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carrie underwood Jesus take the wheel w/lyrics

by iluvnileyandzanessa • 5,273,223 views

Hi this is my 4th lyric video that i've made but i only uploaded this one haha!! I DONT OWN ANYTHING!!!! By the way sorry my spelling is absolute shit. I was like sick and stupid and like 11 lol....

Aot fandom:"Freckled Jesus take the wheeeeeeelllllll!!!!!!!"
Oh my god, yes. Just yes.
When I was going to vacation, I was in Tennessee and it was raining really hard and my dad hit this car and that car spun and did a flip and landed in a ditch. All I remember was seeing a woman and 2 littke kids in that car. I prayed for that family my whole vacation!
We judge a man by the company he keeps. You just helped us judge you. Congratulations.
Abigail Bareham Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
I love carrie underwood! so amazing!
I really love the song jesus take a wheel
can Jesus take my wheel so he can get me some Pizza...
this just made my day :D
This isn't country music.
I was on that highway in Ohio in a  fierce nighttime blizzard. A semi got to the top of a very steep hill and lost traction. I could barely see at times  even with new wipers ( please put one new wiper blade on  your car) . The semi tractor trailer started sliding sideways down the long steep hill knocking the other slipping cars off the highway like a bowling ball knocking over pins. Of course, as the sliding  truck gained rapid momentum & force as it was headed straight for me.  Jesus did take the whee then  because my slipping, steering & gear changing put me on the edge of the road where ice had not yet had a chance to become super slick on that dark  Ohio highway. I had someone tell me just  yesterday that  its at time like on that highway that Jesus is with us. Thank you -Jesus.
its interesting how you don't realize how good God is until you get into an accident or something very scary and you and everyone around you survive you actually start thanking Him
Lulu Malik Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
+Raina Tafoya  "Jesus take the wheel"
i woke up one morning and this song was playing
Rest In Peace. Your baby understand. I never got to know you but I hope you know you will be missed Black ice. Sigh Get some rest dawn
Loved every single song 😍but that one made me cry😂
My dog died the other day and Jesus helped m and my family through the grief and loss we went through
i love this song i love to sing to this song
this is one of the best songs I have ever heard and it's definitely going on my playlist
I'm an atheist, and yet this song is my favorite from Carrie Underwood. Her vocals are amazing in this song.
''BEST SONG IN THE WORLD'' thank you for writting this song
My mom was on the road and she went to sleep and she got on the anthor Side of the road and when I know that Jesus had the wheel
She spelled so many things wrong life wtf...
This is Guadalupes daughter Regina Navarro.One notice there is a lot of spelling mistakes and I am in 4th grade so I learned about the people who type these lyrics.Jesus Christ!
Even though you made this video a little over 5 years ago it is great, yeah the spelling is not great but you got the main part of it. I want to thank you. Today I needed this message and to give it up to Him to lead me and redirect me from the wrong road that I have been on. God Bless!
Hi guys! It would mean a lot to me if you checked out my new cover of this powerful song. I heard it on the radio today for the first time in a while and couldn't resist singing it. I could never do it justice because Carrie is unbelievable but I tried. Thank you so much!
+livelaughlove3553 Thank You. I will also share your videos on Facebook, and to my friends. You have a wonderful voice. 
This song means a lot to me <3
Don't matter if your an atheist, this song is still pretty catchy for country lovers!
wow cool i love that song good job
Saddest song ever made 😨😥
It brought tears to my eyes
Same, I love God. Amen, Jesus take the wheel!
This song is my heart and soul and it's really special to me
ant you on the movie surprised by love that movie is great
Jesus Take The Wheel,sometimes we don't know what to do, we need to change,only faith and someone bigger than us can turn around and bring joy out of years of sorrow.Thanks.
So in this place called the real world she would have killed herself and her kid...nice message
I cry every time when it says 'she cryied when she saw that baby in the back set sleeping like a rock'
Jesus take the wheel give me one more chance please take the wheel :'(
+Sinclair pinknos36327 Wow...You are amazingly stupid seeing as I don't care either way. (Go report me for Cyber Bullying) I don't live in the USA and have no laws against it where I live...So good luck. CUNT
michael smith Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
my cousin got into a car accident recently leaving four little kids behind with a father whos on drugs... this song makes me cry...
If they're in the hands of Christ, they will be fine. God has a path for everyone and he knows what is going to happen..So just let him take the wheel!
I am proud of you !keep going ! God bless you !
Road** i love this song soooo much<3
these song means me a lot....
I love this song be on the lookout for my ag videos
Loved it also I love this song it's my fav song ever !!!!!!! 😯 Aka singing emoji 😯😯😯😯😯
It's a awesome song ! It's for The Lord
Jesus take the wheel 
this song is so very nice .. 
I always cry when I hear this song😭
I feel the same way, but God gave us life so He feels we DO deserve it. We have to fight thru this tough time right now and it will get better. It just will take time. I'm going thru it too. It WILL get better. Just will take time.
I love this song so much. It almost made me cry:( 
Mommysbaby2 Cline Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
carrie underwood Jesus take the wheel w/lyrics:
love this song so much..:)
Courtnee Feller Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
This is so enspiering
eve trust Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Jesus take the wheel
It sounds like she is having a hard time in her life right now!
Tish Batinica Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
This Song ALWAYS - keeps my FAITH on track !!!! Thank You. Carrie Underwood for choosing it for your CD.
Nick Offerman's version is better. This song has terrible advice.
candace casey Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
I love this song
So did she crashed? 
did the baby dies or something?
Tish Batinica Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
you are suck a good singer i did a report about you ilove you as a singer
edwin pelayo Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
carrie underwood jesus take the wheel
Learn how to spell
Kharol Hui Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
-Secret- Messanger Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Love this song so MUCH :D 
Brenda Bravo Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
alsao this i sing also
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