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Jalen Rose Destroys Skip Bayless

by saudawf ‚ÄĘ 1,103,118 views

Jalen rose tells Skip Bayless about his haterade problem, and why he has such a negative view on great professional athletes.

jalen rose is one of the few people on espn that actually knows what the fuck he's talking about
skip bayless looks like a faggot who slept with old men to get on tv
I love Jalen Rose. Blunt, honest, but not mean or nasty. Respectable guy. That handshake at the end that he did was so great.
Skip didn't win at all ūüėāūüėāūüėā
+TmacAdubBoy fuck skip he's a dumbass. so is Jalen
Look at that Big ole shit eating grin on jaelen after shaking hands
love seeing skip getting sonned he talks too much shit and is bias, Than when it comes back to him he has nothing to say
+Zanzi The Cheefah You saying Im black makes you ignorant and racist. Move on kiddo
+ROKINROD23 January 1, 2015. Stop playing victim. I'm being opposite of ignorant. I can't possibly sound racist to my own race. Skip Lost The Debate Based On Lack Of Pigment.
Skip is the kind of person that twists everything anyone says or does into something negative. It's his goal, to invalidate and trap anyone into looking bad because he's an unhappy moron. Then the moment his victim tries to defend themselves he starts that "poor me, you're attacking me, how immature" shit, even though he started it in the first place. Skip just wants to drag everyone else down into the empty hole he lives in. Frankly I don't care how ANYONE treats Skip, even if they're honestly being immature, because Skip just plain deserves it at this point. It's exactly like what was said in this video, that he'll take a beautiful picture and find the ONE tiny spec of a flaw, and that's ALL he'll see or talk about.
Skip bayless is a CLOSET RACIST and he's allowed the get away with it by his white supervisors that he psychologically entertains
There is a guy that was a former NBA player that has done fairly well as a GM and helped build the previous Laker Dynasty.  His name is Jerry West.  His image is the NBA LOGO.   Later SKIP. 
Do not believe that Skip is racist.
skips is a ass hole he dosent know shit!!!!!!!
This was a total dissection. Rose was straight surgical in this
hilarious!!! i hate skip!! dude just needs to go fuck off somewhere
Whoa! Skip is turning red Gen.25:25.
Skippy turned red so obviously he was insulted with the truth. Sometimes people need a good wake up call!!!
Always liked Jalen.  Straight shooter.
He shut his ass up lol
Do you idiots realize Skip has a job to do? And if he didnt do what he did for the past 5 years the ratings would of dropped there probably would be no show and Stephen A Smith definetly woudn't be on ... Jalen is a fool on this one, why bring up what someone did in High School to this. Skip is doing his job, and he calls out scrubs while he does it, sure he hates on people but thats good because it creates controversy, but Jalen took it too far or in the wrong direction this guy looks like a fool. This fab 5 cunt, his greatest nba achomplishment was losing in the finals in ncaab for 2 strait years, ahhaa fucking punk
i am thankful for that one guy stopping skip bayless getting mentally assaulted and raped.
damn, even jay had to get at him. "you always focus on the ugly pixel in the beautiful picture..."  - sums up skip's entire career with that one
Ouch he crushed him
Skip uses opinions rather than using facts and stats. He doesn't know much about sports either. Oh you played in 60s!? Let's use those 60s tactics in today's game. And Michael Jordan the greatest player in history of sport?!?! Lol no. Look at maradona, messi, Ronaldo, ibrahimovic, Di stefano, etc...
the dudes name is skip for a reason.
That was great watching skip get owned by jalen rose. For skip to say that Brandon marshall has a better character than Terrell owens shows what a moron he is. T,O. couldn't get along with some players, Brandon is a woman beater who was involved in a shooting in a night club. enough said
As long as he is playing with jay cutler, he will never win shit. Im not saying he isnt a good receiver, just saying his character is more questionable than T.O.'s. T.O. was not a thug.
Skip is such a narsastic cunt. When he was talking shit about Jalen, Jalen sat there and let the fucker speak. But when Jalen spoke, Skip always interrupted him.
Lol I love how much people hate on skip.. people are allowed to have opinions lol.. ppl actin like Jalen and Stephen A never make dumb comments.. I watch first take everyday and Stephen A has his ignorant moments too lol... But it doesn't matter it's all scripted anyway..
I really hate skip bayless. Jalen is the man.
