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Happy Birthday, You're Dead!

by SourceFed • 304,179 views

Order your SourceFed Posters here: Are you more likely to die on your birthday? Our Sources: Go to for our 5...

kill so many people I hate
Confess every thing and maybe try being christisn
Why does nobody know how to spell Elliott?
I would walk over to my crush and fuck the shit out of
Isn't every one born on their birthday Elliot.
ok you fascist idiot with nothing useful to say. Enjoy your life.
id be super happy, cause my birthday was yesterday, F*ck yeah!
you know, my live sucks. i was born on 1/13 on a FRIDAY! i was born on a FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! if i die on my birthday, i wouldnt be surprised. if i died on 1/13 on a friday, then i would be surprised.
I'd eat some food... then kick a baby...
:)....wait, everyone is born on their birthday :(
Watching this on my birthday. WTF?
I'm not sure a study has ever been done to determine how many people aren't born on their birthday. I won't believe it until it has gone through a scholarly review process...
its my birthday on wednesday................o_O
while many people die on their birthday...many others are born during theirs. hahahah! this gives me hope.
that moment when you can swap their names and it makes more sense.
prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) died on his birthday !!
i broke my arm at my own birthday party when i was 8 :(
i would do anyting to shut this crap down!
Shakespeare didn't die on his birthday as a fact because we don't know exactly when he was born(sorry lee) we only know five things for a fact about him
I would be sad because tomorrow's my birthday! I shouldn't have watched this
Nah man i was born the day after my birthday :)
Eliot.. Where did u get that shirt??
It's more of question of what I wouldn't I do.
if this was my last B-day i whould GO RAPE ALL THE FEMALES
My bday was day this came out 6 days ago I survived this one but idk bout next year feel a stress related accident happening was in er 3 bdays ago already creepy
Mine was a couple of days ago, whatchu gonna do about it sukahs!
my birthday is december 21! THE END OF THE WOOOOORLD! x( NOoOoOo
Nobody makes me bleed my own blood..... NOBODY.
Hey I was also born on my birthday! What are the odds?!!!
But they would guess wrong if you died only minutes before your hour of birth. :(
Why does Elliot look like Kassem G?
Hmm, the Mad Hatter got it right ....celebrate un-birthdays...
Elliot's joke was funny! lol :) about more ppl being born on their birthday... lol
My answer to this questions comes from a wise man, known as Jasper Dolphins "Smoke a blunt, fuck a bitch, in the butt, I'm Bossing"
".... many more were born on there birthday" tecatela lmao
the one dayhnnnnhhnhn* that you thought
Id be like why becky becky why
If this birthday was my last, I would NOT be working the day of. -____-
am i the only one who came here because of tobys title?
01:08 I figure that the placebo effect is what happened with my grandfather, who passed on two years ago come December, a few days before Christmas after celebrating his 70th birthday. Of course, he was also going through stage 3 lung cancer, suffered a heart attack and a was a diabetic who refused to alter his diet and/or way of living whatsoever. He could give jackasses training in stubborness, that one. And yes, we miss him.
I'd ask Lee for a kiss on the cheek
I just had my birthday just two day ago, on the 21st of June. Nothing happened. Just to tempt fate I spent the half the day at a gun range. The other half was spent at a strip club in a bad neighborhood. So far it's been a pretty good two days. Tomorrow I'll just go bungie jump off something and see how that goes. If I die at least I died knowing that I had planted my face in the bosom of a real nice stripper named Candy?
George Washington Carver, you fuck You know? Peanut butter guy.
if this was my last i wouldn't be here in kuwait
My b day is sep. 4 so I'm good! I'm also young so...
would it be possibly connected to the depression from loneliness?
Because I was totally born the month after my birthday -.-
id go out so intoxicated the crematorium explodes
DUH, I spend all my days like i won't be here tomorrow. I don't wanna die tomorrow knowing that i could have played video games all night last night. I spend my days hiding fake poop in the teacher's table.
DAMN and I was just gonna turn 21 bummer
"Many people were born on there birthday" hey thats pretty coo... Wait...
I'll have sex with you if it was my last birthday blong girl is pretty sex
I wouldn't mind fucking the shit out of Lee to be honest with you.
Tomorrow is my birthday.... I'm scared.
that guy had the biggest smile when he said that
Meet Elliot and Lee (not Joe do I rly have to explain why?) eat a cake made of every single flavor and blow out 100 candles. Rob a bank and die by getting blown up by a magical unicorn..... Jk Joe I don't hate u at least I think I don't :P
If i knew this was my last B-Day i would ask Lee Newton on a date... that's like a dream come true :)
I would try to lick Lee Newton.
I would go see lee newton and start barking cats
well i'm havent hit my 20's yet so heres hoping
Tomorrow is my Girlfriends birthday. Yeah I'll warn her.
I actually kind of want to die on my birthday... at the exact time of my birth. Luckiest death ever, right?
Wow this was uploaded the day AFTER my bday....... holy shit that was a close one
i died on my birthday... then i woke up on the floor
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