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Mac Miller - Donald Trump

by TreeJTV • 96,898,280 views

Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records & TreeJTV Present... Mac Miller Donald Trump (Produced by Sap) 1st Single off of Best Day Ever order Mac Miller shirts there. Director: Ian...

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this song is sick. Mac's producer makes a lot of my beats also. I make rap songs about real life. thumbs up for real shit.
2:37 look at the guy on the left the fuck is he doin lmao
he the left shark
There will only be great white rapper, and that is Eminem! F*ck great he is a legend!
eminem sucks. kill yourself.
mac is most dope. his style and originality represents the 90's and thats why i love him/ I'm getting known quickly because i rap about life.. thumbs up if you hate when you take a shit and the water splashes your nuts
I've listened to your music, & it's shit, to be honest. lmfaoooo
If you were my nuts, I would take shits hoping that the water would hit you.
Most underrated rapper. 100x better than Drake.
Kendrick is def my top 3
White people are so thirsty to be black
get the fcuk out biaaatchh
  Rap is like a mountain, it's mostly black but white at the top
Hes ok but Logic is where it is at
I'm replying to this whole chain of comments, not just the one that started it.  Mac and Logic are both decent enough to be smart with at least some of their lyrics.  There's a fair amount of wordplay in both.  Neither are even close to someone as lyrical as MF DOOM.  But my personal opinion is that Logic says some more meaningful things.  A lot of what Mac's saying doesn't go much deeper than just being words.  Sure, some of his songs have wordplay.  But I think Logic beats him a little bit in that department.  Just analyze the lyrics of a few of their songs and try to see what I mean.  
+Blue Lewis I'm from Pittsburgh so I like Mac
Mac miller is Jewish. So technically he is not "white" since Jews are of arabic middle eastern descent.
by that logic, everyone on earth is african because life originated in africa.
I'm white and i can say this is our anthem.
Whooo hooo! White Power?
All y'all ugly ass people hating on Mac Miller, he gets way more money and pussy than you ever will, just bc he's white, doesn't mean he can't do what he loves. There are black people who sing country music, screamo music, etc... too hell with you racist piece of shits.
+faiden stevens Holy shit mac miller gets dat $ and a lot of pussy,For one thing calling people ugly just proves you made the new generation look bad and just because you thank he gets all of that doesn't mean anything.
mac millers sucks BALLS whata wigger. you want real music search up lil b based god 
lil b based god  suck ass
LMAOO you must be kidding man . Based God is the definition of trash . Mac miller is good . And you're talking about Logic? Lol man oh man . He's killing anyone lyrically . Js .
LoL That one bald guy dancing on the left though—2:35—PRICELESS
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Made a remix to Mac Miller's "Best Day Ever". Come over to my channel to check it out. 19 year old Asian rapper from Brooklyn. I guarantee I won't disappoint! Thumbs up 👍
Old Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa will always be the best. Period.
Stop hatin every fuckin time! This is music its not supposed to make people mad! Its 2015 and this song is still makin me a bit happier when im listenin to it so dont hate him because hes whiter than your socks!!
What is the song at the beggining in the intro before Donald Trump actually starts?
Anyone know the shoes he's wearing.
Donald Trump is a schizophrenic paranoid, needs to be mercy shot.--- Mexico is the US enemy and economic downfall---- Really man he lost it jajajajjajajajajajajajaja
Mac Miller: Worst dancer and worst rapper NA
Lol this guys a fag haha
I fucked Donald in his ass over and over last weekend. He is a real bitch in bed.
He really looks stupid when he starts flailing his arms. Reminds me of a special child.
somewhere get my nuts kissed 😂 my favorite part I love gettin my nuts kissed especially under the mistletoe n also French kissed hah dat shyt be feelin good lol
@ The people who say Mac Miller is shit. Damn you. liars.
This was released on my birthday
There's always that one cunt on every white rappers videos saying Eminems better, just fuck off 😂
"My only dance move is the retarded face with the rotating arms"
Of all the song titles you picked Donald trump? I wonder what he thinks about it, but I'm guessing he loves his name out there
