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Happy Wheels - MY MOM IS A CHICKEN WING - Part 29

by TobyGames • 2,085,828 views

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My mom works at Buffalo Wild Wings
I'm hungry for barbecue chicken wings now.
my magennary is named tobuscus
I feel kinda sick, but this video makes me feel better :)
I haven't seen this in a while, and I forgot how bloody this game was d;
11:22 the camera glitches out. You can see his surroundings. LOL #GLITCHES4LYFE
No fair I sneezed after the video
once when the dad dies, you can see his brain!
poop hole in a box lolsies jk you are really funny #lolsies  
diliver those pizzas come on
Why does he make the pogostick man sound gay? 
at the last part how can you not laugf
Lolololololollolool ; o
The Guy under me is dumb.. I I I V
The first person to comment is an idiot ;P
Everyone subscribe to him (Tobygames and tobuscus) now
1:28 I came in like a wrecking ball....
Te shirt Toby {Tim Tim}
0:39 Best voice and facecam...picture to go along with the voice making so far. Up to the recent date, that is.
when you see a XD that means that is an expression                    :)
To me it sounds like he smokes cigerettes
did anybody see tobys picture at the end of the video for just 1 second LOL
Kiss My Glass...HaHa....oh Toby JUST SAY IT
wait no its not i meant.... oh well. go TOBUSCSUS!
The knife fell in the victory hole.too late can't unsay it
Toby you are messed up sometimes :)
stop playing as grandpa for a few weeks
...How did I get here from Nyan Cat?
The guy under me has no clue
Son you're mother is a chicken wing.
I love you hvit you do talk nkice
Clearly you play ROBLOX, and clearly Toby is not new to Youtube.
Troy, it does look funny
Still easily the best Happy Wheels episode. Also it was filmed either on my birthday or the day after considering it was posted the day after.
I feel like this got really deep...
The best episode ever
¡ǝuo ɹǝqɯnu sı ʎqoʇ
Troy, it does look funny
How dare you eat chickens! :O >:( 
Omg Buffalo Wild Wings is SOOOOOOO good :D
Vyr krimz Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
the beginning is kinda funny....... but START IT at 4:07 I LMAO
11:18 is funny if you pause it. lol! go TOBUSCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"You're mom's a chicken wing" "nooooo!" XD
Hey, is there a way to give me a link to that glass break level he was doing. I can't find it.
Can someone respond to that?  PLEASE?  Happy Wheels keeps telling me it doesn't exist, but that is obviously a lie.
+BewareTheForce If you search the name of the track and it doesn't come up (make sure you're not just limiting to this week or something), then it means it was renamed or deleted. If that is the case, try searching for the username.
Im hungry for chicken right NOW!!!! ₩¥£€&^#@$-@@$# F***&&/$&:^€€/$^££7% $£€€____*$€$/$$_ AT LEAST I HAVE PIZZA .
i bealeav i can fly i bealeav i can fly i bealeav i can fly i bealeav i can crash and die
I laughed hard when he did his pizza man voice
when i was opening the video on my ipad it said MY MOM IS A CHICK thats all
delivery or deishorno dilvery or doishorno
Little boy voice and griffon voice are the same
The dad/son commentary keeps me coming back. The realest talk, lol.
Kiss my GLASS! Do you see what I did there son?
I'd like Toby to slip his knife into my victory hole if you know what I mean ;)
......... My mom's name is Charollet and she died 5 years ago of cancer. this is soooo touching.
Really? Your moms a chicken wing? Does it taste good?
Part of me hates the 'Don't Move' levels, as they're no fun, but I cannot deny the skill and precision that must going into building them.
wait you kissed the glass? ......... YOU CHEATED ON THE CHICKEN WING!!!!!!
Kinda glad he doesn't have a son
goldenspidereye is my new name if that confused you sorry willow
new addition to you're moms a chicken when the kid says were is mom and the dad says shes just bone now and when the kid say how the dad should of said last week at dinner on you're plate that single chicken wing you ate that was here she really pissed me of and then the kid screams nooooooooooooooooo
If I had Toby's impersonating skills, I would never get bored with myself.
Good story about the mother chicken wing...... now I'm hungry...
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