off. I hate when actors do that, y'know? THEY SAID HE WAS GONNA BE IN THE MOVIE! AND NOW NO? WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT. Maybe he meant he'll pull his head out of his ass! Do you think? No, me neither.
did you hear the guy at the end? "you can talk jim into doin it". that is love.
cause TMZ covers celeb stuff why else would you come here to watch this? just to post a useless comment?
you talk about this shit but, the bus moniter being bullied by 14 YEAR OLD kids is just a joke?! TMZ WHY?!
Jim wants this movie to be great, that's why he won't be in it unless the studios make all the effort.
Yeh man. Jim's an idiot for doing this! It would of been big at box office, like huge big. Would of been so funny!
He's referring to the fact that Jim Carrey didn't want to do it.
Jim Carrey pulled out because he said the studio didn't really care about it so he figured that they would make it shit
The movie is a go for Dumb and Dumber to Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels have agreed to make another sequel its going to be filmed soon for hit theaters is 2014
i can understand that view. why would you wnat to be attached to a film that doesnt have any belief or heart into it, also knowing the the studio wouldnt advertise it and would likely end up being just a straight to dvd.
they should have spent good money to do a quality sequence and a good dumb and dumber 2 movie with the original actors ages ago instead of that crappy chip Dumb and Dumberer When Harry Met Lloyd ... if they did the right thing back then we could be having dumb n dumber 3 by now.
Good job jim you fucked your fans again
he just said a week ago it still might happen, this video is old.
Jim is way better than this douche nugget
Fucken chill those of u talking shit about jim walking! He did the smart and right thing! I would be dammed if he made a weak bunk ass part two of this film! He wanted it to be epic and they were half assing it! Don't YOU MORONS SEE THAT!? Yall wanna see a shitty movie! Go watch "dumb and dumberer" then you idiots!
You "fans" are disgusting. If Jim ends up doing the movie and it turns out bad,you people will still talk shit. Jim Carrey wants the movie to be as good as possible,but the studios doesnt. If they are to make a sequal to Dum and Dumber,it has to be a great script.Jim pulled out because he feels it aint good enough.He has every right to do it and if you dont like that,fuck you
why jim carrey why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whoever wasted their fucking time shooting, editing, and posting this video should be fired for wasting time. Theirs and mine.
Jim Carey quit it because there was no progress on it. He was getting frustrated, so he left.
Jeff looked a bit annoyed at the direct question about the sequel, look at how quickly he walks away out of the situation. He's aged pretty bad
He updated that it was back on two days later! Not only that but they are by now already filming it! So get your popcorn ready for 2014!
Apparently recently Jim said that he still may be in for it just type in "Dumb and Dumber 2 back on" on Google and there is a few pages from a few weeks ago saying how he is back in.
I gerwsdsed as twomateo palasnt innas amah carreoothch.
insert dumb and dumber movie quote here
Uhhg.. Evan Almighty was a terrible movie. What the hell were they thinking giving us that family friendly bullshit?
It was a lesson to teach us about greed, and to be happy with what God has already given us.
well fuck you then Jeff Daniels, ya fuckin wash up!
The first one was like 15 years ago, so the sequel would have sucked. Plus be careful what you wish for. I remember when Bruce Almighty came out. All I wanted was a sequel. But I got Evan Almighty instead.
Jeff Daniels has the most pissed off look I have ever seen. Jim Carry fucking blew it.
He was pissed about Jim not wanting to do a sequel
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