So this guy said "black people are so thirsty to be black" wow just to tell you Mac Miller is actually Jewish big difference from black and white. And don't think that I'm white or something because I'm saying something lmfao I'm actually black mixed with samoan. Oh yea and now in days everyone tries to be someone their not.
ahhh, the original song that got me liking Mac!
2:31 Man on the left lost his main source of swag. Rip
up like trump got nothing on this song. for realz
Te amo maaac ... Feliz cumpleaños . diez dias tarde pero con el mismo amor hahahahahhha igual feliz cumple 23 te amo ojala te conociera 😍😊😆
Stop calling Mac Miller wack. Around this time he released kinda corny songs but they were fun and good to party to. I bet none of you idiots hating on him have even listened to Watching Movies With The Sound Off or Faces. He's very respected in the rap game. Flying Lotus, Pharrell, TDE, Odd Future, Jay Electronica and loads more all fuck with him. He's very talented. He can sing, rap, produce, play guitar,drums, piano and shit. He's dope.
Couldnt hv said it better, wmwtso, DT and faces are hes real shit. And when I started liking him. Lyrically he can kill a good percent of the game. Most underrated artist
Fuck this cracker white bitch boy
This dude thinks he fly dawgs! Hell yea he be dah mann Ssooo cool!
a rich piece of lard
Like if you're watching in 2015!
Mac, G-Eazy, Hoodie three of the best
Whats so good about this song? ( seriously)
It's fucking dope as fuck
I <:3 love this song. ;-)
B Byrd Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
Looks like shitty boysband i miss real music wtf is this shit another justin biber?!
Then leave. If you miss real music (I don't know what kind of music you're talking about), then maybe you should go listen to that kind of music? It's a really simple concept... Take your autism somewhere else please before you infect the other children here.
Keep Watchn Them H8rz Getn Mad.!!
We are an upcoming music collective coming from Atlanta. We have intentions on changing the rap game and putting a Lil twist out there cuz nowadays everyone sound the same. Like this post and check us out if u with us ! #SupremeMovement
Niiiice!! One smile from Spain keep it on 
He needs some chapstick...
man all you haters just gona be hating on mac miller hes awesome has style
Black people always think that white people want to be black. hahaa
anyone noticed how sammy adams changed to singing and mac changed to depression
man fuck lil b that nigga could suck a dick lil wayne and any other rapper over lil b any day
Lol this song is complete trash
This guy up there is fucking boss
No white rapper will compare to Em, but that doesnt mean Mac Miller isnt good shit. I oddly just (the passed 6 months) started listening to Mac Miller. This one, Knock Knock, Smile Back, Missed Calls ... list goes on ... whether its a few years old or not .. can blast those songs no problem. So, in short Mac Miller has his own thing going on and its good 
Also, as 'just'  a rapper ... wouldn't matter if he was white/black/asian ... dope music :P
this kid can fuckin rap
I was brought here by an Imp.
Jordan Parker Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Dude is spazzing out
this guy was my roommate 
It's aight but not for all the views it has
I got thoe same shoes same pants and amost the same sweatshirt
Is this copyrighted?
What the fuck is this shit
Mac Miller your the best and your my idol
if its this
fuck donald trump old racist bitch! 
The song isn't about Donald Trump as a person,it's about Donald Trumps wealth.
What the hell you just mad cuz Mac Miller is a legend rapper an all lil Wayne talks about is all sex an drugs Mac Miller is the best hands down.
Neither of them are legends to tell the truth
Pleaaaaaaase... Am I the only one who thinks he so doesn't look cool and tryna be cool? He got tattoos and act all swag but his looks don't fit the part. Don't force what ain't natural... He don't look cool at all is what I'm saying. 
This song is old as fuck. This nigga was the first nigga to bring snapbacks back
Mac's face @ 2:46  =   Priceless
Dobrila Pacaric Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
donald trump :D
that guy at 2:53 though. o.o
those girls at 2:55 tho...dam
mac miller "Donald Trump" is better than Rae sremmurds trump song
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Am I the only one who thinks Mac is joking around and suddenly after a few years, will make this music again?
This is his best song
Mac number 1 he also got swag he better than eminem
You do have a right to your own opinion, but if your opinion is saying Mac is better than Eminem, than keep it to yourself because you are wrong.
I forgot about this guy... nice share hun
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