As smart skip is , its disappionting that he cant see his mistakes or acknowledge them. So ummm back to talking about lebron lol
And skip and Stephen like to act like they are best friends with every pro player
rose then got a dui bayless destroyed this dumb coon
Skip bayless is that his name or did his mom got him from a a bay +Best Trash Tube Channel lol hilliros
Pretty spot on with everything he said. Skip, in my mind, get's destroyed by Stephen A. nearly everyday too. I miss the good ole days when Michelle Beatle would tell Colin Cowherd his facts. But Jalen has the experience, which makes him a great analyst. 
the most interesting part of this clip was the upcoming story about something crazy happening at the women's basketball game..... WHAT HAPPPENED????? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2:37 Skip Bayless died. Just fell down flat, on the floor.
Jalen rise your are a stupid nigger skip would use u to whip his ass with u
First off TROLL who is Jalen Rise ? If you are going to be a racist troll... at least have some Good grammar. You my freon's are a pussy.
+Sako Khatchikian Lmao! I was thinking the Same... he type like one of them Nigerian scam people.
He's right all skip does is crush peoples soles.
Oh shit thank you for putting him in his place.
I believe Jalen has hit the nail on the head.
skip knows everyone thinks he's a tool so now he likes pissing off athletes to get watched....its sad. It's the sports reporter Jerry Springer.
Why is there no actual video of this?
Love that "what is this is asshole smoking?" look Jalen gives Bayless.
true bill gates didn't finish college before he got rich but he was a course away from graduating HARVARD with accolades Apart from that I agree with Jalen , begin good at something and knowing why (to a detail) you are good at something makes the difference , the former also gives the knowledge for further improvement of self and others
much love for jalen! gives the people what they want!
I never get tired of this #teamjalen lol
ill go with ron artest he guarded jordan and lebron he picked jordan 23 = goat lil bitch
lmfao jalen does him dirty, no wonder they haven't let him back on
skip is very intellectuall, they always try to play the "oh your not a athlete" card on skip were some of the sport anylisis aren't. That doesn't quiet mean he gets destroy , skip would destroy jalen in a heart beat, is just when they ppl like jalen get burn by  skip they play the athlete card! and he still takes the fire
Skip Bayless was trying to say Marshall is better than TO. Or teabow is more box office than Kobe Bryant. Or Terrell Owen sucks. Or Melo is better than bron. BUT yea he's intellectual.
when u base your feelings on emotion rather than reason, thats not being intellectual. Thats being immature.
I think ESPN pays Skip Bayless to be the asshole/bad guy in sports conversations because there is plenty of them watching ESPN.  Skip has made some very good points sometimes and overall is knowledgeable about the things he speaks of.   But he is the shock value of the program and is not only willing to be that but embraces it.  
0:55 rose is like, this nigga stupid..
That was hardly what I would call "destroying." I'm still waiting for the day when someone makes Skip cry and his momma takes to Twitter to demand an apology for her little boy.
funny at the end when the host started having a go at Skip too, what a cunt ganging up on him, then he probably sucked him off after the show....
Skip looks like he was going 2 cry
I love skip bayless, he's not a dickrider. He speaks his mind whether people like him or not. Skip Bayless all day.
What? He's the worst. He's all shock value.
he rides Tebow's dick... you thick mongoloid
I wanna butt fuck skip bayless until he passes out.
Am I the only one that wants to know what went down at that Baylor game? It sounded like a nice tilly.
Brittney Griner punched a player on Texas Tech.
Goddamn Brittney Griner putting bitches to sleep out there, like dunking on them wasn't enough
As Teddy Roosevelt once said - It's not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled...The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena... Jalen is right on. ANYBODY can be a critic, but most cannot accomplish what the ones they criticize have. Great athletes know and do what's required to be elite. They don't talk about, they are about it. They put in the work. Skip is a non-athletic, talking head who makes his living the easiest way - as the critic who doesn't count.
I remember when skip called himself Pistol Pete. Jalen embarrassed him pretty badly. Look at Skip squirm.
That was funny, Jalen's response was, more like Water Pistol Pete Jr.  :)
Skip Bayless, Ducks sick......
no doubt skip is the biggest hater in sports! obviously jealous he never made it
"You only focus on the ugly picture of the beautiful picture". - Jay Crawford On the money. This is when First Take was actually good because Jay was a objective host unlike kiss ass puppet Cari Champion. There's a reason why I gradually stopped watching FT. Jay was fair game. Cari is a yes woman, politically correct. She blows! Wouldn't surprise me if Skip had anything to do with Jay's demotion. Rose is a smart brother & sure put Skip in his place. Well deserved.
