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Marijuana Penalty Reduced in NY!

by SourceFed • 251,591 views

Order your SourceFed Posters here: New York takes steps to decriminalizing marijuana. Our Sources: Go to for...

The existence of the human species tends to disagree with you ;)
leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeagalize it
You've received so many angry responses. I agree with you. Why is everyone so angry around here, withdrawal symptom d'you reckon? =P
If sex didn't exist, mankind wouldn't of survived the first 100 years.
I think there should be like a decrimilize thing for marijuana. Like they should do it like you have to buy a perment to grow a certain amount of plants so that gov can make some money off of it because let's be honest if the permit cost like 10 bucks for a plant you can sell your weed and make a profit. So little by little both state and people make money off of it.
both are pretty much just as bad as well as smoking cigarettes and constant use of any three will be bad for your health.
They choose to have it its their own fault
Nope, I've had friends who've tried those things and they never work, I always walk in and go "Whats that smell?" they go "What smell?" and then I find their stash and tell them to get the hell out of my house. Even closed weed smells like shit.
A human being could live without sex. The human race couldn't, but no one dies from lack of sex.
No recorded deaths directly related to, or caused by weed. Has several health benefits and is physically IMPOSSIBLE to overdose on and is less harmful than other legal drugs (tobacco and alcohol). Has potential for massive economic benefits. Why is it illegal? Because corrupt corporations wanted to make a few extra billion dollars by selling Americans obesity causing, heart weaking, cancer inducing garbage instead of a natural product like weed. Legalize for recreational and medical use already.
I never said anything bad about pot and I think pot should be legalized. The comment I commented on said that all drugs were a victimless crime which I disagree with. And I don't believe people can get addicted to pot. In order for an addiction to occur there needs to be withdrawal symptoms, but pot stays in your system so long that it doesn't have those. It just becomes very habitual for people and it can become a psychological addiction, but not a physical one.
If people haven't smoked weed at least a couple times in their life then they shouldn't judge it. They look so stupid sayin that weed makes you stupid when us stoners know it doesn't.
Don't want a record? Don't break the bloody law.
@swiftkid41 the same reason people smoke and drink booze. Weed cannot kill you but alcohol can. Alcohol is a worse drug.
i like the idea of fining people. it think that because sooo many people do marijuana putting them n jail because they have it on them is a tad bit much. honestly i hate marijuana nd it smells like shit so i dislike the idea of them legalizing it.
Damn. I thought and I thought I was being the smart one.
Oh hardly, but it's still considered impolite. And there's a large difference between passing gas and lighting up a blunt, one being a natural human reaction to digesting certain foods and the other being a conscious decision.
the only real bad thing about weed is that it gives u the munchies, weed has been used for hundreds of years and has yet to kill someone from smoking it. it should be legalized bc one does less harm than alcohol and other drugs and two it would help if we taxed it (not heavily) as a cash crop. It could help with the economy
To live it is not, to continue the species it is.
Is miss Newton single (fingers crossed) smile
ya legalize everything so all the drugys can die that would make the world a lot beter
You should really try it someday, you don't even need to smoke, You can make brownies nowadays..
There are in some people who get headaches or sweaty hands. But you can discount those to other things in combination as well. So just to be on the safe side I say they are minor to none.
THC has not been shown to treat all types of cancer by research therefore you can not make such a sweeping statement. Also in brain tumours it was autophagy that was activated not apoptosis. Also if different genes are mutated there is a variation in mechanisms, hence different rate of metastasis, prognosis (Ras mutation is bad), etc But as I now can not be bothered to waste any more of my time arguing with someone on youtube who will never change their stance. Here is a smiley face =). Good day
yeah maybe its a good idea to legalize the most versatile plant in existence....
