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Jackie is an Addict

by WoodysGamertag • 176,524 views

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2-13 crumplyplane is sorry lol
If u say legolas it sounds like lego ass
i agree . jackie should have her own youtube channell
Woody read Lord of the Rings... Respect earned! Best series ever
I agree Jackie should start her own channel
Finally Someone Uses Emp GREnades
Get the Ratchet and Clank Collection! :D
Check Out My Channel MW3 Clips For Days !
Legolas: final count:42 Gimli: I'm sitting happily on 43! Ha! *Legolas shoots Orc Gimli is sittig on.* Legolas:43. Gimli: He was already dead! Legolas: he wast twitching. Gimli: HE'S TWITCHING BECAUSE MY AXE IS IN HIS DAMN NERVOUS SYSTEM!
Yes, I know but my point is why would you even point that out when it had nothing to do with what we were talking about. He asked about the context of virginity, I answered. Sex had nothing to do with it.
jackie you would like skyrim if you like games were you fight enemies at a time :)
Hey guys please don't be a douche bag about this but can you check out my latest comm tell me what you think comment rate sub thanks
Is it me or do Jackie and Hope have the EXACT same personality
It's cute how much she enjoys it hahaha :D
if you were flying fast enough, you wouldn't be cold, because of the friction of the air moving against your body
HOLY CRAP! Jackie acknowledged the existence of batman: arkham city!!! Didn't know she had it in her! Ya got a keeper on ur hands, woody. BTW now I totally want Lego batman 2
LOL Woody: She enjoys games that everyone can succeed in Jackie: Everyone can Succeed in??? Woody:
Do gameplay of the Lego game
Come on dude quit spamming all my favorite commentators channels, first it was Whiteboy now its Woody. Odds are you'll beat them so just stop. Thanks
question for every1: what's your fav. cod for competitive play, e.g. game battles
just a recommendation for a game that doesn't need much skill that can't be easily developed, has a great story and is generally very fun; Legend of Zelda ?
Woody I love watching your videos I'm 13 I know that's young but I'm great at call of duty and I love playing shooter games I'd wish I could meet you your like the king of cod
minecraft series with jackie ...woody!!
did the m16 get a buff or what?
Paper on the the Civil War.....? I was there, I got this.
Woody! has your wife even tried playing Minecraft yet?
If you're going to say COD doesn't require skill, you can't say BF3 does either. If you'd said Counter Strike, althought I don't like it, I must admit it requires skill. Team Fortress 2, ARMA. Those games require skill, a variable of skills. BF3 does require some skills, most of them exactly the same as Call of Duty. And I don't know what game experience you have on COD, but I don't see people spraying around like stupid chickens at all ranges.
jackie definately needs to start a gaming channel who agrees
FPS russia has allot of guns, so we make fun of his feet?
I think you should post videos of you and your wife playing LEGO games together.
When a call of duty comes out I skip school :)
I am stuck on a lego batman level...
She has everything a human has but times 5
It is just epicness and hilariousness manifested upon a game.
Everybody can succeed in COD lol... And Death Spank sounds interesting :)
Do you turn off your XBox every time you lose or are you there through pure skill, win or lose?
woody u may be good of maths but i think my furthur maths may be beyond ur capabilities
And that's why I put the words "had sex" in parentheses... Try reading my previous comment again, buddy.
Do my homework plz i will give u money :)
Come on woody, it depends on how fast you can fly, and whether or not it's easy, imagine being able to fly around with no effort on your part, it'd be sweet man.
I used to be addicted to Lego games... Then cod4 was released
hhaha "who couldn't succeed in Lego?" XD
Why would they? They get to do so many things that many of us wished we would be able to do but our parents never allowed it. They also have parents with the best genuine chemistry i have ever seen.
yaya Skyrim and Uncharted 3!!!!! Try them Jackie
Good job man! You just ruined someone's day. I hope you got all the likes that you begged for. You are so mature yourself!
Woody you can have all of my quadratic equations you want.
I think your wife should look into mine-craft she might enjoy it.
haha your wive is awesome! Reminds me of how my mom and I always used to play video games but that was back when there was the game boy pocket and mario games :D
Woody married a noob D: NOOOOOoooooooo
Why does the kills gained from the assult killstreak count as kills towards the next killstreak?
i think your right minecraft is almost like giant lego lol
Sounds like Jackie has a foot fetish...
have U played half life? any Metal gear? Doom/quake? u might be a decently experienced gamer but if u havent played those u need to check them out
Stop arguing with these people. These aren't the droids you're looking for.
Hunny why is the baybe on fire. I NEED MORE JEWLEREY hehehe
@Silasthehunter Leave him alone - Why do you care whether he's forever alone, or whether he's a virgin. He's suggesting a video series; This is something he should be allowed to do without ridicule.
when lego lord of the rings comes out, do a wife wednesday but instead of cod gameplay have lego lotr gameplay by your wife and colin
He was actually talking about "stick skill", controller sticks. Which also applies to mouse and keyboard skill, not everyone has those. But yes, COD requires skill, like it or not.
I used to love Lego games on my ps2
If Jackie likes to find and mix things, she may like Doodle God (it's on Flash engine, but still a game) and its sequels. These games are pretty long and can't be beaten on the first gameplay. The end takes the longest.
U should put a gameplay of bf3 that game is the shit!
I wouldn't say that, its a twitch reflex shooter, when people just spray.... want a game that takes skill? battlefield 3, its longer range, with bullet drift, and a reasonable amount of health
Lego games are great! They may seem like kids games, but they're pretty damn good quality, fun games.
U should put your other games on YouTube once in awhile
15 prestige account on my channel
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