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HellJumper's Blender 2.5 Modeling Tutorial for TF2

by InteractiveBUD • 190,769 views

If you can't see what I'm doing, go into full screen HD! PART 2: 29:43 PART 3: 46:19 For FAQ visit: Please don't ask questions that...

Why cant there ever be somthing simple? I mean honestly, i had a great idea for a pistol, and when i tried this out, it was just confusing and i had no idea how to work it. Honestly, how come valve cant create somthing like a model editor that you can add textures and model easily in, and upload it straight to the workshop, why do you need to be so professional?
if you are watching this video to do this when you instal the decoder and gui place them in the common folder because there is no folder with your username any vote this up so people can see
I hope commenting bumps this too the top. You need to know this people!
I can't find the player models at all
thank you very much
I've tried for months to load a texture onto this thing, and it still won't work. i'm just about ready to quit blender..
Can U please update this video??? I m using blender 2.73, finished creating a couple of items for TF2, and I have the exported smd files..... dont know how to Write the QC file..... isnt there an easy way to upload the items to the game???
I have little bit later version AND I CANNOT choose the thing to get rid off these sharp edges...
When I download Io_smd_tools and put it the blender's file it isn't show it in Add-ons help please :(
Thats great and all, but i want to make weapon models! Any VIDEO tutorials out there?
Pleeease explain everything in more detail, I dont understand what I'm doing! >:/
Just to let everyone know you need to watch his new tutorial for the compiling and the part with the vtm and vtf files because source uses a different file type now but I would really recommend watching the modeling part here as well.
my texture ends up transparent in blender always I use cs5, anyone else have this problem?
Q: Why is my username not in my steam folder?         A:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin
You didn't explain the installations too well.... I'm confused
please update this video for 2014/2015
hory shet,i tough it was easy to make hats... dayum
I cant find the smd files, i only find the qci files and when i try to import them but the model doen't appear 
whenever i close blender, and open it back up, it shows nothing except the screen i'm currently on
I Can't find the Player Models either, my username is not in the folder as well! And Source SDK, IS in the Common folder, but is not the content.
+Andrew McCarthy You have to install Source SDK 2006, 7, and 8. Then it should appear
How come I can't find  Import > Studiomdl? Someone give me a hand please
Keep getting this when trying to extra the smd tools script: !   C:\Users\default.desktop\Desktop\blender_source_tools_2.2.1 (1).zip: Unknown method in io_scene_valvesource\ !   C:\Users\default.desktop\Desktop\blender_source_tools_2.2.1 (1).zip: Unknown method in io_scene_valvesource\ !   C:\Users\default.desktop\Desktop\blender_source_tools_2.2.1 (1).zip: Unknown method in io_scene_valvesource\ !   C:\Users\default.desktop\Desktop\blender_source_tools_2.2.1 (1).zip: Unknown method in io_scene_valvesource\ !   C:\Users\default.desktop\Desktop\blender_source_tools_2.2.1 (1).zip: Unknown method in io_scene_valvesource\ !   C:\Users\default.desktop\Desktop\blender_source_tools_2.2.1 (1).zip: Unknown method in io_scene_valvesource\ !   C:\Users\default.desktop\Desktop\blender_source_tools_2.2.1 (1).zip: Unknown method in io_scene_valvesource\ !   C:\Users\default.desktop\Desktop\blender_source_tools_2.2.1 (1).zip: Unknown method in io_scene_valvesource\ !   C:\Users\default.desktop\Desktop\blender_source_tools_2.2.1 (1).zip: Unknown method in io_scene_valvesource\ !   C:\Users\default.desktop\Desktop\blender_source_tools_2.2.1 (1).zip: Unknown method in io_scene_valvesource\ !   C:\Users\default.desktop\Desktop\blender_source_tools_2.2.1 (1).zip: No files to extract
28.12.2014 1. You must have 2.71+ version blender. 2. Now instal smd tools. 3 But now i havn't username folder. Sorry for mistakes
So, I'm thinking of making a coat for soldier, how would I deal with all of the bones it would need to be locked to?
I was wondering if this tutorial would apply to the current version of Blender (2.62 at the time of asking)?
wean i do u and unrapp i dose not work :(
soursesdk is not there
 i cant find the models i have source SDK installed
Also, what bone are Miscs attached to?
when you have to put the MDLdecompler and the GUIstudioMDL in the steam/steamapps/"my username" ect my username isn't there I only have common, downloading, sourcemods and temp where do I go from here some one please help
+Wyatt Hodgkins np :) for more information that might help, visit the FAQ in the description
also in user preferences i don't have an import export smd tools option
 i know how. here it goes: when you click on the add on zip folder it should come up with 2 folders 1: io_scene_valvesource 2: back when this whas made there whas only one( but now since the update you copy both then you should find on prefrences it shows as "import-export:smd\dmx tools" tick that then continue
hi man, just wanna say thanks for the great tutorial!!! one little problem i had is that I couldnt get the blender to show the texture automatically just by opening the tga file (around 36:06)... so i created a new texture on the channel panel and open the uv image there, it works!
does this work on mac?
2:35 I believe this part is outdated, since, according to this: they changed the way SDK workds. So, there is no longer that 'sourcesdk' folder. Uh, where MDLdecompiler and GUIstudioMDL will go now? Lil' help here?
i have downloaded the blender source tools, but how do i find the ai_smd_tools file?it has never showed up, can someone help me?
in my steamapps my username isn't there
Go to common and then Team Fortress 2 and so on.
go to "common" in the steam apps, that worked for me
I'm not new to blender, but when I go into my steamapps folder, there is no filder for my name, and instead in place of it, a "downloading" folder
Kinda need help with doing this on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04). The tools that need to be placed in the steam/ steamapps, and so forth; Linux has a different layout and I can't place them where I need to (the folders required after steamapps do not exist). Any ideas?