@MinecraftersX that's a load of bullshit. It is a victimless crime. It is safer than alcohol and we should be free to do what we want if we are not hurting anyone.
so you would say that the crack addict that has two children too young to fend for themselves that are starving because their mom is too drugged out to feed them is a victimless crime. So long as it happens indoors, it's cool. And for shits and giggles let's just say daddy's out of the picture
Solution 1: Destroy all sources of Marijuana Solution 2: Legalize it to make it less cool and for the state to earn at the users
Actually that law has been repealed. Tourists can still buy weed in Amsterdam and many other cities.
legalize it, heavily tax it, and provide government funding to give the necessary help to those that need it. Its legalization and controlled selling would not only allow professionals to deny it to you when it need be, but put the massive violent drug cartels out of business, which would take out a huge part of organized crime.
You smell ppls farts you wanna hate on ppl who fart?
lol i love how sourcefed is so proweed
I like the idea that they are just going to replace the arrest with a fine but I don't think they should just be able to profile someone and tell them to turn out their pockets. To me that is an "unreasonable search and seizure."
Haha take that none weed smokers!
Well it's quite simple, I HATE the smell, and I hate what it does to people who abuse it. And so merely confining it to a garage or spare bedroom doesn't do jack for the smell it still goes every where else in the house. Even smoking it outside it'll still come in through the windows. I feel the same way about cigarettes.
just effing legalize it already, and tax the hell out of it!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!! I should be a politician!!!!
You should reply to his comment rather than tagging him, so he can see what you wrote about him and that we can find his comment much easier.
One of my teachers had a daughter with a terminal illness. She had no appetite and her health was terrible. He said how weed was the only thing that made her last moments of life enjoyable. And just a side note this girl when she died ended up saving 11 lives through donation of organs (her liver). Your technically right when you say no one "needs" it but we also dont "need" a bunch of other legal drugs but we use them anyways because they make us feel better.
I would but MrHobys might think we dont need stuff like SEX since we could create pregnancies through artificial Insemination..
Everyone is doing a really good job of looking at each other's comment's quite narrowly =]
that is the joke at-least we know s toners have a better sense of humor
For ppl wondering why cigarettes are still legal, the reason is that cigarettes bring in a huge amount of money in tax. when the government starts to tax something its very difficult to untax as they can't operate without that slice of revenue.
yeah your a fucking moron, unless you have seen massively sick people become able to manage life again WITHOUT ANY side effects you need to shut the fuck up and pop some zoloft
right click on the video. hit stop download. youre welcome
Back here in Holland, there is no penalty. We can smoke pot, whenever we like.
I don't think you understand what it's like to have any of those diseases. But you are an uptight bastard, so you could use some to get that stick out of your ass.
I have never smoked in my life but I believe they should legalize it. Many things that are legal are more dangerous than weed for example alcohol and other legal drugs. Plus if it is legal most likely not as many people will do it.
I support the idea of all drugs being legal. The reason is simple: it's your body so it's your choice. Why should people be put in prison for choosing to consume a substance. As long as they aren't hurting others, they should be allowed to do what they want
honestly. why can't it be leagal? if it is, then all those stupid people who want it could just go to a drugstore to f*ck up their bodies instead of smuggling it across the border causing unnessesary trouble. that way, you can choose. wanna die from smoking this plant? go ahead. actually, marijana sounds alot like tobacco if you think about it....
Can't tell if troll or just dumb as a bag of spanners
If it's illegal and can get you killed, dont do it. I don't get why ppl do drugs :(
i think weed should be legalized and taxed, the government wants money? there it is! also if your not arresting people for it any more either, thats good too. seeing as how we already complain about over crowded jails, and that would also save some peoples records. however i say this for weed and only weed, other drugs need to be more forcefully restricted as they are dangerous
Because the police do racially profile, the amount of whites that smoke are almost just as much as those who are a different race. It's more accepted by minorities as well, within the private community. But regardless, LEGALIZE BRO. Statistically proven by the police in my town the amount of crime related to alcohol is almost always more violent and much more rampant. The stoners getting arrested are getting arested for smoking and being obvious, probably littering their hostess product wrapper.
actually it cant kill you at all. although, yes you can overdose in it, which is literally impossible because A. you would need to smoke 1500 pounds of marijuanna to die and even then the thc wouldn't kill you you would die from carbon monoxide poisoning not thc. and B. no one has that much money.
