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Slaughterhouse - Hammer Dance

by slaughterhouseVEVO • 3,260,910 views

Hammerdance available- buy now! Music video by Slaughterhouse performing Hammer Dance. © 2012 Interscope

They stole that sick beat form KORN lol "Falling Away From Me" I wonder if Korn knows about this...
Yes its called sample clearances fool lol 
it's called sample you idiot 
I remember blasting this shit when it came out love it to death
did anyone else relize crooked i gave a hint to future music from joell with the "house slippers" line?! ha
Dude was going hard at how Budden is trash/amateur on the comment sections. I agree with only one point. Crooked I style and delivery is dope but you obviously have a low I.Q. If you think joe isn't lyrical. I'm being dead ass too. You have to be smart and educated to catch what Budden says. You actually have to listen to songs twice maybe three times to pick stuff up that you missed. That nigga is a lyrical genius you dumb nigga lol. Everyone in the group says joe is the best. There's a reason for that. He's delivery and monotone sound doesn't help him when it comes to below average I.Q. Hip hop fans like you. His shit definitely goes over your head.
0:50 = 50 Cent coincidence? o_O 
Half Life 3 confirmed.
JUAN PARADA Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Tight track, bringing the old back..
Is it just me, or does this sound like the beginning of Falling Away from Me by Korn?
Crooked is so lyrically superior to the rest of slaughterhouse it's ridiculous.. dude has the best bars, flow and deliverance around. PERIOD.  #okbye
+Joe Ritola Joe is respectful to all his Slaughter brothers. He used to be more like "I killed you guys." on a track. But now he is always saying they're better than him, and he ain't fucking with 'em. He's not being serious with it, it's just for emphasis.
+Joe Ritola  haha srry brah didn't understand what u meant lol i hear ya tho for sure
I love how Crook closes his verse.
+James Ross Dude you're some douche flexing for a photo. I would cut you up and throw you on front street. I keep heat for meat heads like you.  I can tell that's your jack off hand too.  Nigger.
Tough gangster right here. 12 year old punk white kid hiding behind a default picture and a screen name who's looking to be hard. You wouldn't be able to touch me lil bitch. I shit on kids like you. Ps I wank it with my other hand
Let me remenber 2012 a Little!!! SICK BEAT
Did I see victor Cruz in this video or am I tripping lol.
Arab Muzik always drops awesome beats.
Hammerdance ! damn ! this is a song is the best for me ! because i like rap or hiphop !
Its not amazing...its far from trash...its good to me...but not enough for me to download....crooked and budden are my two favs in slaughterhouse
I wonder how many hip hop heads cought the Korn riff, this song was bothering me so much cuz i couldn't remember where it was from!!! But now I remember it's falling away from me
the instrumental is taken from Korn's "Falling Away From Me"
No it isnt. They sampled falling away from me. that isnt the beat.
What the hell, when I first heard this track I thought it was Yellawolf who did the first verse... I already thought that was kinda weird since he uses the N word
The best group EVER!!!
Ortiz...doing a Lil wayne, rhyming nigga four times xD
It's not always the last word there's middle words that rhyme too yunno
Did korn get any royalties from their riff in the song?
lol, first time ive noticed Riff Raff @ the 3:00 mark
joels verse started off pretty whack to be honest.. it's not hard to rhyme "nigga" over and over again.. i feel like too many rappers use it as a crutch when they can't find a rhyme.. they just put "nigga" a the end, say it with an accent or certain tone, then say it again in a slightly different tone on the punchline,  rinse and repeat... sad really. Immagine how few punchlines would get executed how they want if they couldn't add "nigga" as a rhyme crutch? all it takes is to think up a good diss and not worry bout rhyming. please stop to any "rappers" with dignity... ive never used nigga in any of my lyrics and never rhyme the same word twice. lets get back to creativity everyone! don't let it die!
I don't get how people can miss the inner rhyme schemes. Like what the fuck are you listening to real spitters like slaughterhouse if you can't even catch obvious rhyme schemes that are basically spoon fed to you with the enunciation...
True but just something unnecessary and excessive 
All I see in the comments is they stole the beat from korn it's annoying as fuck so please stop
Falling away from me sample music? DOPE!!!
This does sound like Falling away from me... but this song is cool and im pretty sure they collaborated and agreed on the sound.
Straight ripped off from Korn. The tune. 
Royce doesn't have a verse? Mannnn
All of us would be Angles for pujols bread
yo, just one verse from any of them is better than any song Kanye Rick Ross or wayne ever made..
WHY the hell is kayne west in the video!?!?
