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Dexter: Morning Routine

by Showtime • 4,224,463 views

Lovable, charming and deadly. He's America's favorite serial killer. Watch every episode now on Showtime Anytime. Don't have Showtime? Order now & you can get $25 cash back! Visit...

i regret every time i used ti skip the intro back when i watched  the show. one of the best intros ever
that madness in your picture tho 
Why does this have to be so catchy?
this show was okay, but honestly the acting was so shitty in season one that I couldn't watch the other seasons. maybe I'll give it another go. Dexter and deb are such bland characters, it's tough that they are the main ones. 
I'm currently watching Dexter on Netflix and I love it just as much as Breaking Bad.
I did like Dexter more than Breaking Bad, until season 3.
+Yann Negri i agree, i actually dislike breaking bad.. Only thing i dislike about dexter is deb and the other girls in the show are complete sluts and really annoying.. Lilly was so annoying even i would of had a hard time not killing her lol,
This dude even murder's his breakfast
Gee, his facial hair grows quickly. As soon as he shaves it's back again.
Dexter Morgan is a manly man.
He is only shaving his neck.
Has to work at 7:00 Wakes up at 4 am to make that breakfast and still make it in time.
Man such an amazing show!!!
Oh my god u love dexter !!!! Ur fricking awesome !!!!!
Surprise motherfucker.
This is literally the song that plays through my head when I'm doing anything around  the house.
hahaha that is great,i got it stuck in my head
Pisses on Breaking Bad
am i the only one who hates this song
I would always skip to about four minutes into every episode of Dexter on Netflix, because of this long ass intro and a recap of everything I just watched in the past 45 minutes,
Interesting, I always watched the intro again and again.
+Hans Oliveira Same here. It made me happy for some reason.
Because of him i started putting ketchup on my eggs xD
Best thing ever if you prefer scrambled eggs is to before you mix them put a shit ton of hot sauce in it.
the into is just so disturbing, in a good way
This was uploaded in 2006 and has a short clip promoting 8th season? AND it's 720p. What?
Best Seasons of Dexter: 4: TRINITY 6:DOOMSDAY KILLERS
+werewolf914 I think the same. And the horse scene deserve an awards or something...
the doomsday killer was a bit disappointing for me but i loved the tableaux they were amazing the horse one especially. it reminds me of hannibal. if youre into that creepy "art made of corpses" type of thing hannibal is the perfect show. there are several tableaux in each episode. hannibal makes an art from killing. the ITK and Trinity were the best. season 2 was great too. any scene with Brian Moser was awesome.
how did they get 720p in 2006?!
+mohanidzhd They changed the video, if it was the original from 2006, why the hell does it say 'Dexter ending' at the end of the video???? This video was somehow edited by Showtime with the 720 and 1080p resolution option.
I hated LaGuerta throughout the whole series but when Deb shot her I felt really bad. Maria was a cut throat bitch most of the time but at the end of the day she was completely innocent. R.I.P Maria LaGuerta, Season 1 - Season 7.
i feel exactly the same way. i hated her until the moment she died. after that i was like shit. thats fucked up she did nothing to deserve that.
Fuck you, I came here to watch the video and I get spoilers right at the top of the comment section. Keep those comments where they belong. I'm sure there's a reddit page where you can discuss that.
It really is an amazing intro, the show in a nutshell ;) (or eggshell?)
+elmo walker It's just the kind of scene they use all through the show.
Is it just me or are some scenes of the opening scene reflecting the: Types of way Dexter Kills, what his life basically revolves around, and metaphors of core parts of the show itself.
i can't figure out what kind of fruit he cuts into. at first I thought it was a lemon. Then I thought it was a grapefruit. what the hell is it? cuz it looks disgusting 
It's an orange. Oranges can be very re shredding. So, they've tuned it into a blood orange, hence all the killing Dexter does makes it refreshing for him. :)
I really wish this show had ended after season 4. All the weird red herrings and lazy character and plot development drove my love for this show into the ground at the end. And that ending. My God. I can't get over it.
i know what you mean, the first 4 seasons where amazing, but seasons 5 to 7 lefo more to be desired, i personallyl think it would of been better if there was 5 seasons but season 8 was season 5 if that makes any sense at all
+elmo walker season 8 was the worst one of them all. Even season 5 was better than season 8.
0:16  the  way  he  looks  at me  O_O
who the hell ties his shoes first then put his t-shirt on only after that? hahahaha
OMG when trinity killed his wife THAT MADE ME CRY !
Excelente serie, Final mediocre
