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DayZ - DayZ Part 1 by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 202,921 views

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I rather the old whiteboy
why is my comment getting so much attention? Can i not have a different opinion ?
Dude, not enough buttons. Plus it's a mod, not a game.
little xbox bitch go jiz yourself playing halo
they release 1 episode every month for like 6 months
it will be very hard though, because look at all the damn buttons Arma 2 has, and how the hell are they gonna put all those buttons on a controller?
how do you get dayz i cant find it and really want to play it
They're not talking about Arma they're talking about dayz STAY ON TOPIC
Whoever watched the whole video needs better things to do with their time
Also, this is Epicmylikes, just on a different name.....
It wouldn't be a "Remake" since it's in alpha, and it's not a game, it's a mod, so that wouldn't be possible at all. Also, the game that the mod is made for isn't for consoles.
how do u get dayz i relly want to play it
people werent going on. i said 1 thing. end of story.
Yeah, I didn't want to give the impression that I was hating on the xbox, just throwing out my point of view and some facts. I think the xbox players would be disappointed ultimately if the game came to console.
and xbox/ps3 can barley run it. they can't even do an endless world like on minecraft for PC, and the nether is way fucked up.
Find a gun but ull get use to it and find a lot of things
Copy shaytards song with sontard and shaycarl in the parking garage
Lol its laggy because of his POS prebuilt hp "computer".
Yeah but minecraft on the xbox is dumbed down, day z on the xbox would not be possible on the ARMA engine. However if they took the time to port it on the quake engine and implemented a "loading area" system like in oblivion, skyrim, etc it could work. But he is correct, the current system requirements to play day z at a reasonable level would require about 4 times as much RAM as the 360 has. I'm not hating on the xbox, its a wonderful console btw.
what ever happened to the walking dead
the way i figure it, DayZ on xbox would play alot like dead island does, which is not necessarily a bad thing but I see your point like with minecraft it would be a shell of the game it is on pc.
It's alright, Germans are always angry bastards.
U dont want to be in like new york or washington when theres a zombie apocolypse amount of zombies then
I'M NOT SPEAKING ABOUT ME GODDAMN i know that americans are dumb but that they are such dumb.....
You can lower your settings because it looks as though your PC isn't good enough to run this in high or very high, reason why the bad lag.
thumps up if you want to play dayz sooo bad!!
haha zombies can walk through doors lol
if u looked at other comments they said that the engine, environment and almost everything else is already made they just need to work on integrating the mod into a game and some tuning
no, its based off an army simulator, and in the military you dont really hop around like an idiot
Its so funny when the zombies kill you! ;D
The specs for this game are way too high for the 360.
I didn't try to get into an argument you just kind of made it one.
the player count and realism for arma 2 and dayz are cool but it doesnt have the greatest graphics and it isnt console game unfortunately
So you just tried to get into an argument that you knew nothing about Hurr fucking durr
Cant spell subtext without buttsex
u r calling me a littleboy?... excuse me i dont think 20 is a littleboy... people who call others littlekids r usually the ones ...
thats actually a very simple game compared to this and this is just a mod not a full game like minecraft is now.
not enough buttons :( thats the problem thats why there is no arma 2 or the dayz(I know dayz is the mod for arma2 im not idiot...)
at the start of the video he sounded like he was talking about a vagina
there's a 100 hour long vid on here, this vid is nothing, still i love videos de Whiteboy
It doesnt matter what your comment is
U can't even play dayz illegally
15.99 to 29.99 Depending on steam sales I wouldn't buy it, the stand alone is coming out!
Guys I recommended this game tremendously because u get the combined opporations for 30 dOllars and get it but when you play it go in every house u can be sneaky but when u first get the game it'll kinda suck u won t
And you need Arma in order to play DayZ so therefore it isn't free Hurr durr
If you think this video is long try watching all of this /watch?v=bPn3aznjywQ&feature=channel&list=UL
Dam i never played this game but if alex says its good ill play it
i want Ama II combined Operations and DayZ right Now !!!!!!!!!!!!
3v3 hairrytubbs_t3me, standlegend, and extermination123...... msg us :) we"re trash
Hellow ladies and gentelmen (spelling fail) :D
you make it look so hard:L either you suck or its hard :L
Hey whiteboy imma hunt you down, imma kill every player i encounter till i kill you WATCH YO BACK O.O
well u can be as mature as u whant but i dont like when people go on like uh xbox and uh ps3 and usually 10year olds do that so thatswhy i leveld down to your level thatswhy i said to jiz i would know that u r 17 i would have not say that but i would still say something just something more normal
I must really like ur channel if I watched u die for a hour
I would get so bored playing this
If you don`t like Whiteboy7thst then don`t watch him,
can you not jump in this game?
@Meanduck24 you buy arms 2 off steam and you download the dayz mod. dayz is on offer justnow :D
the way they got minecraft on the Xbox is terrible chunk unloading. so, they didnt fix it. they made it take less. Dayz cant unload parts. sorry. console games have "areas" for a reason.
he streamed the walking dead the day you posted that comment.. are you blind?
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