Finally!!! My boy Araabmuzik get some real exposure by real mainstream rappers!!!! Slaughterhouse needs to get on Astro Dust! And more of his music!!!!
Whether or not this beat was used from korn ( and I'm sure they were paid royalties for) slaughterhouse did it justice. Money well spent. Banging track!
I love real rap, man. Good fucking shit here.
0:30 is that the MPC 2500?
Craig Scharf Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
in slaughterhouse i believe...  hip hop ain't dead 
Eminem jerking off in the bathroom at 0:19
Anyone else see a black Steve-O?
❤️❤️❤️ I bought the SHADYXV and this is that shit!! Yeeeees "you good; I'm just checkin on it" "ain't enough cloth for all of us to be cut from it" 🎤❤️mad love and support from philly! Tiff.Jones
They all of the hook, Joel Ortiz is on some other shit. My nigga is nasty
Hottest beat. Elijah Linkz killed this on "HALLOWEEN THRILLER" #handsdown
You Good???... im just checkin Homie. hahaha!
They're all lyrically talented dudes, my personal favorite is joe, but I like the crew all together they all are gifted dudes. #WelcomeToOurHouse 💯
Joshua Small Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:ex did you say
Bad Ass using the Beat to Korn  Falling Away From Me two thumbs up
Instrumental de Falling Away From do Korn... Genial! Kkkkk
On our JERZ bullshit 732 (RAHWAY) Joey put tha state on his back and still carry it strong much respect JB
Fuck Korn slaughterhouse smashed this track rap royalty
Suck my dick u fuckin laptop gangster
been mostly tied with jedi mind tricks AND army of the pharohs, with slaughterhouse them 2 groups the hottest rap gorups out... and when you actually think about it, mainstream and undreground hip hop and rap, there isnt as many groups in the game as there use to be... what? wu tang, slaughterhouse, the one  i mentioned in my first comment, and idk but funk volume is just a record label by hopsin, but they are always basically a group dynamic to me.. if any of them plays shows the others come too, and on each artists solo songs and albums ALWAYS have other members of funk volume on tacks ( Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton SizZz ) all ill as fuck.. i feel swizZz is the worst one in the group/label.... AND THE DUDE IS STILL A SICK ASS RAPPER SON WHATUP straight dumpin on nigglets yo haha
temaso rap real me gusta la base sonido la raja
My Real Name My Rap Shit!
IMA be the only one to say this EMINEM NIGGA
sounds like Falling away from me by Korn
it is,they took the intro sample
All i hear is nigger at the beginning -.- racist much
+Obasi Swift calling people mean for saying a guy looks like a girl and you're listening to rap -_- this Asian is unimpressed
+Adam Andrew and I mean the Asian face I made I'm not Asian -) -_-
Kevin Murphy Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
yeah. you can see 50 right after 
Korn - Falling away from me?
Ахуенный музон,ебал ваще.Сосиски заебись пожрал бы сука,жаренные. Ваще ахуительно печка горит шлюха,везде дым такой
We doing the hammer dance
isn't this a KoRn song?!! 
I think Slaughterhouse should do some shit with CES Cru! That shit would be dope af.
596 Hearing impaired people where upset this video did not have captions/subtitle's!!!
this shit still hard
+Vivi Pestilenz It's called sampling you idiot.
Hermen Rodriguez Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Not to many times you get Hip-Hop infused w/ Metal and the shit comes out right..... But this shit right here is right on both ends. 
all day tho screamin over my dead body like its not a possibilty
Nastiest song/beat out there in long time.
This shit so hard, they rhyming straight like poetry in this shit and they sound tough as fuck, this is for real some real shit holy fuck. Omg they so real
decade no more copy right lol think peoples
Lmao ur on crack joe budden the best n sh den crooked all buddens CDs and mix tapes r fucking legends all his solo shits about god or him talking about against the industry all his shit meaning full ass shit crooked a sweets n gots lot of emotional songs to but for y'all to jus day joes the weakest basically lol y'all fukin smokin to much bo Bo's
You sound dumber than a bag of rocks, bro. If you're going to post an opinion at least do it with some dignity and intelligence. With that said, no one in Slaughterhouse is better than the other. They are all unique and spit bars for days. Enough said.
Just discovered these guys fucking go in every track
Nastiest song/beat out there in long time.
Is that an Araab Muzik beat?
Must listen. crooked I's brothers and J-Erms. Rap over twistas Kill Us All. Exclusive!!
Pushing through my training session with this #TrainingTrackTuesday  offering via the best group of lyricists in #hiphop  today #Slaughterhouse Cue up the flat screens and the surround sound, I'm going in! 
ffuck u budden kills it
nazar boyko Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
I love this song but can someone please tell Mr. Budden where babies come from. Hint: Not the stomach.
matt b. Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
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