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Yogscast - E3 2012 - Black Ops 2 & Skylanders Giants

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 529,433 views

Simon & Lewis take a look at Black Ops 2 and Skylanders Giants and share their thoughts with us! Black Ops 2 Release Date: 13th September 2012 Skylanders Release Date: Fall 2012 ♪ Outro music by...

Why didn't they interview Halo!?!?! crys 
:( i thought they would talk much about black ops 2
it is the 13.11.12 as that is what is on the official trailer of black ops 2
Duncan playing skylanders behind lewis
Isn't it the most pre-ordered game in history already?
Why are all the comments about one thing in a video or not even about the video?
i've never played skylanders. i very much miss the classic spyro games, skylanders just isn't the same :/
You could clearly see that `mace windu` was called crusher instead, lol
simon plays skylanders? make a play though
the video is titled black ops 2 and skylanders but they barely even talk about blops2 much less show anything frome it
I just noticed Simon has a little gap in his teeth. :3
I complemented skylanders with 4 skylanders : trigger happy spiro grill grunt and bash
Is that Duncan, in the background
simon is like a big child. i love it
you should make a skylanders giants walkthrough
Sitting here watching Simon go "RAWW, RAWWW, RAWW." And realizing there's another 3 minutes to the video and praying to god it's not just another 3 minutes of this.
i love minecraft shadow of irapel
Alot of people think its coming out in September, and some people think its coming out in October or November. Never really actually know. But, I'm pretty sure its coming out in November.
Which is probably a fair assessment of both games.
Skylanders Giants brings; -Level 15 max -light core abilities for light up figures -giant and new skylanders can play in the first! -re-making old skylanders(not all) into light core (above)!
when I was watching this video, I looked over to my left to see that I had my set of skylanders out and I haven't played the game for least a month. XD
lol every thing was said backwards
Is it just me who keep reading SkyLord Lysander instead of Skylanders? :P
lol no i got the game but nothing is cute about it lol
Haha I love how people are gettin butt hurt cause he was saying the names wrong holy fuck it was a joke
i never knew simon and lewis looked like that
Then Black Ops 2 turned out to be crap! Funny how things work out.
Ima be honest i clicked ths video 4 black ops 2 lol and didnt get any information about it :) guess ill go watch the shadow of israphel or tekkit
Its been a year i guess and yet the shadow of israphel is still going on, u guys need 2 finish that, thats my first yogscast video and the reason i fell in love wth minecraft and the yogscast....
Because of this video I'm going to play skylanders (which I haven't played in about 2 months)
i play skylanders giants but it sucks thats why i dont play it
Uhhh simon is being filmed by chinese people? well i had the same experience in a museum when i had a USA shirt on near the liberty bell and chinese people started taking pics of me and i was on the chinese newspaper.
*hails to the shiny skylander* HAIL TO IT!
Really? You Covered Black Ops 2? Than How About Covering It, Like People That Have It In The Title Of The Video Would.
Only 9999999 other games have done that, and the fact it still runs on the same engine as COD 4 with the same shoot-em-up style that they've been doing for the past eight games reflects how little has changed in the scale of things. Plus, I do play the COD games with my cousin all the time. I enjoy it to a small extent, but overall the series could do a lot better; because I only enjoy it cos I play with a person I know.
i'm not saying skylanders is better but black ops 2 has to be one of the worst cods.Still better then mw3 but mw1,mw2,black ops were a lot better.
wheres the black ops i didn't see anything of black ops :C
where is the skylanders xepo can you tell me soon ok biy :)
Stop doing these silly stuff do MINECRAFT!
all of the names and the last one is a earth!!
Here is your dwarf skylander : Honeydew. His catchphrase is diggy diggy hole and can throw pickaxes and sing loudly at enemies.
he got that last skylander wrong it is an earth giant
Crusher is NOT an air skylander simon get your facts right
There may actually be a dwarf like skylander It could be drill Sargent or boom
MOST of those games you listed have been out for far longer than COD. Therefore having MUCH MORE time to sell copies.... Mario started in 1981, tetris is OLD, and so is Pokemon, while COD only came out in 2003.... Hmmmmm.... AND NEED for Speed hasn't sold more than COD... What a vagina!! Wii only has sold more, because it WAS a big deal in like 08'-09'-10'..... Not anymore though...
Haha aww Lewis's teeth :'D Lmao
mrbleefy if it wasnt obvious enough they were joking
Did he say that you can blow one of those tree rex in your living room? Because if you YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simon didn`t really research this :)
i fort u wus gonna play black ops 2 or skylanders
WHY DO YOU SAY ALL THE NAMES WRONG??? BEARDY TREE FELLAH! FIZZY GRAMBLE! IRON MAN?! SHROOMY?? MACE WINDU?? WHAT!!! Please talk normal! THE NAMES ARE IN FRONT OF YOUR NOSE ON THE TV!! and by the way the skylander who you call MACE WINDU (Crusher btw) is not an air skylander it is an EARTH skylander maybe if you don't play to much of your "kill other people" games you will understand that all!
Black ops 2 outcomes: campaign will be brilliant Zombies will be better Multiplayer...Will be OP'D
LOL you do not know any thing about skylanders giants.just so you know from kiera ( : LOL
The first one is not treebeard its treerex
In fact I don't think it was his ass that was disagreeing but himself as a whole living organism ;) the more you know
the names of the giants are on the screen above each skylander
click (show the comment) to go on a fun adventure
they know it really is not called those names, they where just saying things like what they would call them... you are an imbecile
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