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Heavy Rain - A Crazy GPS

by Chris Smoove • 218,306 views

The second son was kidnapped. The father receives a series of letters that tell him to do dangerous trials in exchange for the whereabouts of his son. This is the 1st trial. If you missed the 1st 3...

This was 2 days before my birthday
What is this is this a fake video chris dosen't know ishh lol
Really wish Smoove would have done more Heavy Rain!
This is what Chris smoove was like haha
it was raining today me & my friend went outside and he went missing :O
Smoove put more heavy rain videos
@liljeromebettis No i simply corrected your mistake and you got angry because you were and are wrong.
chris is a stupid dumass mothertrucking faggit with a fake ass deep knock offf voice
@moneymillionarebaby the point is this video is the shit ok
Smoove, let some more of these videos fly, your such a boss on this game
"It's like he has lightweight and marathon!"
@bbdog141414 so I'm a moron by going by what I see on these videos.....yea you're an idiot
that controller isnt the only thing smoove jerks with urgency....
I want to see Smoove's reaction to The Lizard trial.
This is soooooooooo hard to follow when ur high
Like if you are watching this in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!
please face cam n play the walking dead
1:55 "Are they seriously working in this Heavy Rain!?" Smoove move, Chris.
chris u should play ufc undisputed 3 when it comes out
Why didn't you finish this smoove?
@MrEazyDAbest No because it was uploaded on September 5th.
haha my name is pronounced shaun except its spelled shonne
dont really understand this game >< i watched all the vids for this series but does not make sense.....
smoove dude finish ur heavy rain commentating its funny af!
@liljeromebettis Once again dumbass he was paying attention he had a psychlogical blackout where he ended up in the middle of the street and then his son was kidnapped, it happens to him because of his first sons death.
I'm not doing this for Shawn i'm doing this too make an interesting
Police Pull Me Over 'Bitch Im Inocent' #Basegod
I can't believe that he lost both of his sons. He is the worst dad ever!!!
Smoove u need to more videos like these, the heavy rain!
37+ people got killed on the highway!
@chipmonk777 i said the video was 9:11 AND I WATCH THIS ON 9/11
I never seen those in a rap
@MrEazyDAbest No you retarded shit... this video came out on september 5th...
"What are you looking at turn the other way!!" I laughed so hard
Stop the vid at 8:56 and then look at the first video lol
@MrEazyDAbest Lol yeah I see what you mean, I guess I was thinking you meant the video was uploaded on 9/11 X( My bad
@bbdog141414 he wouldn't have to save his son if he was paying attention
sccott shelby the fat guy you save that girl
its kinda scary if you imagine if you lost your son like that....pretty scary...
@MrEazyDAbest If you think THAT'S weird, search "Earthquake in New York" and skip to 9:11. Notice anything?
how do you lose both of your sons
I didnt even miss any buttons..and im swerving...
How did he teleport into the street?! and he time traveled whoa.
I didnt even miss any buttons, and im swervin'! LIKE A BAWWWWWSE
Why not let the rest of the series fly Cuhhh!
Smoove ma ke some more videos fly they are interesting
"i'm not doing this for sean, i'm doing this to make an entertaining video." ahahahah
hahah, OH LOOK, MY SONS ALIVE! oh, that like a wheel of fortune puzzle
Smoove u need a face cam it might get ya 1 million
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