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How to Make Glowing Water Video -

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Making water glow is an easy and fun experiment that takes very little effort. See two different glowing water methods using a black light. Read more on how to make glowing water:...

Nuka Cola Victory and Quartz!
sooo the moral of the story is completely ignore the highlighters (just because its non toxic doesn't mean it won't make you sick) and use tonic water. Why she even mentioned highlighters is beyond me and its quite irresponsible, I mean glow sticks are "non toxic" as well but you don't see anyone suggest you ingest those
+DIY sisters Actually you do get non-toxic glow sticks in most dollar stores (but like icebox1119 I would not put them in drinks). I don't get if you are being sarcastic or serious.  
ew but tonic water tastes horrible
She sounds like a robot.... (///.-)
dump the marker water all over yourself with all white clothes on and you got yourself THE best halloween costume
Guys guys. If ya want something cool just put food coloring in ice cubes and drink sprite with it. I did it for my Lego themed birthday party one year. I DO NOT RECOMMEND DRINKING HIGHLIGHTER INK!
that is an awesome idea 
But can you drink it? Or flavor it so it doesn't taste as bad?
You drink the tonic water not the highlighter water... Tonic water glows naturally because of the quinone in it.  She should of made two separate videos for stupid people.. SMH
I hope that this information would help me😟
The way she is positioned near the camera makes her voice sound like a demon in the background.
Can someone tell me how and wear to get a blacklight or a different light to use that will work to make this
WAIT! you can drink highlighter liquid?!?
NO! DONT DO IT! just because she says it isn't harmful doesn't mean you cant get SICK from it. it tastes vile and it's better to just use the damn tonic water!!
Whoever actually tries to drink highlighter ink is an idiot. Expired foods aren't toxic either but they will make you sick, same goes to the ink...
Is it me... or does her microphone sound like a sick goat
I need this for a school expirament
Be ware, chemical stuff is chemical and " Black light'' is harmful or eyes and sky after few minutes. beautiful, but isn't stuff to play with .
would drinking highlighter ink make ur pee glow under a UV light
Lemme know what happens if you try it
u are under arrest for poisoning ur guests
Wow! that was WISE man... "How to make glowing water?  -   Add some glowing paint"... Oh that was new XDDD
Lol! How gullible can some people be?! Just because someone says its not harmful doesn't mean it won't kill you lol. The ink is best for art work not consumption! I mean this even looks all wrong.
+2PurpleStars6 Dude you can eat a scorpion and their exoskeletons glow under black light...
+musmos busabos It may ot may not be edible, but will it blend?
Can u mix tonic water with food coloring ?
can v use some othre lite
Ho is waching this in 2015?
so in other words the women in this video is ..........MAGIC ...................YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
I still would not drink it at all
Just buy this stuff called tonic water. It glows
try amazon or ebay for small 395nm UV LED flashlights.  I believe they are $7-$10 per.  many objects are purposely given optical brightener which, even without excitation, will seemingly appear more white or clean to your eye.  white paper and white paint, for example.  hax.  btw put tonic water into a spray bottle :)
You have to use a high lighter
the chemical quinine gives tumors what kind of doctor R U please dont drink that water
Actually, no.  Quinine used to be used as a tonic, up to (and including) WWII - as a remedial treatment (not to be confused with a cure) for malaria. 
+taxid3rmy It also helps with leg cramps
ill try it for my small fountian that would be nice.
Where can I buy black light?
Blacklights are at big lots...$4
Trie to make a glowing pencil
True can de drink the water
Can you use different color highlighter markers or just yellow?
no one said to drink highlighter ink. She said and I quote,"It tastes terrible. If you want glowing water for drinks, you can use tonic water."
a thought just occured to me....o_O If i drink a lot of highlighter ink, will I become a human glow stick?? Imma try it and get back with the results for those interested. Wish me luck
If I drink it will it make my tummy glow?
Cool I did it with my friends XD love this
cool,you can drink it now..:P :D 
How can you drink it If it has a hilighter incide
you shouldnt... hahah
First: Inside*  Second: The brand of hilighter she used had non toxic ink. Non toxic means it won't harm you, and is therefore safe to ingest.
is this too advanced for a six grade class?
i cant cut my highlighter
wow read some of the comments you people obviously have problems with your english: you can use the highlighters to make the water glow, you do not drink the ink infested water, i repeat D.O.  N.O.T.  D.R.I.N.K.  THE I.N.K. water, buy the tonic water and do the same thing with the light so you can make your beverage glow.  Is that so difficult to understand?! Jesus!  And by the way it does work, so the dumb asses who says it doesn't should go back and try again, or just actually do it before assuming it doesn't work.
If you charge the tonic water with the black light will it eventually glow in the dark without the black light?
+Nonnitot That's depressing....Thanks for responding!
se puede tomar el agua?
can i glow my jeans or shirts ...
would the other color highlighters work the same or close? I.E. a green or some other color highlighter over a yellow.
Party city, Spencer's, Wal-Mart. Places like that
I saw something where p were putting in the bath tub for kids to play In at bath time is this something I can use that's harmless
Can i drink the wather? :)
If you watched the video, it says you can use tonic water which also glows when exposed to black light.
+Taco4Thou It said its non toxic but tastes bad. There was no 'not safe'. Pretty sure you can eat a highlighter and not die.
don't even try to drink it :l
Dad can I drink this? No sweety its radioactive. This looks like some glowing fluid I saw Mr freeze use in batman and robin from 1997
Very cool , but please DONT drink this.
Just get tonic.. and put black light over 
Where am I going to get a black light from
how about food color instead of FUCKING HIGHLIGHTER !!! DAS POISON
Food color doesn't glow under black light though.
Instructions too complicated. Got dick stuck in the ceiling fan. 
Eeeeewwwww, I wouldn't do it
can you use any color high lighter??
Cool but if you want to drink that your a retard
cool but it sucks that you can't drink it though cause of the highlighter chemicals. DONT DRINK!
I am thinking it good
Can this work with Neon Sharpies?
Can i glow my eyes:-):-):-):-):-)
ca you drink the water
her voice sounds demonic
Did you even listen? Ever tried drinking pen ink? You can drink Tonic water, it glows as well, as she said in the video.
To all, that is harmful to health
can you even drink Tonic water?
the instruction was so clear i even made my mouth glow
Do i have to use black light
If you want to see it glowing, with the naked eye? yes you will
U don't have to :) u can use any light u want .!!! . Nobody will prevent u .. But u willn't get any glow water LOOOOL xD
i have no clue where to get a black light. any suggestions? 
Ebay is the answer to all suggestions lol
How to make glowing water VIDEO. first grab the camera.......
Why would people wanna drink glowing water or a drink???wont it harm u ???no side effects ???not possible??plz do reply
i dont know why she said it is non toxic... she then said to use tonic water "safe to drink" and get same efffect..  she did not say to drink the ink...but her saying it was non toxic would imply people thought it made a pretty drink.. and implied people have tried to drink it.. hence the statement about its flavor.. but I believe she was then talking about tonic water as a drinkable substitute.. both only work with black light.
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