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Family Guy Impressions

by McGoiter • 1,743,517 views

Highway boredom + popular demand = this mutant energy drink induced ad-libbed baby that I've cleverly named: "Family Guy impressions" Included are: Peter, Stewie, Joe, Cleveland, Quagmire, Mort,...

Watching this in 2015 yea woo
Oh my gosh, your Mort Goldman is spot on. I think Mort Goldman is the most underrated character. He should have been the fourth guy while Cleveland had his own show. 
stewie/peter are meh, but his joe is fucking spot on. quagmire was pretty good too haha. 
Your joe swatson was perfect, peter griffin was ok, stewie was actually pretty good, mort goldman was good, quagmire ehh but yeah you did well overall.
Nothing good comes out of discouraging an artist. Yeah, they're not perfect, but watch his newer videos, his impressions most certainly improve. His original material is also ORIGINAL and hilarious. Don't really understand the hatred and I really don't understand why the time was spent commenting the hatred, I just laugh at your comments.
I just think is cool that you can do impressions, i wish I could that shit, the most I can do is sound like Jamie Maddrox, but he's my favorite rapper. So keep up the good work :)
You forgot that Carter and Dr. Hartman both like like Kool-Aid Man's dad.
he nailed mort and joe
They were all horrible. I have never seen such bad impressions. Daily lie: ✔
Its called sarcasm man lol I read the description
He had some good ones but he also ad some bad ones
He sounds a lot like them but the peter impression could do with a lot more work
U sound nothing like them and how do we no the names of the people with your little Nagy voice .
I'll post my impressions once my finals are done. That way, I'll be in a better mood, and my voice will not be effected by my lack of enthusiasm.
You do an excellent job mate!, Especially like your Joe. Seems there is a lot of people on here that think they could do better they should show it or shut it
Hella good impressions. It's too bad you can't do a Brian.
Mikey bolts is way better
Nice job on the voices, bro
this, is fricking awesome
Roger has been in one/two episodes of Family Guy... So... I guess he fits in?
what do you mean. I thought you're stewie impression was great.
im drinking a big gulp :D
Every time he does a Glenn Quagmire impression he just keeps saying giggity which is annoying
at the begining you sound just like guy from Yo Mama videos o-o
Who broly that is him😂😂😂
This video so much it so fun
Joe Swanson was spot on!
Micky bolts is way better than you (:
Micky bolts is way better than you I'm sorry he is just way better
Aww no Brian :( But great job! I love your work!
With all these voices one has to wonder... what does his real voice sound like?
Wow, the scary part was I am drinking a big gulp.
U suck im better then u get a life
Mcgoiter can u help me xD pls can u prank my friend in a phone call
Your Joe Swanson, Carter Pewterschmidt and Mort Goldman are fucking spot on!
Not as good as mickey bolts
Correct, he's better
mikey bolts does a bit better but you nailed joe
Not. He's the best at Family Guy impressions. Exepct for Stewie.
I can laugh like peter griffin but I can't talk like him :(
Wow the only one you need to work on is Cleveland.
Mort Goldman was awesome
nailed Quagmire and Joe. Peter was good and so was Cleveland
some of your impressions are perfect but others are not so good.
Osanchez Sanchez Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Amazing video man.
Half of those are shite I didn't know who half of them were meant to be
lmao"might as masturbate.........whhoooaa almost lost control of the wheel"
Do a joe Swanson voice tutorial
Omg I fucking love this. My bro saw this not long after it was uploaded and showed me. And after that me and my bro watch it all the time. I havent watched it in over a year. But I just remembered it, and wanted to see if it was still on hear, and it is!! Inlove it soooo much. Good job xxx
Thank you. You have inspired me to continue my voice impressions and I have done a few great jobs. Thank you.
Your impressions were right on man good job.i wanna get peters voice so should put up a tutorial vid.
How the fuck can one man do more then 300 voices.. it's i don't know.. it's insane 
Your impressions were right on man good job.i wanna get peters voice so should put up a tutorial vid.
The voices you idiot
His peter impression is nothing comparded to hurder of buffalo.
selena gonzalez Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
this guy is so damn good at voice impressions! you never get bored! look him up! search man of 101 voices
I think they sound perf, K? I was in another tab on my browser, listening to the video and I actually thought I was watching parts of Family Guy. I can say all this because I watch Family Guy everyday. Aiiiight? AND THE GIGGITY HOLY SHIT I AM DEAD
To be honest, this video was made 4 years ago ._.
i love the "Spam" part! it reminded me of Monty Python. which you were probably going for but idk.
0.21 is it me or did he sound like tobuscus?
Do Cleveland show, American dad, etc.
I find this to be terrible. Lie accomplished!
7:14 - 7:19 "No man.You thought wrong....You thought wrong muthafucka." best line in the whole thing! I was dying!
You should try to do more/better impression of female characters
Lol 3:50 hey chris why dont you come over so that i can molest you
I don't understand how this can get so many likes
Go check out mikey bolts he dose family guy ipressions way better
BEST impressionist on youtube... NO in the world
was i the only one watching the road in his glasses
Peter 7 / 10, Stewie 8 / 10 Joe 6 / 10 Quagmire 5 / 10 Carter/doctor 3/10 Cleveland, old guy 9 /10 (forgot his name) Cleveland 7 / 10, greased up deaf guy 9 / 10, Mort 8 / 10, Morts son 8.5/10, Betrem 7 / 10, Roger 4 / 10, Lois 2 / 10, Adam west 8 / 10, ..Hamster 10/10! Kthx bye
quagmire was sickkk youre awesome why arent you in moviessssss
Mcgoiter do you do requests, because I was wondering if you could do an outro for my channel
I think you watch Family Guy.. ALOT
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