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Yk Man StoryTime Commentary #1 | Punch a Hole in my face for a girl

by Yk Man • 2,222 views

tell me if you like this idea =P its basically just me giving you a 'story time' from when i was a really stupid kid. enjoy my idiocy ;D

DEAR YKMANKYL if you read this (hi!) then you should delete all of your favorited videos and start favoriting all the music that you listen to if it is on youtube, you have a fucking incredible taste in music and that would be really cool to jsut play all your favorites and have music while i play RS.
Your taste in music is so fucking incredible
Your voice is so manly, can I fuck you?
Wow I never saw any of your pk vids yet but after watching this. You can count one more subscriber.
uum why are you buying 500K leaping salmon? :o
when you said dint tha hurr i fucking lost it and almost sprayed my computer with mr noodles lmao
Dude I pierced my own lip too before l0l ~Shawn
ANTI-CHRIST!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL, I believe in god and Jesus, I just don't go to church because me and my mom just think it's just sitting around for 3 hours to listen to a guy talk about christianity
Rofl dumbasssss!! Jk jk! Ily no homosicles.
through all that... atleast u got the girl, well played sir... well played... but u were fucked up haha
Dude youre a badass. Subbed because of awesome stereotypical parents.
Guessing you smoked back then if you had a lighter to heat the needle
Be back in a week when my capped internet loads this.
@BigBadManPig all night long babe..<3 can sparc mac come tho? i just bought his guide on Homosexual Intercourse
Funny 'cause I kinda did the same thing for a girl back in middle/highschool, I just never admitted it to anyone. I didn't go as far as piercing my own lip in class but yeah.. I've done some pretty stupid things just to impress someone.
I like these vids, but i must say, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?
@ykmankyl ik the feeling about shaving. love it so ur not wierd XD
MOAR storytime :D And IRL vid pl0xxxx
There's not a Dumb, or a YDI button for the reaction box...
I acutally loved this vid man, keep it up !! u got my sub :)
"What was going through my mind?" Your dick what else? =P
that sht was so fucking funny cuz i could relate to that xD
Glad you eventually got the girl :D More lucky then me anyway. These are entertaining o-o
3:02 why are you buying 500k leaping salmon?
My body talks to me all the time too, lol. Very entertaining story.
i dont like it from 13:30 and beyond....
you could of just asked her out
This is great man I watch vids while fletching
omfg cmon stop with the girls on the end!!!
Can you do a dungeoneering story time please? :D
LOL piercing your lip during class wtf was wrong with you thats psychotic shit <.<
wich idea the storyTime or the needle thing ?
@jsmi1402 me piercing my lip during class is THAT gross? trust me ive got even worse xD
MOAR plus IRL video. Show your battlestation :)
I did the same fucking thing like I maxed out my rs account and shit and like 100xp off 120 dungeoneering the fucking needle went threw my lip n toung ffs it hurt
i liked this video, more please=]
dont cut yourself to relieve stress, just fap
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