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Anything Goes performance on the 2011 Tony Awards

by GuilbeauxFan • 2,201,691 views

Tony winner Sutton Foster performing with the cast of Anything Goes on the 2011 Tony Awards

I perfer the one of Indiana Jones better
What criteria are you possibly using? Diction - Sutton. Pitch - Sutton. Beauty - Sutton. Dance - Sutton. Schmaltz - LuPone. Range - Sutton. It just makes me cringe when people who know nothing about theater critique actors.
+Dusty Hulk Because they were exceptionally short-sided.  But here we go.  I mentioned not once the "high note" - you did, so stop putting words in my mouth.  How is dancing amazing?  Have you tried dancing for 8 minutes?  It is amazing because she can do it, and she does it exceptionally well.  I assume by your critique that you yourself are a professional dancer?  No?  Thought so.  So, what other points would you like me to dissect, Crusty Bulk?
+James Netusil HAHAHA so if I dance for 8 minutes I am good? You should really look for actual dancers who make a living by said it yourself, she is 'amazing' because she can sing AND dance, if she can't do both exceptionally she is not exceptional...Am I a professional dancer? No. Can the coaches in football play better than those in the field? Does this mean the coaches need to shut the fuck up and be fired? Sorry for 'putting words in your mouth', but none of your arguments make any sense! 
Why is it only showing how many times I've watched this?
why such high heel? she is already taller than some of the male dancers.
The tall person gets attention
Can all you GAGA fans quit the "GAGA sings it better" comments. GAGA isn't on Broadway, singing a classic rendition of "Anything Goes" - Sutton Foster is. and that is exactly why she won the Tony.
Okay just to have a good opinion on this i just listened to the gaga version. I mean she is alright but i dont get why everyone says she sings it better than sutton foster. I wouldnt listen to gagas version again. But suttons version i could listen to on repeat. Gaga sings it in a more pop kinda way which doesnt really fit the song. Her voice doesnt really convince me either. And also sutton has won the tony for this for a good reason.she kills this performance. She is an amazing performer. I am not saying that gaga isnt. Its just not her genre at all.
Gaga doesn't have that strong a Broadway voice, she's singing it in a very jazz style. She started singing jazz at the age of 13 and it was put on a jazz album. 
Horrible intro by Joel Grey.
+AnameLessMind well, actually in this video she wasn't sing live
And by slay this I mean THE SONG. Not Sutton's performance. I'm in love with Sutton Foster.
After her rendition to The Sound of Music @ The Oscars Gaga has every potential to do Broadway She was Amazing ♥ She works with the best, Tony Bennett, Paul McCartney and Smokey Robinson legends 
Gaga's version with Tony Bennett is way better..
Maybe the song, but while Gaga and Bennet did a cover, Sutton did a performance, and you can't compare them as it was the same, Sutton sang, danced and acted live! Gaga and Tony recorded a track and video.
+Itzel Oropeza Tony Bennet is pushing 90 and his voice is shot. He gets respect because he truly is a legendary performer and in his prime he was nothing short of brilliant. Lady Ga Ga sucks crusty ass. She screams through the song.
Lawd! She makes it look so easy! And it isn't. Breathtaking!
In many musical numbers like this over the years, you have a fantastic lead singer who sings then stands off to the side while the dance ringers do their number.  Not here.  Doing the singing and the entire dance number, too?  I won't insult her by merely calling that "talent".  That's talent + hard work, folks, and the result is outstanding.  Bravo!
I'm seeing a lot of people comparing this to Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. I don't feel like you can compare this performance to that. They are completely different.
She is just too perfect to handle. So glad she won the tony for best actress in a musical. Still think she should have won for Violet and Drowsy... 
My fellow Sutton fans! I stumbled across a really cool project on twitter today, a group interview of sorts! Get involved, this is really cool!
Patti LuPone is better 😉
I love this version! I much more prefer this to Patti LuPone's version in 1988..... because I could understand the lyrics! Clear, crisp, and beautifully sung.
It's mostly a difference in audio and video quality. Although broadway voices haven't really changed much, there is a difference from 25+ years ago. 
Yeah like if you listen to 30's, 40's and 50's music listen to there voice, there quality, their tone Patti Lupone actually has that quality if you listen to her song. No body does that anymore and Anything goes is from that time period! SHe has that old time record sound to her voice like they would have in someone from that time Frankie Lymon, other people its so rare yet no one values that today so of course they woudlnt respect her voice because they dont understand the uniqueness of that time and 50's time vocals!
+brittany ritenour yep! you can tell patti gave her all and really tried..shes not half assing it and thats why shes great.
+Hazel Vernon Yes very true!  She is fantastic!
Matter of opinion, but I think Sutton Foster sounds like shes got a cold in this show, shes very nasal, I thought it was her usual voice, but she sounds great in Violet & if anything, she makes me want to see it, just to watch her.
Too much to drink, Dr. Jones?
Sutton Foster=absolute freaking perfection
DAMN. She truly is a Triple Threat. Stunning voice. Magnificent, gorgeous, amazing dancing. DAMN. I'm assuming she's a wonderful actress, too. Haven't had the pleasure of seeing her in a show. Never watched Bunheads. I think she's in a new series I will need to check out. Her dancing, though, blows my mind.
Everytime I see Sutton Foster I think Fiona ^_^
If Lady Gaga can dance, she would be a perfect fit for this role! It would take a lot though to beat Sutton though.
Leon Hastings Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
TALK ABOUT BOOTYLISHUS, HEYYYYYY SAILORSSSS!!!!! LOL Anything Goes performance on the 2011 Tony Awards:
what is that tap move from 2:18 to 2:22 I'm trying to learn this dance and can't figure out how the heck to do that😅😂 PLEASE HELP
I think that's just shuffle shuffle shuffle hop step x2  then shuffle hop step shuffle hop step
