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STALKED BY TV CREW - Happy Wheels - Part 23

by PewDiePie • 3,045,022 views

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Whens the part when the TV crew enters the room in this part?
Мне кажется или его вся Россия смотрит?
The harpoons are working with the barrels!! And everyone knows harpoons and arrows are friends... So everyone harpoon proof your home and prepare for the war, the harpoons, arrows, barrels, and boxes will attack soon.....
Am I the only one that thinks pewds is more funny when being on his own or playing with others than having a huge camera wathcing him?
Pewdiepie is like a brother to me
Watched AMD videos because of the #GTX970Fail  got a link to #PewDiePie  conincidents? I don't think so xD
He all ready played the one at 5:48
Write Felix with your eyes closed Felix OMG I got it!
felix ohh nailed itt
Does anyone else feel like that camera man was kinda rude?
How was it rude? He said I think it didnt go well for you in the end making a joke about the game??
I think it kinda was
Lol the random camera dude XD
Make more happy wheels PewDiePie :D
Still a better love story than Twilight.
I'm a bro and a girl!😎😎😎😎😎
╔╦╦  ╠╬╬╬╣  ╠╬╬╬╣OK! WHO ATE MY ╠╬╬╬╣CHOCOLATE!!  ╚╩╩╩╝
Tobias Andresen Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Ta en titt på denne videoen på YouTube: Ja
Parle français dans unes de tes vidéo svp. Brofist !
You should play dreaming Mary
-That was a... -DON'T QUESTION ME!!!!!
You know I love youre vids but the one with the car as was the worst recording I've seen but I love you and youre videos so don't talk that the wrong way
pewdiepie was on the news that day
Pewdiepie I'm always watching you..........but what I see when you sleep...😨😨😨😨😨😨
I can brake I didnt knew that hahahha totally pewds
i gona go have fuck by mother fuckers blasaaaaadsersdtrfrterdtrery6edrrty6huti7
im planning on making a mlp rainbow factory aka a horror one if i can make it plz play it.
You should try the quizzes on happy wheels
Ur a good country singer lol yeet
@pewdiepie when playing those have Timmy go first and then you'll make it through with out any harpoons
try to play kill your boss please
there was someone looking at your window.....😁
Pewdipie do a level editor video please felix
the crev whas mean to you ;( You was good 
Your are so awesome and funny make your videos more funny.
Hey pewds I played the same level when u saved timmy and I killed timmy so hard
459 on the right u see a woman with a computer
Pause the video at 8:31 he looks like a chicken
you can see pewds wife in background on laptop
are you fucking kidding me?
Pewds u r awsome and illuminati
omg best happy wheels vid ever bro keep it up. all the kids at my school are talking bout you
I think it would be a little hard to fish which one hand
Why can nobody spell weird except me and 6 billion people
ill call it rainbow factory
the thing of front of a boat is a anchor i hope
what do you mean at 4:40 was that marzia?
I see a blue thing by your curtens is it a ghost :o and I see shadows
and the screen turnd red
What does pewds use to record his gameplay videos
Follow me on Instagram @wannabefamous ❤️🎀🍚
is that your mom in the background
Was that marzia in ur room lol in the background
who is the lady in the mirior
me and my girl haley are fucking (sex!)
You sicko. Some people disgrace me...
When Segway Guy was in the spikes, did anyone else sing along & thought his solo was adorable? ^///^
i saw mariza in background
Marzia is In the background xD
Your so stupid, your videos are soooo stupid!! that is why i love you <3
It would just be really funny if the camera man would be recording on harpoon +arrow run
Rule number 1 no pewdiepies Rule number 2 no pews Rule number 3 who cares anyway
1234567890 hahahaha
Whats the song thats always playing at the end of pewds episodes?
pewdipie when are you going to make happy wheels
His dad doesn't give a fuck
in that you will die level pewdiepie was singing get hyper from ksi
At 6:41 look at the mirror next to pewds,
Turn on comments again please :(
I saw someone in the background in your room. Was that Marzia? Or was that a random person?
When he's wearing suspenders? That's the camera crew from the news thing.
great dance moves pewds
do an episode of skate 3 again
At 13:10 if u look behind pewds u can see Mia on the couch
Pewdepie you are asome you allwais make my day you are the best!!!!!
6:57 what song is pewdiepie singing?
synchronize dance XD
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