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by TrollarchOffice • 119,386 views

Staff Member: Main Channel:

Was that mom talking to me? Cuz my name is Chris
People how do you know he's white
Hey. Can I interest you in a mysterious, mystical product? It's brand new, FDA approved, and is guaranteed for success. It's called 'vagina'. Why don't you move out of your mom's basement and get some?
The woman in the background did not yell at said "Chris". This is retarded and wasted 0:47 seconds of my life. It wasn't funny at all.
Wow cracking on mexican your gonna get it
Fuck guy who said Mexican think every body troll is Mexican
Lol im mexican He would never say that to my face
you're part american because you were born here dumbass
That's not what I was really looking forward to....
Are you kidding me? She only said Shut up?
I don't watch/listen to Kevin Hart. This quote is not relevant to me. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please take this as a token of apology. *Places a heart sticker on your forehead*
It's people like you,who make other people think you're a faggot -_-
That sucked but I still hit the like button
Now you all know why so many kids scream and swear on the mic, their parents only say. "Shut up."
:[ not soo good as your other vids
Huh, false advertising....DAMNIT WE GOT YOUTUBE TROLLED
its becuase they were expecting Mom: "Turn the Xbox off NAOW!" Kid: "NOooooouuuu" kind of video
y the fuck r u watching troll videos then so fuck off
um i like "Rachel's" channel and Burnsys channel
That was some intence yelling "shut up chris"
All she did was tell tyne kid to shut up /-.-
the guy is fuckin racist im mexican
Dey talk shit when we ain't around !!! But when dey see u us dey cry to da police!!! Pussies
Wow doesnt deserve to be on this channel
oh mine i Albinomexican123 and people always make mexican jokes towards me
nice recording system, second generation potato?
Somos chingones!!! ASTA LA MADRE(where badass) gt:skimpy102
That sucked. This is the first Trollarch video i have been dissappointed with:(
That wasn't him it has troll at the top right
I want 2 decapitate dat racist son of a bitch
sorry but this was lame.. im not liking this channel to much either
the only race that can be classified as american are the native american tribes. any white people came here through immigration. so really there is no "american" blood that comes from being born here. im around five feet eight inches tall and im about as white as it gets, but i was born when my parents were on a vacation in brazil. does that make me brazilian?
"shut up Chris"? that language, ma'am, deserves a slap across the face! let me give you one so you learn how to be a good parent!
Wow that last part made me kinda sad because I am latino man
Well...that was offensive .-. i'm mexican and i have a nice english accent along with something that many racist people against us don't,manners.
0:38 Oh fuck no,i'm gonna find him now!
Fuck him. he's just an asshole who likes to fuck with the wrong people.
TrollarchOffice: "........" Troll victim:" You fucking coup!....coup?"
anyone see the trollface at 0:48?
I can guarantee this is the guy from the video XD (it almost always is)
No hate but common burnsey you can do better
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