Over 4 million have watched the Intro here, but I wonder how man people skipped it when watching the show. 
This video always thrill me so much.
paola guerriero Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Sociaaaaaa, for you....per tutti gli altri please astenersi comnenti idioti grazie. Dexter: Morning Routine:
Oddio ke emozione!!!!!!! era tanto ke nn sentivo e vedevo!!!!! grazie sociaaaa!!!!! ti adoro!!!!
This show was so scripted I couldn't even take it seriously. Some of the dialogue is so cheesy and just doesn't put a realistic feel on me.
Does anyone else think this sounds like the song Washington Square by Village Stompers? There's definitely a resemblance...
This was uploaded 8 years ago!!!
I play this everytime I know I'm going to kill some pussy!
had this song stuck in my head the whole day, glad it was on here to listen to, really amazing show still is my 2nd favorite show of all time (sorry but American Horror Story gets 1st place).
Somewhere along the way the writers forgot that Dexter was a deranged person, and not some 'troubled' individual' who could be 'turned back to normal' by the swaying of some hot blonde... sigh Just began to watch the first season again and actually had forgotten how awesome the show was.
Who puts on their shoes before putting on a shirt?
damn on season 2 already and its fucking good 
Ne vogliamo parlare!!! Adoro!
Io non sono proprio fan della serie... 
A me le prime serie erano piaciute tantissimo.
the way he looks at the camera though 1:40 so scary hot..
One of my favourite opening themes ever.
It sounds like a soundtrack from Sherlock. Another great reason why I freaking love this song.
Fellow intj...obsessed with this show. Helps people understand the complex personalities of introverts
this is so brilliant when you REALLY watch it. 
The sopranos's intro is still better
First two seasons are amazing . The rest is whatever.
Br ba is better... no contest!
Dexter shaves, still has five o clock shadow. Man's man.
Did he drip blood in his eggs? I've always wonder that.
if youu have netflix, watch the show
Everyone enjoys my routine (:
So you're the Dexter? I will outline some people to join their secret friends.
Dexter isn't the best at shaving..
The last episode was 10 minutes ago on the Dutch television.. shot me down please :( We'll miss Dexter!!
Jr Pais Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Dexters face makes me laugh for some reason.
enza ciraolo Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
"Dexter, sigla di uno dei più divertenti serial kill:-! cioè volevo dire TV!:-!
One of the best show I've ever seen <3
quem ta aqui por causa do galo frito?
I eat the same breakfast nearly everytime, so I'm glad Dexter does too. 
Varl Von Clausewitz Shared on Google+ · 12 hours ago
this great series deserved a better ending... :-/
i don't get it why i think it's an awesome intro,it is but it just show his morning routine
as creepy and weird this opening sequence is...the food he's eating is literally the perfect breakfast. makes me hungry
Is it just me or am I the only one aroused every time I see 1:37 ? :$ 😳 Lmfao 😂
I literally cry because I need more dexter. BEST SHOW EVER. I'm obsessed. 😫❤️
i finished dexter yesterday !
It's amazing how sinister a morning routine can be made by the right angle.
Got this as my phone's ringtone. One of the best decisions i ever made
Jacob Howard Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
This is so nostalgic!!!
He has a caveman look about him.
Who can tell me what Dexter's eating from about 40-45? I want to have what he's having.
On first i skipped it but since 5 season i watch it
i've just been grabbing some photoshop blood splatter brushes and the first thing i hummed was this so i had to put it on :P i miss Dexter "/ 
This sounds A LOT like Sherlock's soundtrack (talking about the movie with Robert Downey Jr.)
01:40 о этот взгляд:3
Love Dexter so much OMG
He's slapping the mosquito from his left hand with his left hand? Cause that can't be his right hand..
mosquito is sitting on his right hand...
alice wind Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
It's probably a CGI mosquito, but that hand is pretty weird if you freeze frame it.
Damn I love this intro gets me crunk for Dexter.
Il y en à, il m' à l' air qui ont vu les bisounours en couleurs. Je fais bien référence à Eminem - R.G ! Mais rigoler pas trop avec 93, parce-que le jour où je vais vous tombez dessus. En France j' ai l' impression que c' est la Police en AMG. C' est bien ce que je dis, ça fait du bien de sortir de chez soi !
Dexter: Surprise motherfucker
Alon. H. Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Dexter: Morning Routine‏: Have you seen Dexter Friends ? :-)
the opening shows you the type of shit that serial killers do
What he said ^haha... Well formulated though!
He kills a misquito every morning O-O what a badass....
Then kills a person later that night.
Then becomes the most wanted serial killer of whole america.
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