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AC: Brotherhood - DOCK OF WETNESS - Part 62

by TobyGames • 117,685 views

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@Gemarrrr2012 Talking about syncronisation. I just read your comment when Toby said that in the video xDD
Did you actually think that was a timer lol that is your amount of steps needed to be taken to get to a specific area ;P
@kliz97, 'cause he is a superhero of epicosity!!!
xD ......toby.... that is not the timer..... that is counting down the steps you have left until your at your destination.... *facepalm*
@ChrisLtv Congratulations. You avoided all my other comments and then blamed your actions on something else, by saying that "its just life" so that makes it OK. Guess what: If everyone thought like that, slaves would still be around. That used to be a fact of life. Way to argue like you're 6.
Here's what I've gotten out of these videos so far: if the world is in peril and Toby is supposed to save mankind, throw a party because we're all going to die.
@ChrisLtv Hey man, I'd be fine if you just said sorry, but not only did you troll and claim some alien force made you, because either you have no control over what you do, you can't admit to being a jerk, or you're possessed. Then, you preceded to call me gay, insult my father, call me immature, (remember which one called the other gay, very original) say I have no life, and spell like a 4 year old. I think you wrote something else, but I'll let you know how ridiculous it is when I can read it.
Circumcised wouldn't work here, yet lacerate or rather rend would have been better.
Doesn't that little number in the bottom (of which Toby thinks that it's a timer) show the distance to your destination?
@Seldomsleeper I know... But I felt like I had to say something, but yeh you're right me saying shit like that really makes no difference...
I live in Cali too, LOVE In-n-out!
0:53 I have never seen that assassination move before!?!
Oh! Thats the same place thats in Assassins Creed 2! Its the mission 'shipwrecked' weird~
62 parts later... and he still has no idea what the distance counter is...
Mighty Morphing POWER RANGERS!!!
I'm the King of drama queens lol
I actually Cheered when he made it passed the gates of detection
we are using an advocace on you lol
what have POWER RANGERS got to do with all this?!
lol Ezio is like a deadly turtle
thhe 5 people tht hate this video are totaly... insaane with stupid dumbass itis lol i jks
Oh WHATA WHATA HAHAPENED!? Your helmeta deedn'ta helpa, deed it!? No ita deedn't! XD
@TobyGames Man. I need your help. I'm stuck in the area where you have to chase a man on Horseback in a dungeon or something. As soon as I get on the Horse, I can desynchronized. Like I'm not fast enough of something. Help Please
Thats the distance not the time toby x
@ChrisLtv and @TheDearBrain: First Chris. After all this your apology is much appreciated. Thank you, and I wish you the best. You still blame others by saying its automatic, but you apologized in a very nice way, so I won't hound you like a prick. And TheDearBrain: Thanks for expressing your ideas and trying to prove a (good) point, but he has apologized, and calling him gay after he called you gay isn't really the best debate strategy. Thanks to you both, and all the best in future endeavors.
I think it's funny how he thinks that the thing tht tells u how far u r from something is a timer. Oh Toby...
then: hello once again audience. now: HELLO ONCE AGAIN AUDIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@kliz97 Tobuscus (Toby's hero name) is is one of the lesser known Avengers.
oh you stupid historical figure :D
the first time i tried to watch this video my computer froze then shut down after toby said hello to me for 3 minutes
wow none of these guys seem to have good armor
Ok srsly WTF i just slightly overreacted and you still continue replying? God it makes you trolls i ban u cause you still continue replying. And about my english i have pretty good grammar im just too lazy to use it. One thing more i don't hate toby he just sucks at videogames... just sayin'....
WHAAAt the hell toby? you got that 100%synch by killing 1 of the gate guards? i get 100% too but i haven't kill 1 of them, damn, this is confusing, i should go check my own synch
"Open the gate you alcoholic" hahaha
I find it funny that yer always like "Oh no! Only ___ seconds left!" But its not timed. :] That's how many steps you have left. xD
i dont wanna know what he meant by i just synchronized all over the place XD
Spiderman has come online - BEST
Spider-Man, not Spiderman. So no, Toby, it can't be the actual Spider-Man. You'd think he could at least write his name correctly, being a genius and whatnot.
Sweet mother of synchronisation!
