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New! Black Ops 2 Zombies | Confirmed Zombie Campaign! & Characters?!

by TheSyndicateProject • 1,816,311 views

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Now we all know how reliable syndicates info is. Advice to all: things you hear about up coming games that are not directly from the developers or are assumptions are wrong!!!!!
its a shame tranzit was crap its ok but not as good as the other maps
I guess u can call it a "campaign"
No new zombies! Laser as for new ray gun ting :D
this vid was before black ops 2 look at the date the vid was released
exactly stop commenting bad stuff on his videos dumbass and smosh does other stuff not what he does and syndicate has the 4th most subs for gamers behind PewDiePIe, Machinama, CaptinSparklez ok gay little stupid kid suck it
other 2 are aarron stanford and a young george romero !!i still can figure out the old short black guy yet..
You do realize that he could easily just have the same first name, and why would syndicate follow Simon?
calm down I was just expressing my views. There's no need to just hate on me cos I had an idea. What was the point of your comment anyway other than to try and make yourself feel big by putting other people down? I thought it would be cool if it was added to the game so I said it and hoped that someone from treyarch would read this and agree with me so just stop hating on me.
I havent even seen a zombie campaign on the game yet?can you even get one??if you can HOW?
Grief mode doesn't even have a story, the usual zombie maps have more story .
I was thinking it would be like the normal campaign and explain the whole zombies story :/
yes nuketown if you got hardened edition like me or the season pass and rumors say that new dlc may be out january 27th for xbox but not for ps3 nor pc yet for some reason xbox might just be special
It's probably going in the 3rd DLC pack
places like Nuketown and other dlc's in the future will be on other parts on the earth
i finished campaign :( no zombies campaign :s
But as soon as you started, all of the zombies would apologize and turn back into humans.
Not one bit of this video as been in Black Ops 2 yet, im dissapointed
i think its gonna be that place with the trains because on the trains it says transit
I agree with aligatorpug79 how do u unlock the zombie campaign REPLAY RIGHT IF U READ THIS
are you on facebook ??? #syndicate
is that simon lane on the yogscast?
meh there sort of but it is but its done with easter eggs
Nah, nobody really gives a shit about Chuck anymore.
But from that retrospect it was nothing we hadn't already seen in B01 and WaW.
how can i play campaign and how can i get nuketown zombies
How do you get the campaign on Zombies?Please help
Ollie North supposidly had a hidden treasure maybe that had something to do with it Syndicate
Long awaited reply but, I saw the trailer and thought that the talking in there was in the game. I recently got the game so.... I has failed...
of course he isnt but im just saying that for yogscast fans
if its a campaign type zombies will they still have unlimited rounds???
Its says 95 year old frank woods... dident woods die when kravchenko pulled him down through a window then pulled the pin on the grenade then they both died?
Turns out this zombies campaign "Confirmed" is yet again bullshit.. even from a big youtuber like this.. just shows you cant believe anything until it comes out..
Zombies campaign exists? I've searched everywhere for "Black ops 2 zombies campaign" and no results.
Zombies needs Morgan Freeman. If they had him I would buy the game just to listen to his voice.
very true i was also expecting an actual campaign, but maybe the new map might?
for everyone saying its no campain for zombies there is its tranzit cause its the only way to do easter eggs for zombies
yes but one of the files on the terminal puts him in some place that escapes me about a month after the mission where he blows up. don't know how he lived though.
The Campaign is Transit, simple as that....the story is told through easter eggs as it usually is.
The "Locked area" is just the dinner. it ould be nice if you could play on it but no. The map selection screen is basically just a map of tranzit
Chuck Norris should be one of the characters.
@annonymous663 it says the exact same thing, weird huh
you can put the zombies to sleep with an EMP... : )
I am on iPad, and it says this video was posted 136 years ago
I think all the characters should have their own attributes or something. e.g JFK could get things for less money because he's good at persuading or oliver wood could start with a random weapon or get more power from weapons because he's an arms dealer or Danny Trejo could be faster and more agilitic because he runs away from zombies and stuff or something. I just think it would be awesome if treyarc put it in the game :)
ugh, I was a fool to assume there would be a proper campaign. I was hoping for something along the lines like the main story campaign.
follow my steps if you're that fucking retarded step 1:start up black ops 2 if you are capable to do that step 2:select zombies mode step 3:select you're choice of play(online,local) step 4 :select green run step 5 :select bus depot step 6 :select tranzit there you fucking go you dumbass retard hope i helped you and i also hope you can read so i just didn't waste my time typing this
i wonder if the zombies will be smarter if thats the case RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
just get to the fucken point syndicate
play campain by playing campaign and nuketown zombies is only for the ones that pre ordered special editions of the game
but there was no zombie campaign
And was there a zombie campaign? No, no back story on the characters in tranzit. That season pass I bought better have been worth it.
Maybe the campaign will be unlocked like zombies fromWaW
and Gamzee Makara, or any of the other Homestuck Trolls.
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