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asdfmovie3 in Minecraft

by FrossaProductions • 4,346,910 views

This is my rendition of TomSka's awesome asdfmovie series. Episode three to be precise. In Minecraft! And no, the globe at 0:38 is not made out of LEGO, in contrary to what many of you may believe.

I hate minecraft in my opinion it used to be my favorite game its my opinion guys you don't have to agree with it read before you slam your head on your keyboard
You like portal? Then go get the mc mod!
+Nick Brannan I'm not arguing with you I'm just saying if you get mods it can be interesting again that's all
This combines 2 of my favorite things into one thing.
Im not giving my opinion bitch
Why the frik do you watch this if you hate mine craft
what are you talking about Nick its an AWSOME game
... presses back button i don't want a bunch of MC fan boys screaming at me so i shall go back :D
Why was it necessary to make this in Minecraft?
I don't like Minecraft.
+Jacob Dwight That is the best way to aproach a hater :3 Guy 1- I HATE THIS! Guy 2- Ok :l
sooooooooooooooo beutiful
there is something on your face!
minecraft is so stupid 
i'm not a fan of it. only 5 nights at freddys 
+william mcreynolds Honestly I like minecraft, but I agree, FNAF is a fun horror game. However please, if you have nothing nice to say, then DON'T SAY IT.
<---taste the cuteness of Fydo, mah dawg.
#teamN2 repost on other vids if u miss him too! R.I.P my furry friend!
Honey why is the baby on fire?
+FaZe Kaiden Well, you're in elementary school, so I'll just let you have your ASDF and FaZe and Minecraft and whatever else the fuck you infatuate yourself with.
Jesus Christ... o_O i just though we were having fun here
0:46 was my favorite. I AM PUNCHING YOUR SALAD!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!
+Ignus Rakotoki Oh my god, take a chill pill.
love it just like the asdfmove!!!
There is two sides to this-one being "Dude you hate MC so what? you don't have to post it on Youtube,we all know about half of the population on the world hates it" and another half "Its your opinion so we can't argue" :l LOGIC
I don't care if he likes Minecraft, this video is just fucking stupid.
Theres something on little foots face HYAAA its was pain
i only like the last ,  it was stupid 
Good job with the..........Goodbye World ^_^
The fact that 80% of the view are kids under 10
Little foot is from LBFT AKA Land before time
that is so totally a salad :)
That's soup not salad
Better than mlp version.
I AM PUNCHING YOUR SALAD!! punches mushroom stew
lol 1 thumb up in 4 months.
oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :)
i actually like live minecraft animation instead of computer made,so i really thought this was better
Was this really necissarry?
WTF!! Original version is better than this crap!!!
The "I Am Your Sandwich"Was The Funniest XD
Simenvoffa Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
@William mcreynolds minecraft is cool and your so stupid
I'm am on a tablet
+that's just so fab rug don't know what you think of the hospital. I have a sore throat. I have a sore
the nomal is funny and better
Lol, subscribe to him, then clack here and watch some of my own, and BDOGGZ vds Subscribe
Simenvoffa Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Lol I like trains cchhhoooo
at 1 19 what was the train sound from?
lol pffft srew gravity 
@Sam Picker minecraft is awesome
Joey did you eat my sandwhich?
1.167 DISLIKES??? WHYYYY!!!!
this is legit way to make an asdf movie in minecraft
Theres something on this video! PUNCHES LIKE BUTTON IT'S THE DISLIKE SYSTEM!
+FaZe Kaiden no wonder u cant spell ur from fucking faze dumb shit get rekt quikskope
+FaZe Kaiden never intended to try to fight ya m8 get rekt
You are a chair darling I can dream Harold
Lolz funny but a little inappropriate
How is it inappropriate?
lol...funny as fuck!
+mcftw1000 Why are you involving virgins? lol..
I laughed soo hard I fell off my chair
Joey did you eat my sandwich?
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