@vevo412 But think of it this way, at least it gets him moving instead of wasting time talking about something none of us really care to hear :P
tobygames dude you were supposed to talk with edurdo at first
@PyrozPlayground lmao sounds like h's saying piece of eden
"In and out burger baby" XD "make the dry dock wet"
toby your not 12 your 13 and in 7th grade
GO GO POWER RANGERS It would be so cool if him and his assassin's suddenly became one big mighty morphing power ranger
the only thing ezio CAN NOT DO: jump
For those of you who may care, like @howsaboutschy and @gothwannabe037, The flame war, well, flame skirmish, with @ChrisLtv has moved to my channel. Here's what he said: "6? If i were 6 i would not know what internet is dumbfuck and life is life you cant do anything so i" And thats where it ended. I said the comment above:
3:35 The music fit so perfectly!
Sorry Toby, for a minute a was distracted by the "War" between ChrisLtv and sethutkc350. Man that was awesome O . O
Started watching these from the beginning at like 10ish this morning. It's now midnight, and I'm forcing myself away from the screen so I can get some sleep, wake up tomorrow and watch about 12 more hours. That's what I call a day well spent.
@ChrisLtv For someone who isn't watching it, why are you still being mean, stereotypical, rude, and immature on the comments thread. Just say sorry, or that you overreacted, or that you don't care! I'll believe that you don't care when you don't keep replying. And yes, I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill, but I don't like rude people, and I love being right, even if I may not be. There's my admission of a character flaw, will you apologize now?
I've been watching these since about 6:00pm. It is now 10:00pm. I watched part 38-61. I feel accomplished.
man you've been 12 for the longest time toby. :D
@ChrisLtv not only is your grammar atrocious, but you are also completely idiotic.
Yeah, I would love to count using abacus on top of Ezio. ;)
Synchronized all over the place lol
Well they cut the foreskin off not the entire penis. You must be thinking of the word castrate.
@Seijitsu0 thank you! it is so frustrating hearing himsay ht and everytime have to scream back at the computer, IT'S NOT A TIMER!!! IT HOW FAR AWAY YOU ARE FROM WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!!! LOL =P
if you put his 2 favorite phrases (gimme gimme and what a bunch of balls) together, you get "gimme a bunch of balls!"
i was eating an in-and-out burger as i was watching this and toby said 'in-and-out burger' somewhere in the middle of the video and i was like what o-o
@sethutkc350 Man that comment is month old or something and dont compare me and toby he just makes me so Waah annoyed and you should not say anything with your 1 stupid gay friend. And i cant see any trolling on my chan say stfu you no life child i bet your gay dad make your char u no life 48 yrs old pfft...
lol he thinks the distance to target thing is a timer. Bless.
I just synchronised all over the place!! Oh, it feels good to be a man who synchs!! I synched up and down... Oh, Toby. Please...just stop there.
"I just synchronized all over the place."
7:53 Rub it with two fingers....
@sethutkc350 God, man -.-' this is getting annoying. Sorry about calling you gay, and everything. It is automatic when you get 4-5 negative comment's per. day you know.
nice schwarzenegger impression toby. :)
@TheDearBrain Dude don't continue flame war. Srsly i said already sorry to @sethutkc350. And now you are trolling, cause you keep dissing my english.
"You're dead, you're dead! Murdered. You're dead. SHUT UP. You're just as dead as you ever been, idiot." #LOL
gallop, the horses in there can gallop using A/X with rt/r1 which is unavailable in rome as the rendering is too dificult
3 things. You have still avoided all my other comments, which were pretty good points, You've just done what I said, blaming you being an ass on life. I know I can't change life, but you can change you self. Stop being so immature about it, you can't seem to grow up!Take responsibility for your words, man. And lastly, I said you argued like you were 6, not that you in fact were 6.
oh, you are as dead as you have ever been.
@TheDearBrain What's so funny and im not bitching as you see faggot.
@kliz97 he and mary-jane had a 3-way i know cuz i was taping it :D
oh what happened? what happened? your helmet didn't help did it.
@sethutkc350 If you don't like rude ppl then its your problems this is life: Rudeness, crime and love
I just synchronized all over the place!
@howaboutschy Excuse me you should not talk about my grammar, but when you call someone idiot it makes you stupid one. And im not from England or US so english is my second language faggot -.-
He thought the meters were seconds, ahh toby you're so cute ^_^
Toby that's the distance not the time
@ChrisLtv I'm* and the only "faggot" here is you.
@kliz97 more like how does spiderman know toby. lol
@betrot2 he played the game like 4 months ago, he's not going to so you take the hint..
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