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DC Skate Plaza Trip 2011

by Ryley Lopp • 404,505 views

Indiana Representin' Took 8 Of Us Indiana Thrashers Out To DC Skate Plaza, This Is What We Came Back With, Enjoy! Edited By: Cody Kolger Subscribe To Him Here:

Dude this is the plaza from street dreams!I thought it was only for the movie! Now I wanna go :(
I quad nollie flipped the nine first try and I'm a fetus. BOOOOOOOOOOM.
Vixixiixixiiii.... Que styleirraaaa!
what kind of camera do you have???!!!! please reply hahha
woooow this very kool dc shoes is maxium i love north america (soy argentino)
you guys have some nice ass equipment
want a good board bamboosk8 com board are the best been skating them for 3 years now
this vid is for girls, not for skaters¬¬
Who knows? I don't really see him skate very often.
do you shoot 60p ? my hmc150 can only do 50p and the motion looks all choppy check it out. any advice ?
Highrollin skateboards SUCK I use to ride for them on their beginner team and the boards are weak the company it self is weak the pop sucks
i wish i was white and could afford nice things.......the skating wasn't even that good
it is! the funny thing is Rob dyrdek is in that movie and this is the rob dyrdek DC skate plaza
Yeah me too but still you can tell they had fun and that's what its all about
That song in the beginning is stuck in my head..!!!
great skaters, great tricks, irritating edit.
i didnt see any flip trick variations in there grinds, it was kinda boring just sayin
The tricks in slow motion arent worthy of slow motion and having all your shirts off just makes you all look gay
good skating gyus we have a crew named keep rolling we are not the best skateboarder but we are not bad we have this crew maybe 2 years and we have gone only 1 tour because u see we are from creta and e havent got many skate spot even skatepark .........KEEP ROLLING GYUS
come on guys your jocking that was`nt as sick as you think -.- i dont even want to watch it to the end
cannot find this version of heart it races anywhere :(
Very Nice no not Nice IT IS AWESOME !!!
which camera is that and how much did it cost?
Hell yes INDIANA SKATERS!!!!!!
most people doing watch the video first and then read the description..what a dumbasses..
the boys, the tricks, the music, what more could a girl ask for?
the footy and everything is fine, it just has weird timing on come clips.
lets all agree that skateboarding changes lifes . . .
its funny how is a DC skate tour and everyone is wearing Nike shoes :D
should be a rule on that plaza that say's: "NO TOPLESS GIRLS"
i can ollie and pop shovit but cant manual but i love skating
If you work hard enough, you can lean an Ollie in one day or a few hours. In one week or less you do a kickflip and/or shove it. Then you practice balance on manual. Increase you ollie height and 180's etc. Sounds simple but it's just effort that is needed to be a good skater.
yeah so true! it reminds me of how fun it is to skate new parks and gets me pumped to take a skate trip!
name of the song and artist please ? :)
Music make all the difference...
@Ousmain I've been practicing my ollie for a long time n I still can't do it well
looking at all the comments u should just stop talking cuz every comment I've seen is about u and there not positive
im wearing that rogue status shirt tomarrow when i go
i think of screech when i see that curly headed kid lol
probably the most homo name.. but alright. lmao.
I'm in indiana as well I've been tryin to get over there looks sick
I think you misunderstood the title... it looks like a group of friends who took a trip to the DC Skate Plaza and made this video from the footage they got.
the ony thing this vid is missing is 9:19
colors look yuck and how on earth do you headcut with an Xtreme???
@blackystarline Heart it races by Dr.Dog
Whats the deal with all the fucking Nike?
you from chaves? because we have a group named like that almost 3years now :D
Real horny video! How many mega pixels does your camera?
im suprised as to why 108 people thumbs up ur comment...
i liked the red wheels my board has that too
So you went to such a nice skatepark and it was only you there? we have 2 shitty skateparks where i live and its always crowded
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