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by Dan Brown • 29,278 views

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Have you seen anything by egoraptor or gonzossm?
You are clever and insightful and free from some past restrictions, while constantly tied down by others. As a serious question, are you alright? I don't doubt that you will do good in the world, but you do more when you are healthy. ~ a fan :)
What are you up to? New series? Best of luck.
They are female sheep, witch are called ewe's, witch is pronounced "you", it's a pun.
Dan, when does the narwhal bacon?
what things you said were true and a lie?
What happened to you Dan? Why are you so craycray all of the sudden?
What is your favourite Daft Punk song? Mine is On Off
*suggestive wink from across the bar* Do you: a) Walk over and say hello b) Send out charizard c) *nuzzles face in whole cream pie* d) strip down and start grinding
What do you plan to show us next?
Dear Dan, are you okay? You seems to be a little nuts...
What's the name of the last book you read?
what do you think about undocumented immigrants?
are you gonna answer this goddamn comment on this video? well? are you?!
A wise man does not pee into the wind.
What is the circumference of the giant star Betelgeuse, measured in units of the average circumference of a grapefruit?
Is the answer to this question no?
What do you think is the best video you ever made?
what part of manhattan do you live in?
..have you made any fishing boat proceeds this year?
would you rather drive an ice cream truck or the Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile? this is important stuff.
Do you have any predictions whatsoever regarding the future of facebook? Do you think an IPO was the right thing to do? :)
I'll keep it simple and realistic...what was your favorite class in high school and why?
Will you please say "Hello World, Welcome to my Universe"? I miss the sound of it.
Let us call a set "abnormal" if it is a member of itself, and "normal" otherwise. Now we consider the set of all normal sets, R. Is R abnormal or normal?
Bad question. A lot of stuff is important. And most people agree on a bunch of it. Better question: What is the MOST important?
Why the hell are you in the middle of nowhere !!!
What are the reasons you started vlogging/using YouTube?
Do you think it should be ok for someone in a career such as a teacher, doctor, nurse, etc to have their own youtube channel or vlog and not have to fear the scrutiny that could occur from their colleagues, bosses, everyone?
What are your thoughts on homeschooling?
Good to have the sarcastic, immature Dan back again. What's your least favourite YouTube video?
The word for the color came from the name for the fruit. They were originally referred to as "Chinese Apples".
I want the old Dan back. The glory days of pogobat were back at your moms house making videos in your room, and DBU was running alongside. That was a similar time to now, when you had no pressure to make something super special. You just made interesting videos that were fun to watch. No self entitlement, no try hard comedy, not trying to be a know it all and not trying to convince people what the correct opinion is. Just a young man fascinated by the world.
In intimate detail, what did you do on Wednesday May 16th, 2012?
Dan, are you still gonna do politically oriented videos? If you are how do you feel about 21st century american capitalism?
I feel like this is the Dan Brown that I first subscribed to back in 2008. The one who didn't care about anything, just what was on his mind. This is, what I think, is the real Dan Brown. Welcome back, Dan! :')
why do you put sheep at the end of your videos when it supposed to say "you"?
Least favorite political commentator?
Why this video? Are you going insane :P? Good luck with answering all the questions and good for you for doing what you want!
On a scale of 1 to 100, how much do you think the internet sucks.
How old were you when you lost your virginity?
What is the difference between a duck?
I like that tree. . .the one that was in the background, yeah that one. It looks like a nice tree. Not like the other trees they looks like they are nasty. do you like that tree?
Do you regret saying that you would answer all of these questions? I know I would... But I still expect an answer from you!
What camera and microphone are you using? And where are you filming this? I though you were in NYC...
If you had 6 bullets in a pistol and you were in a room with hitler, Stalin, mao, Kim Jong il,Kim il sung, Mussolini, and the joker from batman and you had to use all 6 bullets who would you let live and who would you kill.... (this is prior to all of the evil doings that these evil people have done evilly)
Do you think about doing collaboration videos with other youtubers? I'm a juggler here in Brazil, and I pretty sure we could think about something cool together. Also, this is one of your best videos. Going outside and breaking with shitty paradigms that a lot of people have... or not.
Did you see the new SNL with Mick Jagger, Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, and Jeff Beck?
Why are we not friends who talk on a regular basis even though we are so like minded?
What is your favorite font? :)
Did this question waste your time?
Can u please bring back Twitter Tuesday and Wall Wednesday? How has Fuse helped change you for the better? What is the best concert you ever went to? What was your opinion on The Avengers movie? Finally, the ultimate question of your manliness: TITS OR ASS?
You're going to answer every question. Seriously?
If a tree were a tree, what tree would you be?
Oh damn... now I have to think of a question... When did you lose your virginity if you have?
Did I make the 48hr time frame? :O
What was the catalyst that sparked this new direction, reboot, or whatever this is? And Btw, did u ever find more wasabi funyuns?
yes Dan! looks like you got your mojo back and im glad to hear that you will be showing us some music more. I follow you because I like the Person you are so let your Interest be your content. so here we go. are you bringing the PogoTribe Back? What about our territory on the south pole of the moon? will you please have more connecting with your audiance? (sry bout this one) Dan, what happened with your last relationship really? more Piano? will you incorporate your philosophy more with politics
Dan Brown, how many papapowers, does it take to power the papa if only 12 of them can swim? Kappa
Are you actually going to start posting cover songs?
What would you say is the top 20 brands of clay bricks
What are your thoughts on Ray William Johnson
Where do you think you'd be of you wouldn't have dropped out of college?
What is your favourite, food color celebraty vlogger person on yt song movie sport
What happened to you and Danielle? Is there a video that explains it?
Do you think that America is too racist?
Could you give me your opinion on the introduction of a maximum wage
You've got some nice moves there :) muhaha shake those beautiful breasts
Do you like big butts? Don't lie.
which type of cake is your favorite?
This is Lars Ulrich and I'm going to sue YouTube because of this video. Are you scarred?
Are you for or against Gay Marriage and why?
Are you tired of answering questions yet?
what was that awesome asian guys name from that roaring 20's themed college party we went to in lincoln back when you were still there? haha XD
Oh wow, I was totally not expecting this out of Dan Brown hahah, but either way this was funny. All I need to say is just be yourself, and be who you are. That's all that matters, screw any haters. Anyways questions... hmmm... What are your future plans for this youtube channel? Whether its projects, vlogs, video styling, set upload schedule, etc. Will the outro theme ever return? "If you like what you just saw..." and the "Welcome to my universe" intro?
Will the Chicago cubs win the world series in the next hundred years? Ps I'm a whitesox fan
that was soooooooooooooooooooooooo long ago, back in the mid dan 3.0 days
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