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Minecraft - 360 Edition Part 3 - A Fryup of Pigs

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 1,435,123 views

Simon and Lewis huddle around Turpster's laptop and play Minecraft on the Xbox 360! Awesome :) ● Yogscast Gear: ● Facebook: ●...

Omg at 7:26 when the creeper peeks from the tree!!:-) :-) :-) :-)
Love these guys, always can expect a nice time watching them, when ever your down, or having a hard time, and i still love them. 
Y r people commenting saying how to change their skin and gamma.this video was made 2 yrs ago and they don't look at comments on old videos
new thing i learn: YOU CAN USE SAPLING AS FUEL?!?
are you guys going to change your skin its in the options and it says change skin
Go into the settings and then put your gamma up. It will make everything brighter
"Wanna go to the dirty bedroom hole for some sleepy action?" -Lewis Brindley, 2012
Drink when they say hole!
you just turn your gama up to 100
Can I join your server plz
Dark looming nasty hole... Dirty dirt hole .. Lewis ! Rude ! 
I wish xbox was still like this
Any old iron that was random :)
What's your gamertag ?
Comment of the year.
Was Lewis stoned when they made this?
you can change your skin
Sheard srhum is am faggot... A BIG BITCH!!!
Me: *sings* SLEEPY SLEEPY ACTION SLEEPY SLEEPY ACTIONS Simon and Lewis: *snore snore snore*
New update mc on Xbox really awesome. The end, spawn eggs, new gravel texture and LOTS MORE!?!?!?!
You rock yogscast but like simon more
i thought they kept saying ho instead of whole. XD
It looks really wierd when they through something
they never did carry on with this series
This was funny great vid Lewis: Shove that down your face hole
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
pss i have mony in my pocket dont tell
U can change skin to diferent steves
hole hole hole thats what she said
The first time i played this in 10 minutes i got a full set of iron armor and pic and sword and my friends could barely make a house
yea i do fraps its on a computer they connected it to the xbox
It's hard to look at them both
A big dirty hole with a green exploding penis of death
Guys friend me on xbox I'm cheatcodes90
did you know if pigs die in fire you get cooked pork chop
i learned to play this game in 5 minutes this game is so easy
New update on xbox360 minecraft edition Ender Dragon is finally here.
Williajstromanaint, thanks I'll go sign up now and get robbed blind!
I am like you. I HATE when creepers blow crap up!
This was uploaded on my Birthday :D
don't worry simon im with you on that
Rember this is a old version where about to get a jungle lol
evidently, pigs now colonize. XD lol
Are they called turpsteruk on Xbox live
can ppl help with my channel i do minecraft and trolls
Does anyone know how they are recording this because i am interested in it.
Lewis: Simon's cleaning up the cr- damage...
all these hole..were is the diggy diggy hole??
ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss boom
So your going to build a hole to get away from a hole
My birthday is today to yay I got 25 bux for my birthday and a Xbox
I feel the same way about you Simon
who doesnt know who is who it is easy honeydew is simon and xephos is lewis
If you push down the left trigger you well sneak
candy floss=cotton candy for those who did not know.
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