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Nao Robot

by awesomo2001 • 4,143,357 views

See and The Nao humanoid Robot.

NAO threw out a perfectly good rubber duck and then someone asked him where the rubber duck was and he said he doesn't know what he's talking about
No he doesn't know what it is, that's why he said, "Oh, what is this lying on the ground
Nao the lying troll robot XD
They improved this last 7 years... that is actually a long time if I think of it
we really need a way to teach these robots to not walk like they shit themself
everyone hide your rubber duckies! the future is now.
Whats the name of the company that makes them and how much are they.
they are sold for around $8000
everithing is awesome on he but he's just squatting and kinda slow..but everithing is ok! i like this one!
That music though :p
what is the music and this is a cool robot
The robot lies for little things, whats next, break the 3 robot rules?
i want this robot so much but his so expencive
He now is way les expensive :D
I remember watching this video time and time again in 08. Iv'e seen hundreds of these robots. The future is here.
Cute maybe he can teach the kids to pick their stuff up off the floor :-)
We have one at our school
they don't sell the robots to the public, you have to be a school or student to get one. even then they cost around $6-7000.00.I looked in to it. I don't see them doing anything worth 6-7G's.
+starflame905 no. these aren't your typical toy store robot... 
Jolie robot, je souhaiterais néanmoins avoir plus d'explications à propos du Tomly du pied de Nao, ou pourrais-je donc me documenter ? Selon PH, une documentation serait présente sur le net, je ne l'ai malencontreusement pas trouvé.
is noa also for free?
Are you dumb he is so expensive sorry for my language
Be really funny to watch after he picks himself up he runs after the chap and pulls him over :)
A NAO surprisingly only costs $8,000, I must get one
I wish I could get one
Shut up and take my money!
"Sorry" >Continues to walk away
I want one to! no *ing way im paying 8k $ , but still, I want a nao, better yet thou: asimo !
+Magnus Nygren :o they only cost 8k @_@ I was thinking hundreds of thousands. 
That robot is so cute. I want to get one in the future
Much robot No Tutorial
Make it affordable and open sourced, then it'll really become a work of art. I've seen it playing tictactoe with someone and the programmers didn't have the robot take anything into account other than the board really. there was a small raised ledge on the table that it kept unknowingly drawing on when it moved the marker off the table. the bot has two eyes, it can make a 3d image of the table surface, well in robot terms that'd be just measurements. Open source = the world developing for you.
+ratreptile my school have 2 of those robot, and im in the robotics program :D
Nao is amazing. This robot can pick itself up off the floor after falling over. You can program it to dance and play soccer, amongst other things. #cserTask1  
I actually had a rep bring one out to our school a few months ago. The company is called The Brainary in Victoria, they are selling them.
Give me nao I give u xbox one ps4 Xbox 360 PS3 pc and iPad plus phone yep I love Naos
1:21 If I was there, I would give it to kids. That's difference between animals and handmade animals ;)
А я себе такого тоже хочу да!!!!
Music : Ecoplan : "Spell It Correctly" - from the album "Elevator
That's cool Really cool
Pretty sure NAO will be perched at the foot of your bed staring at you while you sleep - even though you kept it away. 
P.S.: the fact that it either lied, or didn't recognize the object that it found and discarded, is interesting.  "41" asked it to respond to a query that it didn't respond to correctly (Ref.: "Did you see my rubber duck?")
So why could they not sent picture of rubber duck to the other so it could understand what a rubber duck was???
Hey girl you make them I want one of them can get in for free
¡¡¡¡ B-O-R-I-N-G !!!!
when the nao robots come for sale in allover the world
I found one for 2,500 dollars on eBay
Autonomous response is a biggy.  Is it interpreting its environment, or running a program?  How would it differentiate between a trash can and a stroller?
I love this robot so much I have a ring with his name I graved on it. I really want him. He would be my one true friend in the world!!!
... and the robot is a good liar too!
This robot is so slow
The future has begun...
This was in 2008 I bet its way smarter but then it would be harder to program xD
is this japanese robot also?
This technology is liked age of stones. Is to young yet to publice. But is on good direction. Dont stop here.contined. Over 100years the robots are finly perfect. And human race can be free from slavery and enter the age of clones. From the Old body mind and memory into the new clone body. (Basicly liked change clothes) and never die again. Please dont late money makes the rules. Men made clothes.clothes dont made MEN. I cant wait for that time to come. Fuck WAR. AND BUILD MORE
Where do you get it from?
You should look at the Next Generation NAO!
Yeah but it costs 8 000$ :)
I can not believe it....
 where you can buy the same model please tell me?
its the soccer player :D
Elvira Erickson Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Nao ,the incredible humanoid robot
make it people sized, less robotic voice, personality AI, and fake skin, (and a vagina/dick if your into that type of thing) and you have a chobits persacom
It's a robot designed to help kids with autism as well as be a fun robot for home entertainment you whore, if you want sh*t like that get a slutty girlfreind or something. Enough said. 
+Daryl Aubrn ??? i was pointing out how it differs for cobits, in chobits the persacoms are anatomicly correct, i see nothing wrong with pointing that out when giving a list of how it differs
Robot is lying when other one asked for the rubber duck:D Humans taught it to lie firstly :D I am afraid they will not be different from us :D
Probably, Nao 41 was taught a behavior to "own" objects or something and the other nao was a stock nao so it doesnt have that behavior and just thought it was another regular object so he didnt know its a rubber duck
So pretty and amazing,  but  it seems the  walking is enough difficult for Nao.
The walking mechanic is difficult for any walking robot. Weight of the parts, center of gravity, IMO.
i would spend all day with this robot
and why didn't we send nao to mars????
what happens if it falls on its back ?
Paul Quinn Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Check out this little guy at The Watford UTC Information Event at The Grove Hotel in Watford on Tuesday 17th June 2014 from 7pm!
Look awesome. Love to speak to you about a project I'm in charge of called #L4GYouth which looks to work with 16-25 year olds giving them work experience, networking opportunities and more
That robot retarded
Derek Symion Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Here is a video of Robot Nao - Seems more able to do things than Pepper. No price yet.
Javier Marcelo Paz Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Luis Gabriel Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Porque no tener un Robot  right Nao
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