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Modern Warfare 3: Top 10 Greatest Moments of Season 3: Episode 30 by Anoj

by Machinima • 90,662 views Click here to watch Modern Warfare 3: Top 10 Trick Shots: Episode 29 by Anoj Modern Warfare 3: Top 10 Greatest Moments of Season 3: Episode 30 by Anoj...

I want to see more gameplay of assassins creed 3 cus that shot awesome... Psn I guess
ihope e3 comes out with a new console
when my dad comes back from the us army !
I want to see that girls they. Why else??? PSN points for the hottest E3 babes
i want see myself in E3 this year:) PSN PLEASE
E3 is over so I can't win Microsoft Points!!! :(.
Guys, this contest is over, E3 is over too
on the #2 when he called in his second moab did anyone eles notice people started leaving
hey machinima i always think that you dont chose people by how good their clip are but u chose the people by how many times they send you clip every week i send 1 clip and i dont get selected but the guy u is 9 in episode 30 is in episode 29 and the guy u is 2 in episode 29 is using hacks so i dont get your point of view im not a hater i just simple telling thinks how it is and btw sorry for my bad english
Last I checked, you HAVE to use the remote to set off C4 manually in MW3. I could be wrong. However, one fact I do know is that the C4 has no horizontal arc, and so without moving sideways after throwing one, shooting it is a matter of timing. It's an easy and very cool trickshot called either Pull or Pigeon. Adding the smoke bomb just makes it badass, which is why it got #1.
00:53 - 01:11 i've seen that somewhere
bro chill these are the top clips from the past 10 episodes in one episode
and number 5 and the last countdown extra
I know someone who got 20 moabs a game of ctf BITCH
for them to announce there making no more cod games so people stop bitching about the next always being crap and shitty. mp cods like a drug really sometimes ts good sometimes its bad but you always go back for more. damn you call of duty
At E3 i want to see drunk topless girls adveetising stuff, microsoft points
not nimber eight but the two countdown extra and number 7
a.... dude maybe he didnt even know you can click x twice or square
The 1st one then he called in his care package he was hoping for a better toy in the toy box the he called it in and it rolled away but he killed his best friends and there names were Anthony bitch, Ben pooped his pants and Ian the idiot and then he muted his mic the stared screaming the crying because of the toy box he never got to use. Microsoft points will be good bye
The nacho stand MMMMMMM psn plz
i wanna see all the people to be happy not to see games but meeeeeeeeeee
I would like to see anoj bringing back black ops for a few episodes "hint" "hint" psn
at E3 im really hoping reggie fils-aime has a smeagol-gasm to dance central 3 lololol.
Grand theft auto 5 that's to bad that Rockstar isn't coming :(
3 moabs per game? 3 mother of all bombs in my butt for crying out loud go watch other machinimas then! You get 3 moabs every 4 years. >.>
mw3 survival with 4 people instead of 2.
Call of duty black ops 2 and wwe 13 psn card
its called the best moments for a reason...dumbass. for fucks sake..
yeah, by having a whole party run support, playing only for him, controlling the spawns, playing the time limit instead of the score limit. that must be so difficult..
An unknown game Microsoft Points
Black Ops 2, Information of EveryThing :) Psn
many famous utubes like FPS Russia,Whiteboy7thst,Champchong and most likely Black ops 2 gameplay Psn:
i would want to see black ops2 and every one enjoying them selfs also it would be good to all the famous gamers there and to meet them and make friends ......... PSN CARD pleaseeeeeeee
i will never go to e3 but if i did i would like to see the worlds largest call of duty trailer in which you see one of the testers playing through the entire game and commenting on the sheer amout of wtf moments and crapy kills where he jumps off cliffs and survives only to find he is now in mw3 rather than black ops 2 then announses he will restart and... ...i win... he then restarts again...
black ops 2 or assassins creed 3 liberation
the gaming convention all platforms in one center all press conferences booths demos reveals etc
farcry3,halo4,assaiasnas creed 3, blackops 2 and the wiiu microsoft points
You better be kidding...Every gamer (even casual gamers) should know of E3.
ac3 multiplayer footage the micro points
you know anoj, you most likely wont see this but you being part of machinima i wasnt sure how to tell you this better but what you should do is post your (for example this weeks: what do you want to see at E3) question as a comment and it would show up as director's comment or something like that, then everyone else who wants to answer it the can just reply to your comment, that way you can see everyone's answer easier. just thought it would help
My m8 got 2 moabs with model in bootleg domination was f,n sick
If you look at his mag it goes down one bullet. He shot the C4.
I hope to see Black Ops 2 game play, zombies, and explaine why the decided to go futureistic on us CoD players, save that for Halo 4. Halo 4 multiplayer, the new guns, enemies, and armour abilities, and why Cortana is freaking out. Assissins Creed 3 game and multiplayer. Last I hope to see when the first Halo 4 DLC comes out so i can buy it. MSP Please :)
Bo2 multiplayer and zombie footage
If you double click x you reload... but he fired instead you idiot.
black ops 2 zombies is going to be awesome i love being Chuck Norris when i play zombies
the 9th one was the runner up of top 10 infected kills
they reveal when the update for minecraft xbox360 edition comes out
I'd like to see a call of duty that isnt trolled by everybody.
HALO 4 master chief dies, BOII ROBOTS WTF its like terminator all machines turning at the humans?? XBL 1600msp GT: FeaR GAMBLER
It could have been faked, but I don't know about cud have been faked
I would like to see someone there who has a girlfriend. ;p Microsoft points please
I want to see more black ops declassefied for the ps vita n for them to clarify that there is zombies
oops haha i hope to see my tv screen this year -.-
farcry3,halo4,assians creed, and black ops 2 plus the wiiu
well that was preaty fucking cool
Black ops2 zombie trailer PSN :)
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