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LeBron James Wingman Application

by Alex Watt • 9,015 views

Ball with me, LeBron. I'm a real slam dunk.

Your not in the same standards as the King. So get the fuck out.
Behold, College Humor's crowd...
I have a feeling this guy will end up going viral but Im not real sure why
I'll let you borrow the script to my movie prescription. It's about a pharmacist that can prescribe everything...but love
Didn't Graduate College? Gimme that nerd card.
Like if college humour brought you here!
Unfortunately, you can't become his wingman. You see, if you're not a Heat player and you come close to him a foul will be called. Sorry, that's just how it is.
health code, bro code... morse code.
I was gonna say penguinz0 may be this monotone. But maybe I'm wrong.
I believe every word. Maybe you can just start out as my wingman?
---Bro Code ---Health Code ---Morse Code
I am sure we are all here for the same reason.
I hope "prescription" becomes a movie
im too stoned to care to whatever the fck you are saying.. and the "Beep Beep" thing, just bugged the sht out of me..
your not dwayne wade...... yout glasses lenses dont flip up
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