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New MW3 DLC - "Vortex, U-Turn and Intersection" Maps & "Arctic Recon"! (Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay)

by Ali-A • 250,178 views

"Vortex, U-Turn, Intersection & Arctic Recon" Gameplay - Links below! :D Watch "ARCTIC RECON" Gameplay: Watch "U-TURN" Gameplay:...

I dont want to waste my cash i got both collections for half price ($15) already and i just think the service is a waste I will just wait in anticapation in hopes it will be released someday
when does it come out for ps3 non elite members
When the fuck it's coming out? Those maps
when does thi com out for ps3 elite members
Thanks i have done tgis and it worked
can we unlock prestige mod when we are at level 70
hey man, I use the MP7 extended mags and silencer WITH GOLD! keep the W's rolling!
you know you&your friend got a MOAB in the newest maps, when do they come out for the non-elite players?
I'm guessing you don't have many friends or get out nuch do you?
i think it would be cool to have a dlc that extended the campaign mode so you play longer
Another shit map o_O any other news on the release date on fall out 4 ?
will everyone please take a look at my new call of duty videos, i will be showing some new map gameplay and many other things, i would appreciate if people subscribed and liked my videos..
When do all these content come to PS3?
what button layout do you use, Ali-A?
They should end MW3 map packs with Every MW map from Modern Warfare to Modern Warefare 2
You should just become an Elite member. it will save you lots of time worry and hassle.
hey can i join ur ali a clan my name is MR LEGIT Y3LLOW and i play any game type but my fav is dem a can spawn trap and looking for a clan i dont have premiem tho but plzz do let that decide if i can join
Cocks of Duty Modern Fuckfare....Piece of shit game like every cocks of shit game
tomorrow i have physics and litriture...the day after i have math and the day after i have history and im DONE !!!!!!!!!!
Hey Ali-a i was wondering how i can be apart of your clan on mw3 ?
the ak74u was my fav gun on zombies
Is there any info on New maps becoming available for all playlists like they were when new maps were introduced to mw2????
you play on low gaphicks dumbass -.-' mine is perfectly fine on PC
with back or select button in multiplayer main menu!
Day 205: I'm running low on supplies, I've managed to read half the comments. I may not make it...
you are amazing please add me on xbox my gamertag is BitableBean0
how do you get ur friends name to appear baby blue and enemies yellow?
38 second advertisements...?? Your off my list.
be nice if they weren't all face off maps or atleast put them in the team tac playlist i mean they have 3v3 in face off team tac 4v4 shouldn't hurt. i don't play face off
intersection uturn and vortex dlc 1 or 2 plz someone reply
Pay 4 3 faceoff maps only ? What a pack of shit. What about people who play multi player? I paid 4 elite what a waste of money :(
Probably Tactical like Most/All Popular Call of Duty players
for the new people that are watching this -_-'. maybeeee...?
do you have to buy these maps? and if so how?
funny how shipbreaker looks a lot like aground
Hello Ladies and gentle men come and check out my channel to see the New dlc for the ps3 for mw3. Come on and head over guys from the playstation. I am perfectly fine with getting the DLC for the ps3 a month later.
Watch my videos but plz don't dislike cuz of the category
Put specular map from video settings of mw3 to on and it will be golden =)!
when does it actually come out for Non-Elite players, can someone tell me plz?
you turn color blind off or something like that when ur in a game click start and then options and there should be something like that
Gun dlc, really? People can buy their way into being better at the game.
IS THI IN DLC 2 b/c it is not on my
u use XBOX or PC? and if PC how can i join u?
bro that leak for theater happen to me for oisis then when i checked my theater yesterday a that ship map was on there i saw gameplay
what map is this an how do i get it on xbox360 ???
Any download links? i wanna download em
Ali-A, i wish i had an accent like you. seriously.
in two videos ive had to sit through two 30 second adverts. Not cool.
what about ps3 players when does this come out for them?
invite i pwn u 1B11 TO YOUR CLAN
Says the guy watching a MW3 video from a commentator who has become notable from the COD's after MW2..
no elite get it june 17th normal people get it june 18th
you go to your settings, and turn on color blind assist.
You are a nerdy bashed and won't get of the controller and get a life
awesome im excited when they come out for ps3
why cant i play on these maps?? i have cod elite premium and i download the maps and i cant get a game with these maps... :(
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