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Vampy Look

by bubzbeauty • 422,025 views

Hello angel cupcakes! The weather has been sooo dark and gloomy these few days (boohoo! although I secretly like the break from the immense heat) so I felt like doing a dark vampy look for my...

You do it so perfect, T.T
Why are you so perfect?!? --
I'm going to use this for Valentine's Day (:
Reddish brown? Looks purple
Using this for a dance tomorrow! Wearing a maroon and black high-low dress and heeled boots ^.^ will look awesome with this!!
"Tomorrow" by Tablo (featuring Big Bang's Taeyang) =)
I love your accent! And your videos! :D
Stfu. I'm sure Bubz would be disappointed in you. Why would you say that about Michelle, when you don't even know her personally? Why are you assuming things about her? Why, are you spreading hate? I recommended for you to watch Bubz's video, "Secrets of Truly Happy People".
you like Jessica Jung in this video o_o
Nah :) Too, too heavy. something light on the eyes, and a lip stain would be good enough :D
nothing against michelle phan, but i don't really like her tutorials... i think it's just too much...
I wish you were my twin :) I'd never stop looking in the mirror.
Who cares if she is and she isn't! If anything Bubz is a 10x better version of Michelle! Plus there are so many other make up gurus on YouTube! Get a life and quit hating! Bubz is awesome!
wow ur totally right.. <3 how inspiring comment.. but fyi i wasn't arguing i just said the same thing u are saying to me... LOL
Ahh. This is perfect. I need a costume of sorts for my project and this is like the perfect funeral look, that I need. My character is going to a wedding dressed for a funeral.
your really negetive i think your a sado behind your screen that has nothing GOOD to do in life -.-"
da!!!! there are also vampire, airplane beauty and japanese anime looks on make up artists. and did you ask michelle if she cares about is???.
I can't find a vampy lipstick anywhere! any suggestions? i love this look!
Where are you from, you have a very nice accent
reminds me of Jessica from SNSD.
Beautiful look, Bubz.. you are such an inspiration to me x
:O OMG. You're on YouTube. I'm on YouTube. YOU'RE TRYING TO BE ME!
-.-lll just give it up, their both make up people on youtube, you don't have to claim their trying to be each other. They say that their both friends, why don't you just stop all the hating, if you like her videos just leave it at that, no need to comment about it to make us's kinda shows how immature you're being about the matter.
That's a very very HOT look, it would certainly turn my head--then my girlfriend would slap me! ;-)
i love the way her voice sounds in her videos <3
such an awesome look. So alluring :)
Then gtfo and watch her videos, sweetie. Hating isn't going to get you anywhere.
YOUR SO PRETTY Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the video im subscribing NOW!
it's makeup. which is a form of art. everyone's take on it is going to be different. if i did the same tutorials they would be using different products and it would be my own personal take on it. just because two people post a tutorial on making roast beef, doesn't mean their recipes are going to be the same. just watch whatever videos you want and stop hating on people who are just sharing their passion.
i love you bubz! :) you're so pretty! congrats on your engagement
but its bad to go on a strawberry field and curse it for not being cherries thats what many people do here if u love michelle phan or anyone else than say that in there videos channel why discouraging bubzbeauty
Bubz, you should smile more when your done with your tutorial and showing it to us. you look even prettier than you already are when you smile c: your beautiful<3
You should make a tomboy makeup video. :B
Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of the 1,050,946 subscribers.
Your existence is annoying.. I love Fred's videos more then you.
hi bubz ummm i really dont respond to any videos u make my hair and makeup really good and i havent been doing alot of makeup cuz ive just started cuz im going to 6 grade and i know that i can thank for all the beauty tips thx korey
for me, shes better than Michelle Phan. Honestly.
Looks like HyunA trouble maker.
Well if you think her voice is annoying, than could you please keep that to your self, and if you think it's annoying why bother posting a comment and letting the video play longer and you just wanted to claim Michelles videos are better, we don't care, we like them both!!! Okay? Stop the hate people it's getting annoying...And BTW: it 'your' not yr.
you don't have to say it rudely :( it's fine to express how you feel, but it's kinda rude :(
What is your problem? Why are you comparing Michelle and Bubbi? They are BOTH talented, unique and special in their own ways. Just because she has a makeup channel doesn't mean she's "copying" Michelle. Michelle doesn't own makeup tutorials, a lot of people do them, HERS happen to get a lot of views, Michelle's fantastic but it doesn't mean you have to be obnoxiously rude as to diss someone like that. Bubbi is her own beautiful individual. Behaving this way is not going to get you very far.
Bubzbeauty I really love your hair and I would like you to do a hair tutorial of how you do those curles I think you look beautiful in this makeup look and also I have really small eyes so I don't really know how to do many makeup looks so could you do a video on that please :)
but not that i mean that i hate michelle, bubz is better than michelle, im still love michelle phan!
mine too. i want to have paler lips so badly sometimes.
your face is annoying and im sure that your personality is rotten too because these two girls are nothing alike and honestly theyre nice enough to make funny beautiful videos for other girls to better their faces but im sure for you no amount of make up can ever cover up the ugliness beneath your skin because you will never be anything more than an annoying little girl who no one gives a fuck about.... honestly if you dont like lindy stop watching her.Bubz doesnt a viewer like you
It's ok to express his own opinions as long as he doesn't try to hurt someone. ^^ A lot of ppl here try to fight against those haters and automatically become one. I like both youtubers ;D Simpleminded FTW- kkk~
this look very pretty :) thanks for sharing!
Bubz should collaborate with Michelle to stop all this war.. that sooong *-* that bubz <3
very nice !!! and i love the song very much :D 3
Yes! I have wanted a look like this for a while ^_^
can we do this look with a tan or indian skin tone?
Can't pull off the eyes, but they look great in this video!
i like how you show everything from foundation to concealer
Just me or do the brows look greenish :-S ?
hey you guys got a new vid check out my channel!
haha mine are like that too! not quite that same color, just a little lighter. most of the time it's great because i can just use some lip gloss instead of lipstick. but when im trying to do a nude lip, the color is a pain to go over. all in all i feel your pain but the color can be good too! :)
This makeup reminds me of Jessica in the Sherlock mv by shinee
ur name sounds anoying... so if ur going to say rude things then i suggest u do it to i need a social life videos
Woah! Never noticed that before you said it! :O it cannot be unseen....
Before I started watching bubz I thought make-up was just mascara and lipstick... I now see how dead wrong I was. ^^
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