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Alaa Wardi - Wenti Mastaneti

by Alaa Wardi • 574,385 views

Download From Here: Ana kont fe makani sneen Wenti mastaneti tagollek 3an 2e7sasi leek Ana kont 3am ba3'ani feeki Wenti masme3teeni 3'anetlek men jowa galbi Weli weli sho...

I love your music so much. Even though I dont speak Arabic I feel it in my heart. Iv been a fan for many many years,I live in NYC. Keep doing what your doing! 
انا كنت في مكان سنين و انتي ما استنيتي تقوليك عن احساسي ليك انا كنت عم بغني فيكي و انتي ما سمعتيني غنيتلك من جوا قلبي ويلي ويلي شو جرحتني وانتي ما خليتيني ارتب حياتي حوليك ويلي ويلي شو الحق علي لاني ما ستنيت حبيتك من دون تفكير و انتي ما ستنيتي انا صرت افكر لبعيد وانتي ما اهتميتي عباليك اشياء كتير حطيتك انا بين عيني وانتي كشيتي شكلوا خشيت شمال فيكي بتتزكري شو حكيتي الي انك بتحبيني اصلن انا ولا مو زعلان انا ما بدي انا ما بدي
rough translation: i was waiting here for many years and yet you didn't wait for me to let you know of my feelings towards you i was singing about you and you didn't hear me, although i was singing from the bottom of my heart oh oh you hurt me a lot you didn't let me rearrange my life so it will be all about you oh oh how i was mistaken because i didn't wait, i loved you without thinking of the consequences  "hey you understand what i'm saying" and you didn't wait "my life and attitude is different than yours" and you didn't wait "you have to forget me" and you didn't wait and you didn't wait i was thinking of our future and you didn't care, you were occupied by other things you were the apple of my eye and yet you withdrew away from me, as if i did something wrong do you remember what you said to me? that you loved me, loved me you know what, i swear to god i'm not even sad i don't want you any more, i don't want you "hey you understand what i'm saying" i don't want you "you are totally different than i am" i really don't want you "i have my own life now" i swear to god i don't want you "please get out of my life" what's important is that we had fun we learned a lot, we learned a lot
in arabic letters please? =) 
أغنيتي المفضلة أول حاجة سمعتها لعلاء وردي :) بس أنا مش فاهمة قصة الأغنية ؟؟؟
A cover from song Zina by Babylone would sounds great! :)
this song is like a hug
A hug? More like a kick in the balls
+abu5alaf91 Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont be meen its relly good song
What is the meaning of "خاش شمال فيكي"?
+Talal Alothman Yeah. But I thought it was a fixed expression used in the dialect. thanks, anyway. 
Not common but I've heard it being said.
kage bunshin no jutsu !
حلوة كتير :)
could anyone please write the lyrics in arabic? thanks, im learning arabic and its quite complicated to undderstand it without the lyrics! :P
+Outlandish A thanks again! now I can understand much better the song ;-) 
Chords :) : D# - A# - Gm - Fmaj .......... ;) have fun guys
Chords or tabs please!!! Very talented man.
i feel like i can't stop watching you !!
المهم تسلينا كثير
i dont understand a single word but im subscribing you right now.....u got a new fans from indonesia,its beautiful
+M Jordan hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha  mott de7k 
is your brain okay ? please do not reproduce..
iiiiiii llllloooove ur awsome voice 
Can you sing it again but without music pleaseee:( I really like it :(<3
اصلا ما بدي "( 
Would be ever so grateful if someone could give me the chords for this song. I suck at transcribing. :'(
رائع ♥♡♥♡
This song defines beauty, thank you wardi❤️
This song brought to you from Te7t elderaj studio, 
Can't say what to love more your covers or your original work!
TOO GOOD!!!!!! Peace from the Netherlands.
يا اغبياء هاذا واحد بس هو علا وردي ما في توام معه هو يصور كم مقطع و يقعد ف اماكن غير و يقص المقاطع و يحطها مع بعض يا حبيبي هادا شغل مونتاج مو لعب 
Because your song can take me instantly to that moment of happiness, i just can't stop listening to it. Goddammit this song made me fall in love with you ):  
Your best song yet, I didnt understand a word but I didnt have to. It was simply beautiful <3
translation pleaseeeeeeeeee
this song is just too much
U really made my day :) what chords are u used ?
love your voice. I finally found the meaning of the song lol just Amazing!!! can wait to the next songs please put more... thnx...
Encore d'autres comme celle-là, s'il te plaît merci
Such a beautiful song, with beautiful emotion, in a beautiful language.
Give me her name n her address and I'll take care of it. sniffles
قميل صوتك♥.♥
Everybody. Soon I am going to cover this song. So please check it out! I'm not good at Hindi or whatever this song is sung in, so I am sorry if it sounds terrible.
essalamo alaykouum ^_^ . what is mean ya baaaay ;)
As if he plays an invisible instrument..
Incredible range... I wish the topic was predominantly the music, who cares about much else really.
Maha Belhadj Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Can't get enough pf his songs .. <3
البيسق801 غحلللهعر
Vraiment tu es formidable et génial
you're amazing <3
من قوة الاحساس الي الي بالاغنية اثرت فيني بشكل ما تتصورونه
ارجوك عايز الموسيقه بس بليززززززززززززززززززززززززززززز زززززززززز. زززززززززز ززز ز. ز
بلللللللليززززززززوززززززززززز غننننننن اغنننننيه نوسسسا نووووسا تكككككفا طططلبتك ادري ماراح ينقرا الكومنت وراح تطوووفه بس انا متامله باللللله ومتفائله تككككفا غنهت اسمها نوسا نوسا الاغنيه
Truly beautiful! :') For some reason I laughed @2:06"a9lan ana wallah moo za3lan" xD
amazing wallah raw3aaa ♥
انشر الكلمات بالحروف العربية من فضلك :)
مشالله عليك يا علاء مبدع حق
اصلن انت عليييييه p:
what does: Ana 6ab3i 3'eer translate to english? thx Alaa, hats off, this song is genius <3
والله ياعلاء روعه
This couldn't have been sung more beautifully. :')
قاعده اضحك وانا متاثره ههههههههههههه
translation please please please
ايش اسم القيتار؟؟
ههههههههههههههههههه انا جاني انوم
Your welcome =) I actually pressed "enter" and not "space" but I don't know why YouTube decided to make it like like a paragraph. I wrote it as accurate as I can think of, and as short as his words so that you might trying singing along ;)
amazing voice alaa ... good luck
I follow you since the first video you've uploaded... I hope to hear your voice here in day. sincerely good Luck Alaa!
ياروحي انت ياعلاء احسك مريت بتجربه أليمه ~._~ ... مررره جميله الاغنيه وصلني الاحساس ... واصل
هذا الفن اللي نحتاج نسمعه
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