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How To Make a Go Kart Part 2, Adding a Motor

by epicfantasy • 394,261 views

This is part 2 of my making of a GoKart. In this part I show you a little bit about the motor I am adding to the Kart. I show you how I installed it and I start it up. About my Channel: I have...

I want to build a race kart. However I don't really know of any videos of how to build race karts
THAT ''thing'' is a death trap ......I LOVE IT!!
dude pleez get a better quality camera 
Listen important! If you steer with your feet and throttle with your feet it's going to be hard to ever throttle when steering
What kind of engine is that???
PLEASE ANSWER!!! is that motor from a lawn mower and if not can you use a lawn mower engine on this go kart??? (PS: great video!!! )
how many teeth is the sprocket???
no bearings on the axle brackets ? . its going to wear really fast
@tomtommcclurg Not sure, bought it at a yard sale.
That seems a little bit scary. I wouldn't just because of the way that the steering is set up. If there was a steering wheel it could be safer. Check this out: Go Kart Build Part 1 by Douglas Underdahl That is a great series on how to build a go kart that you might want to check out.
@XBOX360ProDUcTIonZz Home improvement stores and hardware stores will have a rack somewhere with all kinds of rod stock in different thicknesses. Usually sell it in 2 or 3 foot lengths.
any videos on you driving it ?
@epicfantasy where did you get the clutch? Thanks!
you can look up online how to convert to a vertical shaft, its really not that hard to do
@LaniBaybee050710 with 2 by 4 inch wood about 200 tops but with a 3 by 8 inch (which i used for multiple people about 380
This thing will get you just killed :D
@petthekittyz I guess you haven't seen my dragonslayer bazooka projects :)
@epicfantasy how do you get those wheels and how to get that pointy thing that the cain holds on to make the tires spin where do you get a axel
How would you control when it goes and when to stop it?
Do u think I can make it with a chainsaw engine???
Looking good, can i please know the price of everything when its done and how fast it goes ( in kph if possible ), because im just 14 yrs old and im not the richest person, don't worry nothing will happen without my parents knowing it ;D
@epicfantasy i got a huge motor out of my moms old vacuum and im gonna try to mount it to a bike
that engine would be loud as CRAP that close to head
Use that motor and make a creebly push cart that clamps to your beer run bike.
i have one with tht engine to and its pretty good it runs like 20 miles per hour andits say about 10 pounds on the frount 20 on the back byt thts the engine without it it 10 to the motor 10 so he made a good one hey man see if u can make a toy one im just a lil kid thnxs
@epicfantasy Can you make a part 3 that shows you riding it.
@petthekittyz its called havin some good ol' fashioned fun
you should change the wooden brakes to aluminium
can you make another video with a better steering wheel !!!! and where did you get your engine from
Thanks. So since you didn't know what that thing is that attaches the rear axle to the go kart, I;m gonna go to Home Depot and try to find out. What should I ask them? Can u think of any names? thank
where do you find the motor at
I think the rear wheels are too small...that gear is nearly touching the ground. If you run over a bump or a rock it will bend it or the chain links.
how many teeth is the sprocket???
@muhgust thanks for asking. It's been a long time. And spring is here so I really should do a part 3. Been so busy!
i'm sorry but this looks in no way safe
where did you get the motor from, i.e is it from a lawn mower or chain-saw etc??
did u finish this yet? dose it run good?
Hey Will, where did you get the motor
can you make an other video with another sttering wheel
@rulleogkulle Thanks for the suggestion, learning how to do good camera work is definitely an art. I am learning!
@muhgust I am trying to remember this. Look in the area that has all the casting wheels for equipment. I think I bought wheels with the mounts then removed the wheels so an axle would fit. In my local home depot its in the area where they sell all the hardware like nuts, bolts and stuff like that.
The wooden frame is an excellent way to cut the cost of having a steel frame welded!
Thanks for the vid, i have been wondering if a bike gear will be strong enough for a gokart.
people buy a frame! dont waste your time, i can if its for a kid with no motor and push it down the hill.. not safe period
@epicfantasy you're welcome! You probably want to design the go kart and figure out what you need to do before you ever start. I stopped making wooden go karts long time ago. They are waste of time and money, while they are completely unsafe. Try to design a regular go kart using metal pipes and a welder. Make it 2wd, and for the breaks, you better off buying a break system about $100 for both rear wheels. Steering wheel and column is a must in any go kart. Do it right the 1st time. Good luck!
@epicfantasy Its a b&S snowblower engine i got the same one on my blower at home
@Everesthombre This is terrific. I like the inventors mind set! The only thing with it is that you are going to need a long extension cord!
yes i've got a gocart that drives on both tires and a rigid axle it turns like a god
@Befalet Its funny that you mention this because I had given some thought to putting a jet engine on this thing. I really have. It's on my list but wow a lot of work.
@808moparskate lol whats the point if its safe u might as well just buy a car
Where do you get the motor please give me a name or a link thank you !!!
Ok I am gonna build this BUT I am going to add a Steering wheel to it IS that a good idea?
@muhgust If you're talking about the spikey disc thing that the chain is connected to, thats a sprocket.
@Thercflyer96 send me a pic of what you have so far. Maybe I can help.
did he just run the axle through the old wheel brackets
PLEASE tell me how those brakes would work well.
so you connect the gear to only one wheel
You didn't really show us how to make it... you just showed us how you already made it.
wen will u make a part three part?
i dont get one thing. when the motor gets turned on what keeps the tire from moving to
instead of a motor could i use like a bike type system
@JoblessBillionaire craigslist or ebay, lawnmower repair shop.
this "things" isn' t a's an engine with 4 wheels :-(
I am making one right now and i will make a video of me riding it. It is the exact same as his except my is painted and i put a steering wheel on it. I will show you how to do this. If you go to his website then it is really easy to build. I'll have mine down in about 2 weeks i hope. I still am getting an engine.
@shakeit995 lol no it wont. If you drive both wheels you won't be able to turn it.
@muhgust Can't remember exactly. I think they are called brackets. Bought em at the home depot.
i didnt tink you could use a horizontal shaft because the oil and gas can would just pour out gas because you have to put it sideways.
can u lease get someone to test drive it i want to make 1 but i want to see it in action
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk vou fazer um kart pra mim kkkkkkkk
Wtf thats not a gokart its a plank of wood with a seat and a rusty engine on the back... and wtf is the front wheels are they the wheels u get on computer desk... and do you plan on steering that thing around with strings.........
@QWIxW3llyx i drill holes and use nuts and bolts works great
@tomtommcclurg It's from a lawn mover. And yeah, its a 2hp engine. I got the same one, but I dont have the clutch at the acksel. So when I start the engine, the acksel runns fast. U got any suggestions?
Top go kart man good job. I've got a mini electric scooter but not sure what's wrong with it
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