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CCS Exclusive | New Blind Pro Morgan Smith In NYC

by CCS • 38,506 views

SHOP CCS: Blind Skateboards recently turned Morgan Smith pro and in celebration gave CCS an exclusive edit of Morgan shredding New York City on a recent skate...

as it is called music?
Where's that last spot located?
ignore these insignificant comments, Although you have your opinion, I for one say that his skateboarding manoeuvres is in one of the most highest levels of gnar. Sure it looks easy, and with his style it looks like he's not trying, but if you were to try any of the ledge tricks or lines that he pulled off in this video, then in MY OPINION, you would have a hard time doing. Morgan is a sick skater, and i think is really really underated.
Well lets do a comparison, Morgan Smith won Batb and beat PJ ladd, He skates better switch than tony cervantes and dane burman do in there regular stance, You're attempting to call him am when we beat pros and won lord of the lines,I've never seen tony cervantes switch flip back smith? He's been cover of Concrete & Skateboarder magazine, for the record unless you can skate better than someone then you shouldn't call them amateur, dumbass.
then your country is really fucked up... a guy with such consistency and solidness shouldn't be called an am, and most definitely not be sponsored ONLY by a skateshop
Big spins all day, epecially 6 stair ledge
Thumbs up if you like Morgan Smith street skills !
DAMN first morgan destroyed NYC then sandy washed it up
i guess u think 5bro or mystery and toy machine suck too huh
I never really like to call people out but my god this was the stupidest fucking comment i have ever seen on a skate video ever! Calling Morgan's skating amateur?? Jesus what is the world coming to...
Fake shit we was already pro UNVELIVEBLE jajajjajj
0:58 - 1:13 was such a pointless part to keep in the vid
Yes, an ollie into a bank Why would anybody seriously want to do a heelflip body varial down anything? Morgan Smith ~ Nollie Bigspin Heeled a triple set in his clean cutz video.
fuckin carrot top in the background of the ender haha 1:20
you just sound soo much like a poser. its just sad
no, you're just a 11 year old kid learnin how to ollie
lool this isn't a video game, you don't just pick, he's been with blind for a while and they are the ones who offered to make him pro..
My parents are friend with his parents ! haha i feel lucky
What, he wasn't? They were pulling a "Felipe Gustavo" on him.
now sk8ing has to come to hard tricks, but to me its allllll about the steez
raping julian lewis's ass on the spots
best flatground skater in the world
So Nobody says first. Congrats Morgan you deserve it!
his trick selection is pretty unique imo. robots arent capable of creativity
very very good iam from chile is good
finallyyyy definitely deserves to be pro
About fucking time this dude turned pro he's sick on a skateboard.
i thought he was already pro
He rips and he's got Nas on a bunch of his shit. Couldn't ask for much more.
how does blind suck. just cause not that many people skate blind decks? fuck you dude. why dont you go buy a fucking element board from zumiez and then play with your plan b tech deck poser
blinds dope as fuck and plan b and element are just bigger names that little kids buy
sickk!!! he should of been pro a long time ago
saying that Element is better than Blind in any way shows how little you know about skatboarding's history...My work here is done.
all of you little kids need to get off nyjah hustons nuts and learn that not every body is going to back smith grind a 25 stair hand rail in their video part. just because some one isnt going super huge doesnt mean they suck! im tired of that shit, im tired of these people talking shit about pros and ams alike, if you think you can do better then get the fuck off of you tube and go film a better part, upload it saying this is better than said pro or am you are talking shit about then we will see
thought of Cody Mac while watching this
1:18 barely cleared it. Damn that is a hard gap to clear and he did a back bigspin
Top 2 Nicest Guys in Skating Morgan Smith Theotis Beasley
serge murphy fs bigspinned that set at the end !
Nooo,just you don't like morgan smith, so you're just gay.
bew blind pro... loving the fucking title about fucking time \o
What have tony cervantes or dane burman done that is sick?
wow so sick and so consistent, my idol right here!
Dude, Morgan deserves this so much!
That's funny because that's what the XGames are calling their selection process...
Morgan Smith turned pro I guess Blind... *glasses* ...Found themselves an eyesight YEEEEEEEEEAAAAA
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