Not only that, but they need to have certain restrictions, similar to that of alcohol. No driving under the influence, no smoking in public; that sort of thing. It needs to be treated strictly to prevent abuse. I could have said your comment myself.
lee im sorry but that shirt your wearing is orgasm!!! keep up the good work guys ;)
There is a difference when dealing with an experienced cop and a rookie cop trying to prove himself. The rookie cop is high on authority and is trying to pad his statistics. The experienced officer knows what its like to explain to a mother why her son won't ever be coming home again, when you face that, the pinch of weed in your pocket is no longer worth the officers time.
The possesion of marijuana has always been ilegal it needs a harsher penalty. Y DO YOU THINK SO MANY PEOPLE ARE ON WELFARE AND IN POVERTY
Sounds like a nice comprimise, fine possesion like a traffic ticket. Stays illegal but no expensive court costs or prison expense. Still makes it mildly more expensive for user but no fear of going to jail, just losing your pot and getting a fine.
well actually marijuana can't really kill you
Well at least in the UK. Although it can vary depending on course, generally for biology it is a one year degree.
The real gateway drug is sugar or tobacco. You try it once and your'e hooked. How often do you eat anything that doesn't contain sugar? I wonder if people consume anything that doesn't have sugar in it. It is addicting as well. Tobacco has been discussed and probably already been taught that it's bad, but it's still legal and killing millions. Theirs your daily dose of truth, I'm gonna go pack another bowl and wait the prohibition out. One love
The smell can be easily taken care of.. Open a window in his room.. or get some Ozium, you can't smell it.
cigerettes are proven to be extremely harmful. marijuana isnt. get your priorities right
Honestly if you smoke pot, smoke at home like a smart person and if you cant then dont. Nobodys forcing you to smoke and ts not like youre not gonna get in trouble
Though I am not taking a side on need or not needed - if we want to look at both sides of any story, please don't give out only part of a story to prove your point, especially medically related. The conditions (aside from uptight which is hilarious) you mentioned CAN indeed be treated with marijuana, but almost never are due to other medical options available. Also, glaucoma is never treated with it (biochem reaction is possible, but halflife too low etc). Please research beyond wikipedia.
In Canada, if a police officer finds a bit of weed on you, he will take it, put your info into the system and go on his way. Of course if you are dumb enough to get caught several times.. something will happen. YAY Canada!!!
FIRST of all those weren't statistics they were based of scientific proof and secondly u are more likely to get addicted to pain killers than weed yes weed is psychological but pain killers are chemically addictive so in which u can get addicted, yes addictive personalities do contribute to any addict but not completely.
Legalize it or just give out a fine of $100 to anyone you find with it, no matter the amount
"Theoretically save thousands of New Yorkers, specifically black and Hispanic youths a bunch of unnecessary arrests." - That's stereotypical, racist, and makes me so mad! So mad I need to smoke a bowl now. Yes I'm Mexican but that's a coincidence. :)
i'd rather honestly have my boys get me weed for standard prices rather than paying 70 bucks for a dime.
Pot should be legal period not a drug whoop whoop!!!
Marijuana IS a gateway drug. I should know, the whole "story" happened to my brother. But I'm not saying it can't be legalized. I think it's a gateway drug because it IS illegal. If someone does something illegal,they do something more illegal, etc. Cigarettes are just as bad if not worse, and that doesnt make people do hard drugs enough to cause this big a deal. I think pot should be like alcohol. In moderation and make certain things (like smoking and driving) illegal while under the influence
Governments might get a lot of tax money out of it, too, so what's the big deal?
go smoke your green in peace, i'll die with my nicotine. LIVE AND LET DIE BRO
Someone hasn't heard of artificial insemination.
Same boat as you, don't like weed, don't want to be near weed but I want to legalize weed.
I see a small amount of weed, I don't want to be teased at work for arresting you. As you were.
Cannabis is the best drug. It's barely addictive, it does less harm to your body than legal drugs (alcohol nicotine), and it even cures some diseases. Really, why is it illegal??
@kkmdew09. If America legalized weed nationwide out status among other nations would continue on sliding down the crap chute that its already in.
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