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MattyB @ UGA - 24 Hour Dance Marathon for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

by MattyBVlogs • 579,148 views

Hi B Boys and B Girls! Here's a behind the scenes look at what all went on in the student center at the University of Georgia when I went down to support their annual 24 Hour CHOA Dance Marathon! I...

I love you mattyb I am in a will chair that is a great thing to do.♿
That is funny dacne
Matty B wer do you live
My baby brother goes to that hospital i never see him
Victor Trejo Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
MattyB @ UGA - 24 Hour Dance Marathon for Childre…:
matty  b   is   not   gay   you   dom   oll    of   you
So good and great job Matt
My number is Mattyb Well to call me is 17737673190 and My name is Gisselle way i did this is because i wanted to be on your video
then meet him at one of his concerts or move to georgia atlanta
`lol I love you matty my name is breyanna I am in 3 grade my nomer is 3480111
i feel so bad for the little one
you are a good parson beacuse you help
That small dude is brave as he have been through 67 surgery
Is the girl ur girlfriend?
я воще не че непонел что он говорил
That Was Awesome I think the kid who talk to you first..he is so poor kid he have to got a 67 Surgery that was so huge
lol nice job toots good my sis said toots lame
The kid with 67 surgeries is one day after my birthday
My favourite thing is running a 200mile
My birthday is the 8 of July
Guys, shutup! First of all, he's 10 years old (9 when he did the video) and he's a great rapper! Leave him alone because he deserves more respect than "mattyb is an idiot" so yeah...
matty she is cute and good job your a helping
There is also AJ Silva but mattyb is cooler and most popular
The little boy Sarah hugged goes to my school
My cousin is in the chiders she is 2 years old
Its Sarah again im10 and my brother is 4 and he has Down syndrome your sister is adorable they should go out . LOVE
Why is Matty swearing at us? 1:36
matty b you are amazing and i love the way you dedicated that one song to you little sister you are very thoughtful and you are only nine years old that is amazing like you
MattyB is so Nice and Sweet im so Happy because i'm going to his concert on December 29th
awww haha that used to be my favorite movie when i was "young"
Me and my friend Kiarra love your videos my favorite is you make my heart skip.
Hes not 10 hes 9 so shut up saying hes 10!!?!?!?!
My birthday is January 24 Yesssss
ANIAH no girl is going to get my man cause u saw that she was in to him he is my man he is hot super hot I love him
this kid don't need American Idol or America's Got Talent he's goin out there doin his own THANG without the help of American tv viewers! I like this kid! don't know how radio stations will respond to the idea of an 8 year old rapper tho! but who knows, maybe he'll be the biggest young kid sensation since Billy Gilman! LOL
Matty B i know youve got a lot of comments but this one is special, I mean it. Feel sooo sorry for that boy, I can't put it into words, he is 4 years old, and has had 67 surgeries but still smiles and fights on living the life every kid should. It's just amazing, I don't know If I could do that. And Matty B is so inspiring for raising money for charities, he is truly blessed with a good heart. And Matty if Ur reading this, I know what the B stands for its Believe! Love, R xxxx
we do dance marathon too!! :)
i want to meet him soooo much im like his biggest fan ever xoxoxoxo
Matty b you are so cute and SO sweet. I'm 10 like you!
Please watch my Videos type in Chloemacy1
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