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Joe & Elliott get BRONSON!

by SourceFed • 228,105 views

A new show where SourceFed hosts watch movies and then get together and talk about them with the help of SourceFed Movie Clubbers, of course! This week we watched Bronson. Directed by Nicolas...

shut the fuck up you cunt!
Shut it you cunt!! How can you not love this film.
wow please don't ever take amphetamine for a buzz wow that would be freaking weird jeeez but any how nice review and nice vid,peace!
Wow, most of the people sending you reviews just completely missed the point of the film. It was amazing.
Ooh, now I know, the one called FancyFeast. Yeah. DAT BOOBS.
I'm a girl and I absolutely LOVE Bronson. People complaining that it doesn't have a plot are ridiculous because I feel like that's almost the point. Bronson's been in solitary for 30 years. This movie made it seem to me like his life is an endless and interchangeable series of violent outbursts mixed with his crazy inner dialogue. What else could his life possible be? So it's the perfect way to do a bio on this guy. Tom Hardy really is a one man show in this.He blew me away!! AMAZING PERFORMANCE
"Nobody wanted to see Tom Hardy's dick" umm...speak for yourself, dude.
I got you to reply :) It a common Britsh slang phrase to say a girl is good looking! Thought your name was fancyFeet?
@RipVanClubber can just fuck off, seriously, who let this bitch open her mouth??
One of Tom Hardy's best performance... N a fuckin awesome movie.... its not bout a plot or special message of any sort its bout a person life of being famous in a different... its awesome
As a British person, and I'm fairly intelligent, I had never heard of Bronson before the movie. Was a good movie, but I wouldn't really say he's that famous.
WEEKEND AT BERNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the definition of insanity: do the exact same thing and expect a different outcome
I just noticed the picture of Link next to the fun ad funnier picture
I have the exact same hoody as Elliott. True story
Why does a plot have to go anywhere? Some of the reviewers are too tied down by orthodox story progression. They would hate Driver or any of Refn's other movies. The whole point of Bronson is that it doesn't go anywhere. He stays imprisoned by his own madness. Its a depressing spectacle of violent insanity and pertaining consequence within modern society (Bronson would've been right at home as a gladiator in ancient greece or some such)
in 30 yrs Hardy is going to be as important as De Niro and Pacino are today.
Bronson is the shiz nit bitches
it reminded me alot of Clockwork Orange!
That the one that is so desperate to get her tits in that she cuts off half her head?
IK Im Just Putting Dots Because That Is Disturbing -.-
So like basically, she has nice boobs and I was commenting on that through the medium of a pun.
so we're ok seeing boobs all the time but we get weirded out when theres dicks? there wasnt even alot of it!
im sorry, who was the main character? was pom starly? i didnt quite catch it...
I've not seen this film yet and I'm actually ashamed to admit it... I must watch it once I get home as it looks like my cup of tea.
Tom Hardy = Hot. Tom Hardy's performance in this film = Raging Lady Boner.
when you return. please review iron sky. its amazingly confused me on whether it was a bad movie that you love because its bad or if it was just a bad movie
he went to my school :) reed's school, oxshott/cobham, uk yay!
Tom Hardy also played the final Star Trek: The Next Generation villain in Star Trek: Nemesis. I am dissapoint could you forget...
fucking idiots saying movie was shit elliot said best himself we are too spoilt with this hollywood bullshit. understand its not all about huge twists fuck get some perspective
cant we get carguy to host it a week and what not like we did last season....come on guys!!! HIRE MORE PPL!!! XD
the simple fact that so many of you were put off by a penis simply being present in a movie was just kind of pathetic american prudishness is the weirdest thing ever
where is Tricia? :( i like when all the sourcefed crew is together
r u joking .. Bronson was my favourite movie.. looooove .. and awesome acting
You are very welcome. also i have become one of your fans.
I don't even know or remember why I made this comment...
You don't have to LIKE the film but that fact that people can't seem to appreciate it just means they have bad taste. Its brilliant directing and brilliant acting. By far a classic like pulp fiction and clockwork orange.
GeneSimmons could use a tougher looking background. Those flower curtins have got to go.
Tom hardy is my favorite actor he is amazing in Warriors Inception And now Bronson
Night Angel Trilogy in 1:35 !!! I love you Furbzzz. You're awesome!!
you do realize you mentioned him in jail 3 times, right?
Gingersnaps! You came back for me!
whooo whoo whoo joe jack the ripper?
He's my only Idol his books are Awsome. Free Bronson
Star Trek: Nemesis - he was the cloned Jean-Luc Picard! He's a beautiful man.
It's funny the dudes complain about penises, yet they never complain about too many booby shots... ;) Let's hear it for the.... penises... ;)
Saw this movie a long time ago and I like it!
no I know, but I love when people say fit cause we dont say it here a lot. and well one its fancyfeast, and two the sourcefed editors pick the nicknames, they are not our user names. Just some people IE carguy and mommyclubber have made channels using the nicknames given to them where as I am toplessbooks not fancyfeast, gingersnap is vtekmonstah, ect
1:35 Night Angel trilogy gotta respect her.
#1 heath ledgers joker #2 tom hardy bronson.
Bronson is so bad ass that in a prison riot he picked a frigid over his head and through it up a set of stairs at a police man. bad ass
i love these two :D we need more hot guys in here.
These guys are riding Tom's Dick pretty hard...which is understandable lol...Hardy is the man!
How about instead of putting it on you just put Trish, and someone else (like the guy from curb cash) on here to watch the movies since you "don't have time" to make this. I would rather watch this then most of the news stories you guys cover. Just saying, don't take away something awesome that is bringing your viewers together because you have other projects, put some other people you have employed up into the lime light and give them a chance to shine.
tom hardy one of the sexiest men ever (not especially in this movie but it's called google)!!!!!! But he is also a great actor especially in this movie!
Anyone know if "Bronson" isn't on Netflix in Canada? I can't seem to find it anywhere on the website.
;) I love every one of my subs, numbers don't matter
screw all these basterds its the same thing it has no plot twist its a TRUE FUCKING STORY YOU ASS HOLES
I actually really hate the "user commentary" or whatever it is. Most of them don't know what they're talking about. Ugh. Take it out please. Thank you.
Looks like a good movie, should think of watching. I have a request for you guys to watch, it's from 2000 but I remember watching it when I was younger and I say it should get atleast a look. It's called The Perfect Storm. Hope you like it.
u guyz can hire me to do movie club. my co-host can be carguywithglasses cause he's awesome and articulate
Wait this is on netflix i cant find it
UKArronCarter has the UK flag upside-down
to the people that didnt get the movie, nd said that it didnt go anywhere, nd it was just about a guy goin to prison, THE STORY LINE IS EXPLAINED AT THE BEGGININ AT THE FUCKIN MOVIE, HE WANTS TO BECOME FAMOUS, AND ITS HIS JOURNEY TO BECOMING FAMOUS, SO SHH, by the way if u wanna give me hate so a head
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