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Minecraft: SkyBlock Survival Ep. 1 - Cobblestone Generator

by CaptainSparklez • 6,650,934 views

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Like if your watching because of anmation
He didn't even have a webcam!
Like if watching in 2015
Unable to like thx to tablet 2015 :o) HONK
I love how all you people are trying to give him skyblock tips now when this video is 3 years old
Now this is 4 years old
ik lol just said that 4 fun!
Watching this all over again what a great memories i enjoyed this series
+rj pratto KK i dont give a shit about you as well your opinion doesnt make a difference 
fuck.. this is when i loved sparklez :(
Yeah. This brings me way back. The glory days.
+5parxx That moment when you replied this 4 weeks ago.
Like if youre watching this in 2015 and coz of the animation
Like if you're re watching this series 😃
You got this thumbnail off of google. I have the same one on my video! Haha
Please tell me you're joking.
Pro tip: first you should dig a 2x2 hole then put the ice in it but in a way that it's diagonal then break the ice 1 by 1 this will hopefully make an infinite water source (this will happen if both ice blocks produce ice)
This series ended about two years ago.
Is it just me or does he sound older here than in his more recent videos?
He has Benjamin Button Disease.
Wat server is this?
Man he was so much calmer back then, nicer to listen to, sadly
i can remember watching these videos on my old phone with " WiFi " the mystical thing that i had no clue how it worked, Jordan was the first YouTuber i watched and now i watch him everyday and this was the first YouTube Video I watched ever
SO, 2011 HUH?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!
you can remove the lava and then take the cobblestone, and then replace the lava again!! :)
You know everything about minecraft. i'm also great at minecraft but, I play minecraft on the ps3
Can't believe this video is 3 years old... time flies by
Good Videos captain my first video learning minecraft is your song revenge thank you captain
nowadays the cobble would have been clear for no lag purposes :D
I play it it so annoying this episode he stands on top of it smash the block in front of the cobblestone this is the coment I ever wrote
6.5 million views whoa these sure where the glory days
It's all skydoesminecraft,s fault.
alsuhhhhhhh! Skyblock 2.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Like if you came because of the anamation
guess the glitch what happened O_O when i was p,laying using a glitch tat we can easily mine, the water randomly turned into ice and the lava expanded and killed me then when i respawned appeared rival rebels annoying thing and glitch me
Like if your watching in 2015
FYI actually 2 saplings fell off
This was my first sparklez video!
IDK you did this now i do yayayayayayayayayayayayayay
break the block next to cobble
Are u on a server in this vid or single player.
Cough cough rage cough cough
+Jazmin Pineda I'm not gonna be the sour puss that Tidgemo is being right now but he may be playing on a server because he linked Mineplex (If they even had servers back then and Mineplex even had or has skyblock) in the description, BUT he also may be playing the normal map because he linked the download in the description also.
why cant you go with the flow down the water to reach earth
The generator works better if you dig next to it you also collect more
This was one of if not the first series I ever watched of Jordan's. Man, how the time flies. I wish I could go back to the good old days.
this was only three years ago!  it seems short to me.  wait till you are my age and 10 years ago sounds like only yesterday. :)
this is so old!!!!!!!!!!
At 4:10 you should mine down the block you are standing on so you could collect the cobblestone better. Love you Sparkles!!
i really enjoy seeing these comments that are  giving sparklez tips and those comments are like a few hours ago GUYS THIS IS 3 YEARS AGO XD
It's an oldie but a goldie
Hey, Captain Sparklez.... for cobblestone.  Dig 4 across, like you did, Then 2 in the middle instead of 1. And last, next to the block where the cobblestone appears, dig out a block, kind of like a "t" Place your water and lava, and then stand down in the side hole and break your blocks from there. Efficiency greatly improved.
This is a 3 year old video -.-
Yea, but new people find it all the time, like me. So, what is the problem with new information?
why not put the lava in the bucket before mining the cobblestone...?
It would take too long
Funny... When he mentioned "you can't repair items in 1.8" I got really confused, until I recalled the date of this video. Can't believe the timing. Newest version of Minecraft: 1.8 Version in this video: 1.8... Beta.
lol I'm from the future. it was posted in 2011 and I'm watching in 2015. lol still no robots here :D
It is funny that he was such a noob and he recently just learnd how to sprint lol noob
did he know that mining the cobblestone with his hand is  harder and time wasting. 
+Evan Pyne I think they were talking in past tense, but of not then I agree with you.
+Evan Pyne  yes i did know just a reminder
Love all you slyblock bids both normal and reloaded
the old chest sounds omg
Can you do a new sky block series? :3
Is it just me or dose his voice sound difrent here then in know as in2015
Yea because of new mic and him getting older
I love you your the best at skyblock
xD I laughed so hard....
Destroy the block under where the water and lava touch
Woah you sound so much different!
Cap,your cool I first started watching u vids(:
Dig a hole beside the block so you collect more cobble.
John Williams is true its easier and quicker try it out
haha lol I remember watching this when i was like ten.
i,t is mgckmc-rpud=durp=dirt=diamond=diamondblock=diamondtolls=exp=enchants=wifher kill=beacon.
Woah! You have over 8 million subs!? Lol you also said duty at the beginning
+The Dodger Look out retard alert class
Idiot not cs but butt er dog cast he sucks
Lol jordan sounds so different
You are in mincraft handbooks
At 4a:52 a piece of cobble shoots like 20 blocks
Back when Jordan was too cute for comprehension.
is there a seed 4 skyblock or is it a  minigame thing?
Bring back SB series capt!
SkyBlock Tip:Shift the blocks into your inventory and make the wood into slabs so you don't have to use so much wood
So I only start with bucket and lava? I know video is a few years old but when do i get the other stuff? 
This guy talks more than he works
Science dude! Most youtubers just yolo, and thus retard, this...
i wish it was skyblock hunger games
his voice has changed over the years
Not captiansparklez he's still a good you tuber.
Skyblock tip: use the bucket to pick up the lava before you mine the stone
I watched this video when I was 10. 
 What i wanted * to see cap 3 years ago
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+HaloTheGamer | Road To 5k Subscribers people don't like someone advertising in their comment sections XD 
This youtuber say to get more subs spam channel with ur link
1632 People don't care about a piece oF CpatinSparklz history.... xD
Dig a pit to the right of the cobblestone and you get get 100 percent yield dig from insied the pit
u do realize that this is 3 years old right?
make a cobblestone generator
He doesn't d stupid don't you watch the video god
+American Girl Doll I did watch the video i might eat you once i make you exquisite confectionery, or i will make you gullible or ubiquitous and sheesh its just a comment its not being offensive technically
Then why are you watchin sparklz videos not syndicates
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