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Chinese History Parody

by bubbiosity • 969,367 views

YO! It's been a while...a few months..yeah... But I'm back with a new Bubbiosity video for you guys. I always get brain farts. Here's a little video for now anyways. Why do my videos just get...

Who watches this on 2015?
I accidentally reported my own comment... Lol.
im still subscribed... still have like 1% of hopes thats shes going to upload a new video someday :(
Everyone she has a vlog channel called Bubzvlogz
When I saw Tim I started laoghing like crazy XD :D :3 Sweet memories :3  AND poor Domo :D He is dinner! :D XD
BUBZ make more videos I've waited 2 years
+Daranzy Chaebom Yeah these are really funny to lol, but i think its unavoidable that well probably never see another one of these again because she still has 2 other channels to take care of plus Isaac.
Oh my god watching this and knowing how their life is now... Issac is here and their parents love it
Praying she uploads again:)
Why did BUBZ stop doing videos for this channel? I wonder if she has looked back on these lol
+Spica star actually all her videos in this channel were filmed in Hong Kong.........I am 100% SURE
+jaimie leung At least half of these videos were filmed in North Ireland, you can tell cuz her dad wouldn't be in them nor would Annie be in several of them. This video I'm sure was in HK cuz I recognise the guy from her vlogs
4:38-4:45 is (ahhh!) Eating your dog. I know that it is a joke . It is funny. You made a promise but you were evilllll!!!
i wish she would still make these vids :( they were life
Hey wait, when you say bitch in Chinese it sounds like what my mom calls me! 
you should put isaac i this channel. PLEASE upload another one
SLUT! EAT MY FOOT! -Bubs 2012
When she said corncupines, I heard horny hags. Oops?
Omg hahaha i have never laughed so hard in my laugh😁😁! Rofl! I bloody pissed my self laughing hahaha!😂😂
Bubz, when you get the time, please do more of these videos, even if I've gotta wait a few years, I'd be even happier! And congrats on Isaac, he's such a cutie! Love you bubz!! xoxoxo
The things she made tim do aHahahaha
hey, did she stop or something? i hope not, she is super funny! but i guess she did. it has been 3 years now since the last video.....  :(
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you Bubz!!!!! Seeing you and baby on Facebook, brought me to tears, so I just had to come back to this channel. This is the channel my friends showed me about four years ago and I've been watching your videos ever since. I remember when you told us you were moving, and when you got engaged. Then you and Tim were finally married. Then came your special announcement, and now you have delivered your first child. You haven't met most of us, but we are and always will be a part of your family. Seeing you in this video, then looking at you with baby Isaac, both made my day, and made me cry because we, your youtube family have had the privilege of watching you grow. Again congratulations Bubz, we love you so so much.
look at tim's face XD
still as funny as the first time i watched it. my cheeks hurt from laughing too much
Tim must love you a lot!! All the shit you put him through!! LOOOL
look how empty was the apartment compare now!!
That is so funny Lindy, nice parody. But I feel bad how Tim gets the worst role ever.
lol your cantonese is soooo dramatic
I know this is only 2 Years ago but even though I've seen them all over again they still cracks me up😄!
Omg this vid is too funny
xD I have the same glasses as you.
I kept replaying the end for at least 10 times! Haha did anyone else do this?
omg the floating ghost saying "doctorrrrr" part!!! >.< hahahaha really reminded me of my childhood when I watched forbidden city with stephen chow with my parents thanks bubz :) aahh i love being hongkongese and being able to laugh at those fun cantojokes :D
this is too much! I'm trying so hard not to laugh. Bubz!!!! Make more videos!!
bubz and nigahiga :) my comedy people on youtube
its hard to believe she's having a baby now!!!
So Funny!! Especially at 3:53 release the dogs!! Lok zap fong gau
bubz if you can upload more videos in this channel. there were really good... please....
Wow bubz! Your condo looked so different back then! I don't even remember the green walls lol!
I know this song my mom puts it on everyday
I love this song!! I'm Chinese by the way and this is so much funnier if your Chinese! Lindt, 你好
I will never get over how Tim is in these videos 😳😂
Bubz you should more like these videos and i bet you will ne a great mother!😄 Issac is very cute aswell as you and tim
3:36 so THAT'S what bubz would act like as a fangirl!!!
I laughed so hard! You should continue doing this with baby! :)
Hahahahhaa. Big thumb up. So funny. Love from Malaysia
1:18 Oh my gosh!!! Tim!!! xDDD  dies laughing
lol "that was more painful than giving birth."
please do this againnnnnnnnnnnnn
She has two new channels! Bubzvlogz and bubzbeauty! She go married a year ago and is pregnant! Her baby is about to be born pretty soon! She has been uploading a lot of videos on these new channels for 2 years already.
I LOVE this channel!! Why did she stop?!
I love this video so much. Lol
no but most parts are canoneese im pretty sure i would know...
Bring this channel back to life Bubzz... T^T
Your apartment looks so different there :D
I miss Bubz making comedy for us, make a comeback soon after you give birth to Peanut!!!
You serious? after the baby they will be even more busy. babies don't do anything by themselves. I do like the new vids they make now too tho :3
By the way I speak Cantonese so I can hear it very good.
I love this video so much. Lol
Ha! The faces Tim makes are priceless
did you seriously dress up Tim as a Chinese woman? that surprisingly suits him very well XDD 
i miss watching her vids on this channel
When I hear and see this I was laughing so much.
I'm eating an ice cream... Why that poop part
Bubz! >.< why you no make more movies like this ? It's been over 2 years T_T'
this is so cute xD and hilarious HAHA
Whoa Bubz.. Right now is 2014 and I just discovered these channels of yours lol!
Why lindy why why are you cooking domo at the end of the video I saw you put him in a pot on a stove and sprinkle pepper on him okay so why would you cook such a cute little thing WHY
She's not irish, she lived in Ireland in her childhood.
Not understanding all that GuangDongHua you are speaking xD
What else to you know as your knowledge? See Also. The Constitution of Japan Law number: Constitution 1946; Act on International Assistance in Investigation and Other Related Matters Law number: Act No. 69 of 1980, Amendment : Act No. 58 of 2006; Subversive Activities Prevention Act Law number: Act No. 240 of 1952 Amendment : Act No. 91 of 1995.,
hey bubz!! i miss ur videos here! they're so funny :D i rewatch them so many times! Please do a new video soon (:
You were going to eat poor little domo
bubz sure changed alot 
that's called growing up..something we ALL do btw..also, her humour hasn't changed at all :)
She was just joking you jerk.
there culture is soooo strange o.O food,porn,language,eyes, mentelaty.....
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