open steam go hover over library with your mouse then click tools scroll on the list until you find "source SDK" or search for it
How did he color everything with one swipe?
Thx to steampipe there's no such thing as steamapps/username/sourcesdk... anymore. Where do I put MDLdecompiler and GUIstudioMDL then?
amazing good job with a tutorial!
Thank you very, very much, this is a great tutorial.
Where is the location of the package files used in GCFscape to extract the VTFs and VMTs, I cannot seem to find them. Fixed found them in:Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\ under the name: tf2_misc_dir.vpk In case anyone has the same problem.
Could this work for making player models?
How come that I can't bake textures? it says that does nto have anything to bake.
using newest version, cannot find modifiers tab
Ok, I'm using this for a weapon and I'm accounting for all the new updates I think, but I have one problem. When compiling, where do I get/how do I make my .vmt and .vtf files? When I save my texture in VTFEdit I only get a vtf, it doesn't make a vmt for me.
guys i have several question first i downloaded th 2.71  blender which is new version (windows 64) and i follow this guy to install when its installed it cant be open and it said that opencolourio.dll is missing in my comp. could u guys help me? have tried download that ell. things but still doesnt work.
so f**king hard i give up
I get the error that says my SCENE is unconfigured. I would like help.
+Codee212 where is the scene tab?
+Nomi Slam Scene tab is in the properties window (where Object data, Materials etc. are) and near the bottom you can set the export path.
can you make a tutorial specifically for weapons?
i think you need to make an update on this
when i go to steamapps there is not my username what do i do? do i make it or what? PLEASE HELP really want to do an item for scout
Well i have a problem.. if i go Steam - SteamApps - MyUsername -... the folder MyUsername is empty. I dont really get why.. Please Help ;)
At 30:50 you mean save it or 
i put the smd tools into the addons folder but i cant find it on user prefrences somune please help
it wont let me extract the blender source tools
wow just fucking typical you know I made the name up years ago when I was like 8 I just stuck with it coz I couldn't be arsed changing it
Dude! Dis is the best made tutorial i have ever seen! Great work!
Ok so when I open up SteamApps and goto common, it shows all the games I have. I try to find the models but i cant. PLEASE HELP
+TheNgebe If you are still trying to find them, i found them here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\sourcesdk_content\tf\modelsrc\player
Right got another problem. There appear to be no VTF files in the folder, but there are VMT files. Is there somewhere I haven't been? EDIT There was somewhere I didn't search: the textures folder. Don't know why it's there...
mine came up with this  BLENDER-v269RENDH
I dont have halflife, what do i do then?
you dot need it you need source sdk, its free
i wanna add this to the workshop
Does it have to be those versions or even newer ones
Are all tools available for Mac? (Apart from Blender and N++)
then how do you upload it to the workshop?
После 30-й минуты слушать невозможно, запинается после каждого слова, путается и т.д. Надо делать перерывы
i can't find my sourcesdk_content folder. plz help
Do you really need all of these addons?
Do I need the game Half-Life episode 1 for this tutorial.
I can't extract the smd tools.
anyone know about a tf2 weapon tytorial?
also i don't have a middle mouse so is there anything i can use to replace that?
I am having a problem with the GUIstudio thing, it keeps talking about something with a path and such
I cant find my username in the SteamApps file
if i use blender 2.69 it works?
does this work for V.2.69?
Lol 3 years later and other things changed but nice Tutorial men :)
i have io_scene_valve not SMD and i can't put it on my desktop or i i get diagnostic errors
How do you even select damn
hat if there isn't a models folder on the tf folder
there's nthing in my name folder...
This tutorial is outdated as heck, look for a more up to date one.
How do I attach it to a specified bone?
Fuck it , I'm stuck at 12:00 to 15:00...
does it work with the steampipe update?
OMG!!! this was so helpful thank you!!
I put the SMD tools into the blender file but it dosen't show up in the addon settings for Blender.
i extract smd but when i go to the add-ons i cant see it :(
oki tried to exstract the SMD tools file and it didnt work it sayed did not know how or osmthing PLEASE HELP btw i subed :D
Try using 7Zip, WinRar doesn't work for some reason
i toatally forgot about this post im not trying to do it anymore im to lazy to  download 2.5
H doesn't seem to do anything! HELP PLZ!!
dude, just click the eye next to the object.......seriously
how come i cant find the download link for VTFedit? I used the link on this page, but i cant find a download link for VTFedit.
I can't find the soldier model that i want to use,or any other character models. Do you know where the models are now?
Nowadays you have to use a program called GCFScape, use it to open tf2_misc_dir.vpk under the tf folder to access whatever assets you wish to use.
need a new link for the smd tools because the zip file at the site you have listed is broke and will not unpack.  at least not for my computer. keep getting a no files to extract message when I try to unpack them. I have tried every link I can find for the tools and every one the same thing. cant find the tools anywhere that actually work and unzip. I can see the files in there but they wont unzip. I tried my win rar on at least 10 other zips and they unzipped just fine only this one wont.
i cant get to my steam profile and it doesnt say it in the steam apps help!!
use the folder "common" instead of your username
I ended up having to put the decompiler in my counter-strike source\bin folder for it to work.
When I am using Blender, I notice that there are no lines branching from the edges of the cylinder into the middle of the smooth end. For example, at 18:38, you can see all the lines forming triangles on the ends of the cylinder. For me, those are not there. Does anybody know how I can enable this? Thanks.
When i tried to copy paste the smd file to blender, it says unexpected error. Im using blender 6.29. Can someone help me?
i dont have a source sdk folder...
howd you install it?
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