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Maui Babe Pt 2 of 3

by ThrasherMagazine • 28,542 views

The fun continues out in Maui as Navs, Drehobl, MAnderson and crew get their licks on some local spots and the new Grindline park in Lahaina before its grand opening.

@AronLoodus it's not sixchange, it's sexchange
..Thrasher knew I wanted to see whales fucking...
Lahaina (west maui) park looks SO fucking sick!
If you disagree, let's hear your argument as to why Andrew Cannon deserves to be pro.
"Hey Joe, do you think the whales out there are fucking???"
i expected it to be more palm trees @ hawaii
i went to that first skatepark on a trip to hawaii this spring. hadnt even opened yet, but me and my dad snuck in. it was awesome
'Bout time Maui got a decent park. Time to head back to Lahina!
huuuu that ryan spencers adam demamps lil brother damn
hawaiis got some awesome spots! i never knew
Andrew Cannon sucks. He does not deserve to be pro. Or amateur for that matter.
when is mike anderson getting a firing line?
I didn't know Hank Hill took a skate trip to Hawaii?
I feel ya. I've seen it. I'm just baffled at all the shredtacular unknowns that don't have any sponsors, yet Cannon's PRO. I am an appreciator of the varial flip though. Then there's Shane Heyl going pro. That's an odd one too. Whatev though. C'est la vie, c'est la skate.
whats the name of the intro song?
That last spot is basically a nose blunt-off
Look, you guys better come correct with the whale fucking that we were promised in part 3 of this.
Thumbs up if you thought 2:34 was weird and if you watched it twice to understand !
watch his "its your world" part....opening varial flip...give him a chance dude, he isnt gnar jumping down shit, he is just really consistent I hear ya tho there are better, but he rips doe.
If you put the time you spend devising opinions about pro skaters into skateboarding, you would be a professional yourself, and would not have to worry about them.
i went! its amazing. before it was even open too. had to hop a fence
this is the best part of this series
ryan spencer has lost his mind
that first skatepark looks gnarly
god hawaii seems like such a chill place
the biggining of the song in the start of the video sounded just like the start of a shins song
he smokes in everyone video, its making me want one lol
Good shit but ahhhh the fishguy couldn't been a little better. :/
that looks so much fun, lucky kids XP
You're right. I'm hatin', but for good reason! So many unknowns shred way harder than that shmuck. He's not a good skater, he's not funny at all, and he's a bore to look at. At least undeserving pros like Shane Heyl are humorous and entertaining off the board. Andrew Cannon doesn't deserve to travel with the likes of Drehobl and Manderson. He should be flippin' burgers or washing school buses.
some pretty nice sports over there would like to skate that puamana ditch
Thumbs up if you guys think park skating is hella fun vrs bowls or street i mean i like them all but park combine vert,street,bowls and tranny. basicily happy skateboarding
who ever is filming sucks dick. cut enough heads off?
dude, we have a spot exactly like the panama ditch in joshua, texas
yea and peeps are at your throat on this one too....fuck least your stating what you feel and not being a follower...cheers man....
How about we don't argue via youtube like 10 year olds, this is how i know you aren't a teacher, you're a waste of time. But that's beside the point, if you watch his part in 'this is your world' you will stop being an ignorant idiot. Though he may not be as good as other pros (P-rod, Malto, Sheckler, etc.) he still has his style and tricks down, and in this day and age, if you have good connections and are decent on the skateboard, you get a shot. So stop being so negative, and be happy for him
I live in Maui and I film with my friends at spots in the vids and more. Please check out my channel. It would mean alot. And if you like my videos don't forget to subscribe.
still no fucking whaaaallllllleeeeesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can just imagine how slippery that park concrete is with that humidity! God, you can see it!
Haha, we're merely discussing a point, paedwon. Your reasoning is faulty. Your credibility is nil.
why is everyone talking about whales fucking o.o ??
Haha, dude, I ain't trying to be pro. I'm actually a professional writer/editor/teacher, so it's my job to devise opinions. And it didn't take long to see that Cannon's a joke. 'Bout 15 minutes, I'd say, the amount of shitty skate footage that are his parts. Stay blunted, though!
The courthouse part that starts at 2:20, i remember watching them film it was amazing!
Who is the guy at 4:21?! Some one please tell me!!!
I liked the filming in this also you should be waching them skate not looking at there heads you cock sucking troll!!!!
Holy fuck 4:04-4:06. So fucking high
DAMN IT! I wish I could afford a new deck and a set of wheels!
Kickflip noseblunt by Manderson is the best thing i've seen in a while. gave me the chills, amazing to watch!
alright, clown. since when is the head not apart of the skateboarding body? and you spelled watching wrong you fucking illiterate dumbass.
I liked the part where they high fived.
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