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Black Ops 2 - GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 374,617 views

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holy black ops 2 looks crazy cant wait
Black ops 2 comercial for a black ops 2 video
It looks like battlefield and cod fucked to create bops 2
The numbers are the predicted sale figures!!!
yeah I have BF3 and i really dont like it its realistic and all but i dont like it and im not COD fanboy
@bollie trollie Seems like you gave enough fucks to reply,by the way you can't spell.LOSER
Cool vid I will subscribe...wait I already subbed
that sniper is gonna piss a lot of people off
wel there is ggoing to be an attachmeent that can look through walls but uts not a scope and you cant use it on snipers
Anyone notice the sniper has a 30 round mag
Wow. Treyarch just give up already...
i spend all day checking out games that i think are going to suck too
That Sniper Aint Gonna Be In Online Multiplayer Only In Campaign.
i think that the point of that sniper would be to get rid of quick scopers to an extent and also be a fucking NOOB weapon...
Whiteboy you should do some halo game please :)
Can I get some love on my channel COD players? I have a variety of game play clips with a variety of weapons. My COD stats are on the channel so I am not just some scrub with a few lucky games. Haters welcome too! BTW: Cool video.
fanboy? wtf are you talking about haha the reason why I said your comment was the most retarded comment I've ever seen Is because It's true. Nob ut really your going to hate on BO2 for looking like other games, I mean come on pretty much all of the games have copied eachother and your hating on BO2? lol thats stupid :) for example all FPSs that has anysort of killstreak/perks system have copied COD but Is anyone complaining about that? No because Its a good thing to copy other games.
Battlefields not even close to done its just getting started :D
can u pls add me on ps3 my name scream90s pls pls
COD is for gamers,Battlefield is for suckers.
You could also hear after the multi-player trailer the narrator says " can he get the MOAB , holy shi-" then it cuts off :D lol.
im pretty sure there will be a scope that isnt a kill streak but it wont be too op by what i seen the scope is much more different in multi player
there goes those ugly ass treyarch characters again
battlefield 3 its 50x better than this -.-
lol Category: Gaming Starring: Whiteboy7thst Directed by: Whiteboy7thst Produced by: Whiteboy7thst Written by: Whiteboy7thst
hey guys i hope you can check out my channel i post a video every day and i try for good gameplay thanks
I hope Black Ops 2 doesn't have a grey industrial look like Modern Warefare, I hate that.
Oh God, the jelly is back(From mw2). I hated when I got shot, because of that DAMN JELLY!
The most retarded comment I've EVER seen here on YouTube -.-'
The colour pallet sucks.they only used one colour in 3 dif shades.
That talking ruins the video...
I hope its not a killstreak because then people that camp on the first round of search wont be able to be killed
I just clicked on a black ops II video then I was it was whiteboy! :)
just the warthog in bo2. they fcked the osprey gunner from mw3 and the gunship from bo together. then you get a warthog
Xbox if your still doing bo2 give away
the numbers are the boat in the bo1 campaign
Alex we should play on black ops 2 plzzz I'm ur biggest fan my names on ps3 is. Dhaliwal5077 thanks
agree after bf3 came out all other fps are just crap now lol
did i really just get an 2 minute long advertisemnt that i couldnt skip? Jezus...
only someone that says that probably dose it. bitch
Im not a big call of duty fan like many other, but im very impressed with what i' ve seen. Even if its just a super powerd snpier.
can i plz have the ps3 i'm a big fan and it would be a huge thing to me
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