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by Shane Dawson TV • 3,372,951 views

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Shane looks cute as a emo in my opinion
Leave me alone you have your own opinion I have mine
Monster- Lady Gaga don't judge
You are so funny and make me Lange a lot wen I which your videos videos
I cried when Shane and his mom cried :,)
haha lol you should sub to me this is not advertisement but still sub to me i do covers and much more!
I wish Shane Dawson can be my husband
I know this video is old BUT I have been following you for YEARS! I watch you come from the bottom and look at where you are now in 2015!!! I'm not a little kid I am grown ass 33 year old and I am SO proud of you! You mad it man!!!! It was SO cool to come back to You Tube after a few year break and see you doing SO good!!! Keep it up! It can only get better from here!!!
wow gerard way looks so pretty in this video
Shane u got passed Ellie Goulding OMG
Mh most played song on I tunes is jabba the hut
Fuck up by shane dawson
Shane looks pretty hot in eyeliner...? No just me who thinks that ._. whale then XD
i never said i agreed with you!!! I agree with everybody else
Where no one goes-from the how to train your dragon soundtrack(don't hate)
Love how to train your dragon xD
eats chicken .. "Whatcha lookin' at? I will whoop yo ass" . Classic Shanna XD
Envying Bree right now. Like if you are too.
his new hair is sexy very sexy he is just my favorite youtuber evs
i think the worst kiss i had when a boy and me kissed in a photos and i was 6 or 7! that was grosse!
Hey Shane would you ever cut your hair???
Mine is superluv surprisingly
Sawyer really looks like a bad guy haha(: I loved the video Shane(:
Smosh ultimate assassins creed 3 song
U are so funny plz give me a shout out I will do anything
Is the guy joking about the expectation thing
Wait the bully was SAWYER?! Omg I never guessed!
Dude i was thinking the same... watching this video now makes you look at it so differently then seeing it when it came out.
Not trying to be rude it is just a question is Shane Dawson gay
he is my idol........i baught the song on my ipod,ipod touch,computer,and tablet..............................LOLOLOLOL
i thought shane and bree were related
Shane is super hot being a emo high school kid 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤💖 luv Shane no mater what tho but he hotter being emo
you are the best love u and you're girlfriend :) <3
Shake it off- Taylor Swift because it makes me happy and I always listened to Hollywood Undead and Icon for Hire but they don't have that much happy music but those are still my favourite bands!!
Sir mix alot baby got back
Sexting.. by blood on the dancefloor DONT JUDGE!!!!!!!!!!
Aw his mom is so sweet
fav song supperluv beacuse its catchy
mine too!!!! but my most played is lagitamately superluv
Has this song ever played on the radio? Someone please tell me.
To be honest (no joke!) Superluv is the most played song on my iPod. hides face love ya shane :)
the fray how to save a life woo
Wow, you look really good as an emo. :P
superluv and I'm being truthful it's my fav song
I still have superluv on my favourites playlist :D
is he wearing purple maskera that is weird I love your vids man but still that is weird
My most played song is castle of glass by linkin park
Fuck up by the lovely Shane Dawson
.....did u get a boner? 0.o....... And dead bite by Hollywood undead
well i do so. i love pierce the veil but i like other songs not just their most famous..
i'm not okay by my chemical romance
My favorite one is superluv
The song thatbi have been hearing the most is super love obsessed with it
Is it just me or does Shane look amazing as Switch
i cried when you're mom cried nawhh
Fuck Up By the one and Only Shane Dawson. :)
we cant stop by miley cyrus
He threw uo cuz hes gay
And I threw up because of your disgraceful grammar and uneducated comment.
Kaithlen if you are saying that ro me than you are a big fat pig
Why was Hannah there?
Love this song it's actually this song that is most played on my I tunes :)
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