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Angry Birds join Philadelphia Eagles

by Rovio Entertainment • 1,479,377 views

Ca-caw! The Philadelphia Eagles have added some very, very angry new players to the roster. Can the Mighty Philadelphia Eagle dominate on the football field? Only time will tell!

The falcons would b good or the Seahawks
I think red bird meant the redskins, the pigs got recruited for the redskins
where is blue,white and green go?
when day in fall is the update coming?
Man:what do u think your strategy is? Bomb bird:TOTAL DESTRUCTON
I would like to know how to speak angry bird
i never knew the birds could speak (skuack)
The Funny part is black bird saying TOTAL DESTRUCTION!
Eagles: WE HAVE ANGRY BIRDS! Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins: We have rings.
the black bird almost explode me up
0:01 i fail to find X in that ad
Hey that's may brother how send that coment I respect the Eagles
I thought the banner at the beginning was a ad XD... I tried to close it
I like it when yellow bird said "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
0:33. lol look at yellow birds face!!!
To be Honest Terence has like no emotions.
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XD the big bird is called terrence lol
yellow bird: are you serious? lol to funny... cant wait
what about the falcons or the cardnals or even the seahawks
i know how the eagle looks like it looks like the logo only with a body just pause it when you hear the whistle
TERENCEEEEEEEE¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ ¡¡¡¡¡¡YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
@luckwei10000 Mighty Philadelphia Eagle is replacing the Mighty Eagle.
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lol angry birds Latin was the language the birds were talking
where are the white bird green bird blue bird and orange bird?
@ajhogg Dude. Fucking. Hilarious.
my friend, Joao-vitor saw a boy play this angry birds game with the new eagle
@playmobilcollection1 I don't think Red Bird is a cardinal. If he was, he would have a black mask around his eyes, sharper top feathers, and that white chest would be red.
The Red Bird dosen't have to look like a cardinal, it's just based off one.
LoL love the vid & the Eagles -3. HOWEVER, I am having a problem with AB eagle. After purchasing and using him on AB Seasons for months now, everytime I try to use him ( even on something I've already used him on) I am blocked from using him and given the offer to purchase him once again! What gives Rovio? Get it together - FIX it or I'm sending the Phanatic to straighten you out!!!
I bet in the NHL, they'll join the Anaheim Ducks, the Pittsburg Penguins, the Philadelphia Flyers, or the Winnipeg Jets.
i just like calling him the big bro bird or the big red bird
Yo pense que serian los cardenales, su logo se parece al abgry bird rojo
Where's green, orange, and blue?
WOOHOO!!!!!! My home team! This is frickin awesome!!!!
@derekjeter1394 For your information, look up the Red Bird and the Northern Cardinal on Google Images and compare both of them.
According to the Angry Birds Wiki, the Red Bird is a cardinal.
because red bird is a cardinal? also i don't love so much football but from all the teams i saw the eagles are the best
The birds are preparing to launch the "pigskin"...
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