Bayless is insensitive though  
Both of them are wrong. Jalen is wrong because a good talent judger doesn't need to be a previous player. And the fact that the greatest GM's and coaches in NBA or in any sport were rarely great players, even if most of them at least did the sport for fun, proves that. On the other way, Skip is extremely bias towards the people he likes or not, and I barely saw him do any kind of true in deep analysis. But is not only is problem, most of sport journalists lack even basic concepts of the sport they comment. I mean, Cuban asked Skip if he knew what was the purpose of a zone defense and he couldn't answer. This lack of knowledge is not something that should exist in a National television commentator. So basicaly, of these 3 people on TV, no one had a clue about true sports commentary.
dat nigga just got killed
Jalen talking like he was Mj. . Hate jalen rose th black fucl
At 1:09 you can see Jalen say fuck it im gna give it to him.
LOL at 2:56 "You always focus on the ugly pixel of every picture"  STFU Jay Crawford ur just as much of a fraud as skip bayless
what Jalen's did was great. He taught him about we things about sports then shook his hands. 
how did jalen rose destroy skip that dumbass got 2 duis and got sacked bayless always wins
Skip tried to bury Jalen after this to no avail. 
This is jalen's fucking problem. Basically, he thinks that former players and current players can tell whether a player is good or not better than people who never played. You don't have to be a chef to know what good food tastes like. I don't have to hit game winning shots to say lebron doesn't have the clutch gene. And he also think that because players work so hard, they can't be criticized. So you can't say anything negative about a player because they work hard. So lebron came up short in the 2011 finals, but I won't say that he did because he works hard. Thank you jalen rose for your wonderful journalism.
Lol, you just inadvertently proved his point.
Jalen isn't saying that skip shouldn't criticize players, it is the way he does it that piisses players off. He can criticize a players game without being a douche bag. The bottom line is that he is pissed that he wasent a professional athlete and is therefore jealous of them
Skip giving excusses about unathletic geeks have I place in sports ? LOL
Skip represents the unathletic greek, that should not be a commentary about sports. If you can't play the sport you have no knowledge on how an athlete feels and the pressure they go through day in and day out. Get rid of Skip he's an idiot.
Cause people watch cause hes an idiot. They tell him to act & what to say. Its all for the ratings.
Anybody here his newest theory? The only reason why the pacers n heat are tied 2-2 right now is because lebron shook paul george's hand in game 2. WIthout that handshake, this series would just be over right now in the mind of skip bayless. Just absolute stupidity. I really think the only reason they have him on ESPN, is because they know he's an idiot. They know he gets ripped by everyone, and they know that some people like to watch that. Anyway to get more ratings.
I'm with Skip, I don't like Lebron either, you compare him to Jordan and think he won't get put on the spot when he doesnt meet expectations.
Skip " That was a nice try" hahaha really Skip, Jalen just demolished you
I agree, Lebron James&Jordan both were blessed with skills(born with them) & we cant hold that against them. Hope im alive & healthy 10 more yrs. to see what more Lebron does. To me, I feel the ONLY way anyone passes Jordan is to win 3 rings back to back to back 2 time & one more, doesnt have to be behind the 2 sets of three championships. Even Bill Russell isnt put ahead of MJ & he has more rings. I gather they had less teams in Russell's day is why but, passing MJ is going to be hard for LBJ!
black people liek to own skip a lot
I get Skips point here. People act like you have to had played in the NBA to be successful there. Sam Presti is a wonderful GM and he didn't play. Stan Van Gundy said he was a below average D3 player and he could coach some. I understand Jalen whereas you can't have someone's perspective if you haven't been there too. I think they both made good points.
LBJ isn't close to MJ and never will be. The truth.
Just for clarification, when I said "performed better than anyone else in clutch time" that is in comparison to other players in the league at the same time as LeBron.
2:40 Skip looks like he is about to cry lol priceless facial expression
you must have a good cop bad cop situation it's good for viewers skip is wrong for like 99% of the time but he is right on michael jordan the greatest ever and that lebron is a great player but it counts what you do in the 4th quarter there you win or loose a game #23 always took it to another level
Unfortunately its because he makes good TV. People like to watch this nonsense. Just like Limbaugh Hannity Matthews, etc
There are a million white boys like Skip Bayless. They write sports pieces for newspapers all over the country, and have now infiltrated the internet and talk radio. There is no real reason why the fate of athletes should be in the hands on people that never played on a professional level. Athletes don't vote on awards for journalist????? Racist BSSSSSS!!!!!!!
O_O really? whys that? lebrons the greatest overall player. may be the greatest player ever. what does mj have over lebron?sure hes the better scorer, thats undeniable, but lebron has everything else. wanna bring up the ring argument? what about bill russell?
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