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What is your favorite summer dish?

by Laura in the Kitchen • 28,283 views

What's your favorite summer dish? I want to know! Let me know in the comments below!

Gazpacho!!! Being from Suthern Spain, where it's sooo hot, I used to have it at least once a week. So refreshing and light for summer days. We like to garnish it with hard boiled egg and "jamon serrano" (similar to procciutto). Oh Laura, soooo good!! you need to try it, and you'll love it!!
Fish n chip beef lasagna n picnic food
Can you please make nutella ice cream. I love nutella and ice cream so the combination is like heaven
Laura you have to make Banoffee! It's out of this world you have to taste it!
1: I know you love brownies so, Marbled Peanut Butter & Nutella Brownies :) 2: Parmesan Chicken and pasta (: or a broccoli & chicken pasta casserole :D
The perfect beef burger for grilling :)
something that involves ice cream! yay ! like probably chocolate or any flavor but in the mixture and something like blueberries,chocolate chips or marshmellows or a vanilla cake dyed with blue food coloring
Chinese Rice P L E A S E ! ! ! I don't know if it's summer dish, but I desperately need this one, please, please!!!!!!
Make frozen yogurt like mango an strawberry without the icecream maker cuz I really wanna no wht is going in to my body since I am eating some right now
vegan cupcakes with a thick whip white chocolate cream frosting
A great by the pool marinate for a chicken and a really good popsicle!!!! Thanks Laura!!!!
Hey Laura <3 , Can you please do TROPICAL FRUIT POPSICLES? thank you !
Srry I ment a great summer dessert like ice cream cake PLEASE!!!!
Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies please.for my birthday:D
Hi Laura, please make strawberry cupcakes! :D
Apple tart with whipped topping thx
How about Bruschetta, please! Love your videos!
I know this isn't very' summer ish' kind of food but can you please please please make beef and cheese nachos or beef tacos
grilling with ur hubby n make some stone fruit dessert..itll make the summer super sweet..!!show us how to grill diff stuff altogether to mske a summer party that im planning to do..
For me the best summer recipe would be summer pudding. A classic dessert from England.
There's a great dish called Tallarines Verdes, it's kind of like pesto with linguine. It adds spinach, onions, and a different kind of cheese. It's really delicious!
Hi Laura! Could you make mochi ice cream please. Mochi is ice cream that is covered by an dough.
I would like to see you invent a dish Laura! like a "pasta Vitale" or a "Laura Cake" thumbs up so she can see please!
ISLAND GRILLED CHICKEN. Sweet, tangy, spicy and delicious! It's healthy, it's summery, and packed with flavor. Marinated in pineapple and orange juices, with a spicy kick. Many of us might not have the money to vacation on a Caribbean island, but at least we can have a taste of the islands with a recipe like this. Please LIKE this so that she can see it!!!!
Panzanella... hope the spelling is at least close lol
how about a type of food that could be served cold or may not even involve much heat because the last thing we want is to have the stove or oven on when its a thousand degrees out
fried Ice cream please or maybe pepates
oops, meant to put dozen of your recipes, some of which are NOW staples in our house!! sorry about that!!! LOL
Could you please do a Vedic showing us how to do a ravioli pasta?
Choc strawberries... Yummmmy 
I want for the dessert Mango Smoothie I think it would be yummy
blossom cookies!! :D cookies w/ chocolate drops on top!! :)
dessert: apple cupcakes with apple creme frosting! yummyyyy :D
tacos please:) xxxx great recipes laura:)
A berry tart!!! Or any tart!!! I can't find any tart recipes that look good! please!!! Thank YOU!
I love to make spinach and strawberry salad with sliced almonds with a strawberry vinaigrette dressing. So easy to make and so good in the summer
Hi Laura! I want some strawberry ice cream cake please
How about sea salt ice cream? :D
cakepops, mochi icecream, and the classic cheesecake!!! please!!!
I'm sorry for the double comment I din't know I left two. A
A layered cake that I can make for a friends anniversary...
Something with quinoa! since its healthy and its summer!
I love tortellini any time of year- yet with different variations in sauce and flavour (:
Sorry, I meant vegetarian lasagna
A sponge cake with lemon and orange zest and also decorate the cake
you look so pretty w/ your hair down!
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