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ROAD RAGE - (Your Favorite Martian music video)

by Yourfavoritemartian • 6,613,765 views


Martians please come back make more vids don't retire Please
You know they can always find another recoring studio
1:58 is WAY TOO TRUE for GTA 5. i wish one of the monthly updates Rockstar Games put out for the game would be like 10 new radio stations with 10 songs each. 100 new tracks ought to spice up GTA Online a little don't you think? 
Jesus Rockstar seriously needs to do this.
It's ok, maybe you just didn't play next gen new songs there
This will be me when I start driving. XD
don't worry, i'll supply you with a lifetime supply of rusty nails for your head
i already accostumed to it now try driving in mex it will make you wish you were driving in the us
4K people sufferd road rage from Puff Puff
(Puff Puff is the singer)
Is Ray Jonhson yourfavouritemartian?
Im Glad They're Still Making Videos
+Mah Name Is Bone™  IK im fake i didint mean to be real
This is the imbodiment of me. 3 words. Fuck. You. Driving.
+ZTahcoo I'm just gonna crawl in a hole and die now.
This is why I walk everywhere then laugh at the lazy people using cars.
+DarkWingDerpy The way you handle haters is hilarious.
+Prize Panther The way I see it is that they have their own interests and in all honesty there's no reason to be making fun of someone because they're interests are different or odd.
love the song hate the ending part... the HM screaming
Ray, you NEED to make a reboot! F*** Maker Studios you can just record from a computer! Take ShadyVox or Garrett Williamson for example. They are absolutely amazing! And they operate from a computer. YFM must be reborn! People of the glorious Internet support this! Perhaps we can change Ray mind! SHOW YFM LOVE!!!
Unfortunately, he doesn't really have the power to do that.
Today I was with my sister we just turned a wrong corner and this guy was right there, we didn't hit him but he followed us for a long while and he kept on screaming curses while his friend was laughing his ass off xD
welcome to russia!! :)
Story of everyone's life on the road, except tank drivers.
Welcome to Los Angeles, where the traffic sucks the entire year.
One day EVERYONE is talking about your favorite martian, the next is after they leave EVERYONE forgets about 
Thumbs up if you keep going back to your favorite part of the video. 
one time my friend had cut off her finger and we were driving to the hospital and we got stuck in fucking traffic while she was slowly bleeding out lickily we got there just in time before she almost died. I fucking hate traffic
I fucking hate stupid ass people who don't know how to drive
i go crazy when im in the road like no joke and i what when the repeat songs it so boring
Guys, there is no way to bring these guys back. But wouldn't it be cool if we see a new song posted tomorrow or the next day? I think that would be really cool. Imagining it in my news feed is really cool
U should or shouldve done whip yo kids. Like during the part of the wrecking ball and the kid tied on the pole during nice peters solo
Favorite part: Benetar goes FULL METAL!
İf u are stucking in every red light? Just go at the recomented speed limit, you will passing in green lights adveturaly
Thats why i live in finland
¿pɐǝɥ uo ןǝǝɟ ssɐ ʇɐɔ sı ʍoɥ
i must know does it feel like dog ass?
Having this all the way tured up
there is only 1 solution for road rage....weed
who would stick there butt out of the windwo?
Cover "Tig Ol' Bitties"
Same Fucking songs!!!!!!
They had no more lyrics, so lets just repeat the one message 'radio station playing the same 5 songs" 8 times... Legit
I just realized that that's raywilliamjohnson
Yeah she's right make more vids
the same five songs XD
I trying to drive
so stupid videos but cool cats
The radio station they play though same fucking songs lol
I'm just glad that I won't have to put up with this kind of bullshit. Alexander County has standard stuff. We only leave the county to go to the hospital. The county isn't that big we don't have that many ppl. And all the drivers speed(except the old ppl). The only road rage possible is when I go to Hickory for non-Walmart clothes(Walmart pants suck) and to get my glasses updated. Sorry. I'm done now
It's funny how they say "the same 5 songs" when I could listen to this song thousands if times and still like it
Maybe it would be faster to bike on the sidewalk.
Lol I had such a laugh watching this 😂
Yeah more videos if you make more ill subscribe and like them all
No more videos from them unfortunately, ever.
this song explains traffic in virginia
you cant have someone drive you crazy if you ont give them your keys
"I HATE MY LIFE" lol true
you should make a 2nd fig ol bit ties
Logic copied them in the part they said driving miss Daisy
I get that every day I drive to school.
I like how Benitar is brittish in the animations but when he sings he doesn't sound brittish.
Can someone please tell me who sings for the blond one
Reminds me when i'm driving in my 1969 dodge charger AKA (General Lee), yes the one form the dukes of hazards, 2 weeks ago, on a open road in the middle of nowhere. Literally.
Same fucking songs!!!
Do they use anime studio to animate?
The radio station part is so true!!!!!!!!!
When are you morans going to make a new video
+SlendyGames Give me a genuine reason, fucktard. 
He didn't agree to Maker Studios terms... Search it but if you ask maker studios they won't say 
this is what happens if you don't back off BEOTCH
marry me benetar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It wasn't that interesting as I thought it would be to me.:(
lol i just got back from a rode trip. :)
surrounded by assholes simulater-2015
Aren't you on friends? The tv show as joey
the end was so funny xD (っ◕‿◕)っ‏‏
It feels like so long ago when I first listened to this song..
omfg i didnt know jesse could scream
I agree please come back
3:05 is what I wanted to do for a long time
Jim S Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Four thousand people liked this so much they had to flip the screen upside down to like it 😦 oh wait
Haha I used that joke. But I don't get the "oh wait" bit.
I thought you stopped making music and all im glad your still doing them! ♥and XD loved this video
+Xero Hellsing no they wanted =3 is what I heard
Susie Gonzalez Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
ROAD RAGE - (Your Favorite Martian music video):
Holy shit, now you know how I feel. 😭
I go through that to man
Miss Understood Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
my mommy be like dis forreal on the g no play im geeked
I like your videos. Hi from japan.
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