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CuteWinFail Ep. 86: Stupid Laughing Baby

by cutewinfail • 97,674 views

A dog goes fishing without a pole, a guy eats crap on a trampoline and a dad teaches his baby some dance moves. For more hilarious videos, check out Petsami More CWF action...

"Then, pee on him." >:D
Wait a second. if the prefix "Mer" makes anything more attractive, doesn't that mean that the word "Murder" is technically a more attractive version of "Der"?
Your I. The annoying orange??
if you look back at previous cute win fails you notice that the baby clip was one of the stupid freakin babies doing baby stuff at the end of an episode
Stupid only begins to describe that baby.
The last dose was the best. It wins
MAAAAM! MOVE MAAM! ...shouldve told foot to move...
Toby reminds me of an elf... well a really tall elf ^.^
"That dog had a back stage pass, must be a huge fan" Toby, you are too funny! LOL
end is like... um well..... LEAVE ME ALONE IDK
i pee on my dog all the time... (sarcasm)
Also the same baby, was one of the Cute's before, at the same place was doing something with pillows and jumping over that fence.
Win lolz dogs Win Win x2 that should be 4 counts for win FLYING DOGS CAN GRAB fish... The fish stole the dog's sweetroll. Then the dog took an arrow to the arrow festival of best arrows. lolz i is fail
cute and win oh and what was it oh and the fail
Toby every time i watch one of ur vids your hair looks different XD
Watch the very end "If Tiger makes this putt he will win the entire championship and a million dollaras. AHH THE COURSE EXPLODED, EVERYONE IS DEAD, EVERYONE IS DEAD!
DO YOU HAVE A GIRL FRIEND? because if not... why not you're hot and cool
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