It makes me sad that people are shitting on this now that Gaga has a version. Come on guys. This is AMAZING. Just because this is on youtube and so is Gaga's version doesn't mean there needs to be this weird competitive jealously.
In other news, Sutton Foster doesn't need oxygen.
Oh Sutton. Ya kill me!
Reminds me of Ginger Rodgers
Nice but I prefer steph j block
If we're seriously gonna start arguing about who's the better Reno Sweeney, then I might as well put my two cents into this. Rachel York. I saw her live in Portland Oregon where she played as Reno Sweeney. And as I compare Sutton and LuPone, my mind goes straight to Rachel York. She's the best, in my opinion.
The best Reno ever.
LET"S BE CLEAR!  That is YOUR OPINION, not the opinion of others.  We simply will have to agree to disagree.. Cheers
+Scott Dunavent Yes, but somehow I am not allowed to have an opinion without being reamed.  
Now watch Jonathan Groff channelling his inner Sutton Foster! Enjoy!
From 2:17 to 2:43 the camera should've been panned out, so that you could see the entire choreography...that's the best part
It's the only part...there is almost no singing.  I think if it had Patti Lupone's singing with that choreography it would be epic.  I may in the minority here...but I do not really care for Sutton Foster's vocals.
+Bill C Lupone can't dance.  She can do a time step and be lead around by the dancers but that's about it. I've seen her 6 times in a musical and about the most dancing she did was in Evita and that was a century ago!
they're tap dancing in high heels...... impressive
No, running in high heels is impressive :)
+napukapu nope. i think this is still impressive.
Well done Sutton! but I do prefer Patti's version
incredibly cool performance!!!
I never get tired of watching this.  Just brilliant!
Hon... This choregraphy actually fits pretty decently with the "Anything goes" opening from Kamen Rider... Who knew?
Sutton Foster is AMAZING!!! I still wonder how she does it. She did this right after a show, right? Or was it two shows?
Allie Reisch Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Why do people always like Sutton Foster better then Patti Lupone in Anything goes, like shes good Im not going to say sh isnt, but Patti Lupone has a voice nobody hasss anymore and the personality, Sutton Foster is the idealized thats why everyone likes her. BUt Patti Lupone actually has a vocal tht nobody has anymore and old classic voice of that of the oldies singers nobody understands the quality and value those singers use to havem, and I respect Patti Lupone for that. I think her personality is much more like Reno her sarcasism her voice matches that time. But no one likes it because no one respects that time. THis is very modernized as what i would say. I love 50's performers and anyone who can sing like that I admire and Patti's got it and anything goes isssss closerr to that time! Shes alot more like ethel mermin then she is.
Lupone stands there and does her usual Fog Horn rendition. Maybe that's why people like Foster's version better.
well Im always giving my opinion, at first I thought her voice was not ripe/strong enough , then i got involved on her long legs and flexible moves,like she owned it. indeed,took me a while but I fell in love with her. kinda artist will become better and better as time passes by!  the final gave me cool chills!
Holly McArthur Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Sutton Foster always gets a tap dancing role.
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
this is my FAVORITE musical ever!
I can't even begin to imagine how much sweat and determination went into making that number look so effortless.  As for Foster, I prefer her dancing to her voice.
gene kily tne pws 6;. yfv  
I actually saw this exact play live and it was so sick!
honestly i like sutton foster better
Overall, I like Sutton better than Patti as Reno. I mean, not only can Sutton sing at the same level as LuPone, she can also dance (and use good diction). Don't get me wrong, Patti LuPone is fantastic, but Sutton was better at this role. 
Jennell Eve Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Woah! I didn't know that it was an old song :D I love Gaga but at the same time I love theatre. I love both versions :DDDDDDD
Great performance! I love the upbeat take on Cole Porter's song which has seemed to have been done more than the actual original, but it felt like they almost lost control of it in the 1st verse. Not sure if that's what happened, or if it was the vocalist's take on the phrasing that gave it that feel. Great performance either way.
Aggie Chip-Nelson Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
The sensational Sutton Foster!  Fantastic performance!
+Lyn Da oh wow. Im such a sap for tap Lynda. Love it! The show WAS awesome!
GAGA??? where are you???
Most of the songs on Cheek to Cheek are covered versions.
Fallout 3 brought me here...
Sutton Foster never ceases to amaze me.
Patti LuPone sang this song the best. Sutton sounds like a dying cat.
these dancing sailors are too sexy!
SUPERB....LOVE this video.  Thanks for posting it.
This gives mirelurk hunting a whole new meaning!
i have no idea what i just watched
Like if Temple of Doom brought you here
Sutton Foster is a Boss 
Best part of this night? Mavs beating the Heat.
I can't help but get happier when I see this!
Sutton foster is one of my favourite broadway actresses
I want to be Sutton Foster. Also I want all those outfits. 
Jan Toth Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
So much talent on that stage! 
Wow. Words cannot even describe how amazing these performers are! My tap class just finished learning this same exact tap dance today which we will be performing for our May dance recital. They make it look so easy when this dance is so physically demanding and incredibly fast. Singing is my passion and I couldn't imagine singing perfectly as they do while performing this tap routine! Truly awe inspiring!! 
love pastti but sutton is a better dancer...
Gaga version is better
amazing. just pure amazingness
how people remember choreography that long while singing I'll never know
I get to learn to tap this dance! :D
awesome dance! can't wait to see you dance this routine!
I thought she was just Coco in flight of the conchords.
Kaleena P. Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
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